Why do Woman Cheat?

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Unfortunately I write this from experience but I don’t want you to go through what I did, especially considering that almost all the time it is completely avoidable. Now this is also being written to help you avoid this disaster. Though it can help someone after the fact, well… maybe, maybe not.

Now there are only two reasons why woman cheat (and yes this can apply to men too). The first reason is because they are some kind of nymphomaniac. Sorry but that is a problem way beyond my scope but fortunately this is rare. The second reason (accounting for 99% of infidelity) is that they don’t feel loved. Pure and simple. “But Bill, I gave her a home! I gave her a new car! We live nice! What more does she want?” More. But don’t worry it isn’t that hard after I tell you.

The first thing you have to do is get a book (buy it or go to the library) called the ‘5 Love Languages.’ (Sorry but I can’t seem to find the authors name of this fabulous book at the moment) This book will explain that there are only 5 ways of expressing love and that most people (including woman!) only recognize one or two of those but it is different for everyone. This is extremely important because say your love language is what the author refers to as Acts of Service (my personal language) but hers are Gifts. Acts of Service means that I feel loved when someone does the dishes for me but if I do that for her she doesn’t perceive it an act of love. However if I give her a gift she feels loved, where I would just think a gift is nice. So get that book, read it, study it, apply it! And you want to review the book every now and then. That is step one.

The next thing to do is tell her that you love her and tell her often. It is not enough for you to speak her love language(s), you have to verbally tell her that you love her all the time. Now you can tell her in messages too as I’ll discuss in a moment but make sure that the words “I love you” come out of your mouth. I know this can be tough when your upset at her because she wrecked the car or your not feeling loved yourself. Do it anyways.

Do little things all the time. Leave a note, a card, text message her that your thinking of her. Go on a short walk, pick her flowers, rub her back, do the dishes when she is tired. Make a daily habit of it and specify it to her love language and she will be reminded that you love her everyday. You’ll notice that all these things listed here are free (you can make a card yourself, but I’m glad you were paying attention). Don’t break the bank on gifts and such as a woman wants a man who is financially responsible too. Take the time to talk to her and make her feel special. Dance with her in the kitchen sometime if just for a moment so that you can be close to her, she will appreciate that. Woman, like men, like to go out sometimes too even if it is just for coffee or something inexpensive. Remember that this is an investment in your wife and even if your on a budget this will pay you back 100 fold!

Finally don’t forget the big things! Anniversary, birthdays, etc… you can be doing everything else right but if you forget these it could spell disaster. If you need to make these dates in a calendar then do it. You don’t want to forget these dates because believe me, she hasn’t.

So why do woman cheat? Like is said they don’t feel loved. When was the last time you told your wife that you loved her? Bought her flowers? Gave her a card out of the blue? That is why and trust me, you want to make your woman feel loved, otherwise she will find someone else to do it for you.