Do Countries Import Sperm?

Many countries permit the importing of both human and animal sperm. Animal semen is frequently shipped between countries for domestic animal and livestock breeding programs, but it also is legal in some countries to import human sperm for use in artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization procedures. The US exports sperm to more than 60 countries, making it the world's largest exporter of human semen.

More about semen donation:

  • The US can export so much sperm because it permits men to donate anonymously, which is not allowed in many countries.

  • Some countries bar the commercialization of sperm, ova or embryo donation. In these countries, importers must demonstrate to the government that donors received only reasonable compensation for their expenses in making the donation.

  • Dog and cat breeders in the US don't always need a permit to import animal semen from other countries. Permits are necessary only if the export country has a history of certain diseases that affect animals.

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What is that again? The discussion should go around exporting for what and to whom? Is there animal sperm that has similar features to human sperm? Who is requesting it? I am sure there are religious concerns about that. Is there an international law regulating that?

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First, I giggled, then read more. This must be a complicated situation and brings more questions to mind. I'm glad you made this more public and believe much discussion could be beneficial to all.

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