why are people so callous when you need help?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

life is so independent and human beings tend to be fully self centred. sometimes when hope seems gone and everyone seems to have left you to your fate, you try to cling to a hope but the rope seems to be cut by some hands from SOME FRIENDS. tears become so popular to you and your friends seem to be only pain, worry and discomfort. well, one learns to be very independent so that the pains can be endured and hope can be regained. people are like donuts, with holes in the heart. why? the hole cry to be filled and like humans, they fill only the holes in their own hearts leaving others to tend their own holes. sometimes, helps from friends and loved ones are needed to fill up these holes especially when there seems to be no strength anymore. it is quite painful to note that the ones you call 'friends' tend at these times to leave you on your own; while everyone cries that there are pains to tend on their own. well, there are three categories of friends. first, some friends are active lovers. these friends will definitely cry, laugh and weep with you, whatever, during your trying times. they take part in whatever you face. they don't leave you alone. they can be closer than a brother. they can be loving more than a wife and even more romantic than a lover. these friends make your day. these friends are very rare and few. second, some friends are dormant toys. these friends watch your every step without taking a step of their own. your pain is your pain as long as you don't affect them with what you face. these friends appear very nonchalant and uncaring but they are there to play with. they are like the predictable sofa - always on hand to stroke and toy with. these friends are very many. third, some friends are like the devil. these friends are constantly opposite your cares and goodness. you may call them friends, but their actual name is THE DEVIL. their outlook of your life is that you are a pest; a weed to dispose of. these friends are virtually encompassing. they seem to be there when you face anything but they tie the rope on you so that you get more roped in than being left out. these friends are many. no matter the kind of friends you have, these people will make a difference in your life. it's either they help make your life or they mar your life. as simple as it sounds to say it, whenever you're feeling left alone, especially at trying times, just look inside of you and pick up the inner strength God has placed in you and get yourself going. your good friends will come. but first, BE A GOOD FRIEND TOO - THE ONE WHO CARES AND HELPS OTHERS EVEN WHEN HIS OWN LIFE IS FAULTY. it is not easy but it can be done. you are meant to be great. A great friend - a great person!

submitted by toba e. osuloye