Did 1982's Tron Win Any Special Effects Awards?

The 1982 film Tron was popular for its light cycle scene created by the use of computer technology. The motorcycles in the film were designed by Syd Mead, a famed concept artist. Although the film's use of special effects was new for its time, it did not receive an Oscar nomination. According to Tron director Steven Lisberger, the film did not receive any nominations because the Academy believed they had "cheated by using computers." Tron was one of the first major productions to use a considerable amount of computer-generated imagery.

More about computer-generated imagery:

  • Ikea heavily utilizes computer-generated imagery in their catalogs in order to cut costs associated with shipping prototype furniture for photographing
  • Computer-generated imagery is often preferred for creating visual effects because of the quality and control it allows
  • CGI has been used in films to modify how an actor looks for a specific role; making them appear younger, stronger or even wimpier than they actually are

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