Will there be a future to these countries....?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

We know that our world is collection of countries. Some of them are developed with all the physical facilities. We used to name such countries as, “Countries that are already developed”. But some countries like Srilanka, Pakistan, and most of the African countries are not consist with those physical facilities. So we used to name those countries as,”Countries that goes for the development”. But these countries haven’t accomplished much development over the last fifty years or so. So I still wonder why we can’t name these countries as, “The countries that haven’t developed”. Even I born in such country, I think that the reason for this unfortunate state of these countries is its people. And not only the people who live within this country, but also their ideas and impressions should responsible for the current state of the country.

If someone named these countries as, “Countries that are not developed” then the result may be much different than today. But everybody name these countries as “Countries that goes for the development”. As a result of that people get the impression that they don’t need to do anything in order to develop the country. Because it is on its way to development. Lot of people may not agree with me about this idea. But this is the reality that people don’t see. This is the reality that people don’t like to accept. And also this is the truth that one should see very quickly in order to save these poor countries.

But I should say that this is not the only barrier for the development of poor countries like srilanka, Pakistan and most of the African countries. The other main obstacle is the people who govern these countries, Politicians. Actually as a srilankan I should say that it is not an honor to become a politician in srilanka. I’m telling this according to my experiences in srilanka. As soon as a politician came to power (when they won the election), their first duty will be a buying a vehicle worth than one hundred thousand dollars. Unfortunate thing is they buy this vehicle from the government money. They don’t care about the poor people who starved for months without foods. They don’t think how much people can be feed from the money they uses to buy a new vehicle. Normally in a country like srilanka, there are ministries more than 75. They all do these things with people’s money. They never think about that they are using the poor people’s money to facilitate these politicians. According to my experiences in srilanka, it is just like winning a multi billion dollar lottery, by becoming a politician in a government. This is the reality that no one talks about. This is the unpleasant truth that every poor people in the world should know about. This is not only a situation related to srilanka. Every other poor country has the same situation.

Actually we can’t totally blame the politicians for these acts. The real mistake is done by the people who elect these politicians to go to the parliament. Just before the election, politicians tell all the lies to poor people. They made the people to feel world’s most beautiful dreams with all the comforts. But at last what happens is those dreams become true to the politicians, but not to the people who elects them.

So because of reasons like this, the countries like my country and all the other poor countries still in the same place where they were before 50 years ago. I still wonder why nobody talks about this unpleasant truth. What will happen to these countries if they move like this for another 25 years? Will there be a country to live us? Will there be a future to take over for young people like us…..?

submitted by Isuru Madushanka Jayarathna