Do Birds Sound Different in the City?

Researchers have found that city birds make sounds that are different from those made by birds in rural areas. Studies have shown that sparrows and blackbirds, among others, change their sounds in the city so that they can be heard over the noise of city traffic and because of the acoustics created by large city buildings. Researchers also have compared the sounds made by white crowned sparrows in 1969 and 2005 and found that the 2005 sparrow calls had a higher pitch.

More about birds:

  • City lights can cause distractions for urban birds, resulting in crashes.

  • Some scientists believe that the quality and variety of a bird's call can be indicators of the bird's overall health and fitness.

  • Urbanites who want to attract birds to their homes and yards can set up bird baths or bird feeders, or they can raise outdoor seeded plants that can serve as food sources for birds.

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Now that makes sense! City birds make sounds that are different from those made by birds in rural areas. Wise Geek is a great site! --James, Kitchener Ont.

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