Did Zeppo Marx Do Anything besides Act as Straight Man for His Brothers?

The Marx brothers were comedian brothers who staged family plays and also acted in films and TV shows in the early 1900s. Aside from a brother who died in infancy, there were five Marx brothers. However, the team mostly consisted of three Marx brothers as the others went on to do other things.

Zeppo Marx was the youngest in the family and left acting after 1933 to run a talent agency and later a manufacturing company. Along with his other brother, Gummo Marx, Zeppo went on to invent interesting and useful parts and gadgets. For example, he made the clamps that held the atomic bombs in place before they were dropped on Japan in World War II. Zeppo Marx also invented a pulse rate monitor in the form of a watch that informed the wearer of an abnormal pulse.

More about Zeppo Marx:

  • Zeppo Marx's full name was Herbert Manfred Marx. Zeppo was a nickname given to him by family members and Manfred was the name of his brother who died as an infant.

  • Zeppo Marx acted in five films between 1929 and 1933.

  • Zeppo Marx and Gummo Marx together have four US patents./li>

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Is the Zeppo lighter named after Zeppo Marx?

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I think the word "zany" was created for the Marx Bros. It's amazing that one of them went on to invent and produce useful things.

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