What is Truth?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

If a person sees God as a caterpillar, is that right? The answer would be yes, because of Free Will.

The choice to be able to make what is right for the self is a given ability that we all have. We (you me and next door neighbor) can pick and chose what works in our own environment will makes how God is seen as the right way for the self.

If that makes it right, would it also make it true? Right and True are very distinct and separate. One is Morality and the other is Physical.

So then we should ask the question about true. Lets say, If the world is seen flat does that make it true?

Now we have stepped from an ethical base question into one of physical reality. It would still be a person choice if this question is true and has value. Regardless of the facts of science. I believe the question as true because of the people that have to work around the problem of direct sight contact. The engineers, the scientists, the physicists that build huge antenna towers and satellites for my TV, telephone and on line to get to work. Now, if say, a native from Africa, living in the jungle with his tribe in a grass hut, shut out from the rest of the world were to say the world is flat, it would be true for him. He has no need to associate with Scientist, Engineers and Physicist because he has no need for TV, telephone or being on line. He says the world is flat, that would be right. He has no need for HIS world to be round. However, I do have a need for it to be round. Is the world actually round or flat? I personally cannot answer because I have never been to China, Australia or Antarctica. I have never been in space and seen the world as a round ball. So if I were to say the world was round as whole truth, I would be lying. The only experience I have to say maybe the world is round vs. flat, I should be able to see my native prairie grounds from my west coast home. Since I can't, this gives credence that when others say "earth is round" it is true. The fact becomes Truth from my own point of experience. Thus I believe that the world is round. I can believe others when they say it is round. I have experience to support my belief that it is round. So for the question for me 'is the world flat?' would be false.

The little african man does not have the need for the world to be round. He would not believe strangers telling him the world is round because the facts they hold have no value for him. He has real expereince to say his world is flat. So the question 'is the world flat?' would be true for him. So now we have come to the root question for both, What is truth? If it can be heard, seen, smelled, tasted and touched then the truth exists within our own experience of it being. If it works for us ... it is truth for our own reality. If we formulate and held a constant faith in anything .... it is TRUTH for our own universe. As humans we will constantly be in a state of ebb and flux as we compare our experiences, reality and universe with others. It is a constant that truth will change, revalue and/or reformulate. Truth is not stagnate within a set parameters of a given lifetime. We learn new facts, truth changes. This helps us grow and evolve. To me Truth is an onion. You can touch it, use it, and offer it to others, but if you peel away the outside shell you have an empty core that only you can point to as your own. That empty core is your free will. Free will to say what you experience, believe or have faith in is what is truth.

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