Why America is the Fattest Country in the World

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You see it everyday, in the Newspapers, in Magazines, on all the talk shows. America is the Fattest Country in the World. Not only do they tell us in every media source available, we as Americans experience it in our day to day living. Not only do we experience it but I would say in my opinion we judge others who are fatter than we are on an average of at least once a day. Ever been at a stop light and see that person who is fatter than you are at an Ice Cream Store? What is the first thing you think? “ Boy he or she really could have done without that” How about the co-worker who comes in every day with one or more parts of their body hanging on for dear life to that thread of fabric they have somehow wrapped around it. The whole time we are looking at their faces but inside you are thinking of all of the large shirts and pants that you have hanging in your closet that would help ease yours not their pain. You don’t say anything to anyone else in the office for fear of them judging you, but you sure think that they sure could have made a better pick from whatever other variety of fabric they have hanging in their closet, but why are we the Fattest Country in the World.? Scientist have no cure for the disease that we suffer from. Commercials and anyone with a toothpick that promises to make you drop ten pounds in one day is getting rich off of it and us. No one can tell us why but we sure see that it is there. On the airplane when someone sits next to you seems like you don‘t have any room. In the mirror when you go in for that shower and have to look in the mirror. And even now in our pets and kids. Why and how did we become the Fattest Country in the World and I have the answer. You don’t believe it do you but I do. The reason America is the Fattest Country in the World is Time.

Back in the day before America had the technology, the computer, the Ipod, the printer, the fax the drive through everything from the bank, the pharmacy, the eat out restaurant, heck even weddings, things took time. We knew that to get something done and to do it successfully that we were going to have to put some effort into it and make time for it, and daggoneit, it was going to take time. This meant that we didn’t expect to be done whatever it was that needed to be done because it just didn’t happen that way, you know to be completed in a Nanosecond. This meant that we couldn’t squeeze one hundred million things to do in one day. Watch a PBS show and look at a documentary of any one of our forefathers. Most pictures, not all, showed a more slender family unit. This goes for all races. Look at the ancestors of that family now. Not so many slender in the picture. More Fat ones in the bunch aren’t there? Even the Kids now look older more mature in America at a very young age. Due to our progress and ability to do so many things and why is this.? Time. In such a short period of time we are all just plain tuckered out in America. Walk to the grocery store? Even though it is one block? You must be kidding. We will tell you “My kids have soccer practice, I have to take my daughter to Gymnastics, my Wife’s Cleaning needs to be gotten out of the cleaner today, I have to e-mail and attachment to my boss who requested that fax to be completed and sent to the customer by 7:00. It not only would throw my whole schedule off it quite possibly may cause me to lose my wife, my job, my house, which would then cause me to lose the respect of my kids and leave me homeless because now I can’t pay the mortgage or buy them things. All because you expect me to get a little exercise and walk somewhere, and you say it is for my health? Who is worried about that. At least when I die everything will be paid for and I took out a 401k so there might even be a little left over.” Another thing we don’t have time for is to cook. When I was growing up I can’t tell you how many times I begged for Mom or Dad to stop at one of those one hundred McDonald Restaurants they drove by. And who has a Mom and Dad because we didn’t have time to work on our marriage. A lot of single households out there which leaves us with even less time. Sorry Back to McDonalds. Their burgers looked so tasty. I even knew the jingle, I couldn’t wait to say it “Two all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun” See I still know it today. But did the Thinner Americans of our earlier generations stop. No way. First of all they didn’t get the high powered Job that allowed you to afford it. You know the one that all we Fat American’s have or strive for that takes us away from our kids, our husbands, wives, girlfriends, family, loved pets and even our sanity, and sleep and well being. The American Success Story never shows us the real time that it takes to maintain that life. So those Ancestors weren’t having any of the McDonalds unless you were on a road trip and sometimes that was the highlight. What did that mean? That meant you had to take the time to cook. Fresh vegetables, a mashed potato that wasn’t stirred micro waved and then stirred to let sit. You ate your dinner quickly why when we were kids? What else so we could GO OUT AND PLAY! No electronic toys for us. We hadn’t been smart enough to come up with them yet and no self respecting kid ever wanted to stay inside and play with your own folks like now with the video games. If it meant finding a ball and throwing it upside a wall by ourselves a hundred times we were going outside. To breathe the fresh air to play tag, Red light Green light. To tease Johnny for not being able to keep up while we were running or just to be nosey kids and see what we could get in to. We were exercising our bodies because and didn’t even know it but it all was because we had the what? Time. Nowadays who has time to sit at the dinner table? Barstools are the rage. Park it, assume the position and slide off. And McDonalds (which is not a bad thing ) is an every day occurrence. If you make more money you probably if you live in America could name at least five of your favorite eat out places in less than 20 seconds. I know I could. I eat out so often that we find ourselves going down a list and saying . “No lets not go there I am tired of it, or no we went there last Friday. Fat comes from a lot of eating out and why do we do that? Who has the time to cook? Dad is somewhere being super Dad or super man if he is not a Dad. Mom is somewhere being superwoman, or girl. Even if she is a teenager she probably has the schedule of a pro athlete and the entourage to go with. Where does she get the time for a well balanced meal and if she/he does have the time with so many gadgets, technology, places to go and things to do why would she spend her or his time on cooking when Taco Bell will give he/she the ten pack Grande meal with all the sauces for free and throw in a large coke for a dollar ninety nine? Although we would not be the richest or fastest Country. The elimination of some of these technological miracles like the cell phone, the fax, the computer, the microwave, the list goes on an on would without a doubt bring us back to where we would know that things can’t be done in a Nanosecond so don’t ask me. I know some Tech Geeks are dying but no I can’t fax this to you tonight or today. No you can’t reach me Mr. Boss while I am at my kids baseball game or working on that baby we have wanted to have for the last ten years but didn‘t have the time. Sex is a workout too if you have the time, Ya‘ll agree?. You will have to wait for me to mail it and for it to get there in seven days like it used to and while we both are waiting you will be walking with your wife telling her how the years have just flown by and I will spending time living my life exercising without even knowing it while I am playing ball with my kid. and washing my car because I have the time, which would make us not only the least Fattest Country in the World but give us back our peace of mind and quality of life and give us back the time we need to love those around us and ourselves. This is all of our areas of expertise if we take it. Time, the number one weight loss plan in America today. Questioned and Answered.

By Sheila Avent-Lockhart


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