What type of fly is unacceptable to humans?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

What type of fly is unacceptable to humans? Certainly not our friend the common Filth Fly who is part of the family called Saprophyte. They are the good ones because they’re happy friendly to our environment. They break down organic things into useful materials, by devouring them and turning them into useable material, such as fertilizer for gardening. These important little creatures start out as maggots then become Saprophyte. As adults they provide nourishment for any animal who feeds on insects, such as Coyotes, Moles or even each other. Musca domestica or should I say the common Housefly are the culprits here. These pesky insects we love to hate for a good reason simply because they, over time, have learned to survive on human waste amongst anything else they might chose to feast upon, such as horses and cattle. Therefore they are the unacceptable species. Fortunately for us, the humans in this story, they only live about thirty days. But to our dismay I have heard tell of these unwanted germ carriers hanging around a bit longer.

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submitted by Fay Ulanoff