Do British People Do a Lot of Driving?

According to a report published by the Royal Automobile Club (RAC) Foundation in 2012, British do little driving. The report observed that most cars in Britain are parked 96% of the time -- 80% at home and 16% elsewhere. This means that on average, people in Britain drive only 4% of the time. This is surprising considering the high percentage of people who own cars.

The population of Britain in 2011 was about 63.2 million and in the same year, there were 28.5 million cars. This means that if each individual had one car, 45% of the population of Britain had a ride in 2011. However, cars rarely left the driveway. In 2011, petrol in Britain cost an average of £1.14 a liter.

More about driving in Britain:

  • About 800 cars are parked every second in Britain.

  • The steering wheel is on the right in British cars because people drive on the left hand side of the road.

  • 75% of new cars sold in Britain in 2013 had a manual transmission. They had a stick shift (called gear stick or gearbox in Britain), rather than an automatic transmission.

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