Who was HITLER?

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Almost all of us know that the name Hitler is a perfect synonym of dictatorship. Even after so many years of his death, he is well remembered for his dictatorship. Hitler was basically belonged to Germany and was also the chief of Nationalist Socialist Party.

Adolph Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in a small city of Austria. He was from a poor family. Many of his dreams remained only dreams due to this poverty.

His name is unforgettable in German as well as world history. During first world war, he joined German army. He even got prizes for his bravery. But, when he got news of German’s defeat in world war, he was greatly depressed. He felt it very shameful for the whole Germany.

Only after that he decided to join active politics of his country. He took membership of Germans workers party. In April 1920, the name of this party was changed to NAZI party. Hitler slowly took full control of Nazi party. He even succeeded to remove founders of party from Nazi party.

Through this party, at last, Hitler formed his totalitarian government in Germany. In 1933, Hitler became the chancellor of Germany. But in 1934, he succeeded to take posts of both chancellor and president. Now his dictatorship in the true spirit took its birth.

Hitler was the follower of nationalism. He did everything to get name and fame for Germany. Actually, he believed in power and violence.

He wanted to make Germany a strong nation. So, he made it compulsory for all to get military training.

On sep. 1, 1939 Hitler attacked Poland. England and France warned Germany against this. But Germany did not care for it. Due to this, second world war started.

Germany, Italy and Japan formed a group called AXIS POWER. They were the main part of the second world war. On the other side, there were England and France. These two countries were known as ALLIES. Axis power an Allies were the major enemies during world war.

During war, Hitler won many countries. In its list, some countries are: Poland, Denmark, Norway, Holland, Belgium etc.

But when Hitler felt the coming defeat of Germany in war, he committed suicide. After his death, on 8 may, Germany surrendered. Thus the world war came to its end.

In nutshell, Hitler was a really powerful man. He did all what he want. He never cared for anybody. He was a real dictator.