What Is Tongue Splitting?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

If you're wondering what tongue splitting is, it is a body modification that involves forking the end of the tounge. To get a clear picture of this in mind, think of a snakes tongue. Though this looks extremely painful, there is a suprising number of people that have gone through this procedure and reported more enjoyable kissing sessions. Also known as tongue bifurcation, it is now illegal in some states in the U.S, and most surgeons prohibit doing this surgery.

So how do people get it done? Well, either they pay an oral surgeon a fair amount of money, or they do it by means of an underground body piercer or tattoo artist. Be forwarned, going to an inexperienced person for this can result in severe complications. For the procedure, the physician uses an anesthesia, and once numb, splits the tongue straight down the middle using a laser or knife. There should be an exposed area of the tounge present after this, which the surgeon stitches up to prevent infection and the chance of the tongue growing back together.

Another procedure for this modification is also called the fishing line method. The tongue must be pierced and healed to achieve this. After it's healed, the fishing line should be thread through the open hole. The line is knotted several times, then pulled extremely tight. It hurts alot, but the pain must be beared. The unused line is then cut off and left in for a couple days. After this, the process is repeated over and over again until the splitting of the tongue is achieved, which usually happens in 5-10 weeks. Keep in mind there are yet more procedures to acquire a forked tongue, such as scalpelling, in which the tongue is split straight down the middle using a blade, and also cautery, using a heated blade to split the tongue.

Tongue splitting originated in the 19th century, in the Byzantine Empire. When an emporer was overthrown, he would have his tongue split. With this, the emporer could not rule again. Tongue splitting gained popularity again around the 1990's and is still going strong even now. If you're considering getting this done, there are things to think about. Make sure you research it immensly and think of the side effects. Complications include swelling, infection, lisps, bleeding, different sense of taste and more. Oh, and this modification is also reversible. The surgeon can connect the tongue halves back together and no one will be able to tell you ever had a snakes tongue!

submitted by L. Chapman