What is the true beauty of inspiration?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

When I was a Child, I always had a notebook and a pen in my hand, that my mom always tells me. Now that I'm all grown up and going to college in Just a few months, whish is pretty exciting and scary, I sit making plans for the future. Will I have a house with maids and butlers and a garage full of cars. Will I have a great job and a big paycheck and a great loving family. Who Knows, what my future holds, but I know it will take me a long time to get there. I always write about my goals and wants but never seem to-do-it. Is like the more I write it and think About it, I actually spend more time gathering my thoughts than doing something about it. I guess wanting to-do too many things I do none. I Know I have many talents, like singing, dancing, and writing, but none of them has taken me anywhere. I thought maybe it just wasn't meant for me, because when something is for you, you just for it with no fear or expectations. But you see, That wasn't me, I'm always hiding or making excuses or just lazy at times. But there also been times When I feel I could Conquer the world, but then it will all come back and I will hide again in my shell. But the saddest part of all it is, that I know I have it in me, and a great talent to show, But still don't manage to get through my own self and hide again. When I was in High School in my 9th or 10th grade, an inspiration came over me to write a story called " Amor de Angel" Meaning an " Angel Love". I wrote it and showed it to my Classmate, they all loved it and told me that I was a really good writer and of course I was Happy. My plans were to write the story and have it published in the newspaper but I never did. I intended to write the story again but it didn't seem the same. That Inspiration wasn't there anymore. After that I stop writing for a while, and just seemed to forget all about it. But my writing didn't stop completely, I still wrote poems and Sang to my Christina Aguilera Cd. I stopped Halfway my writing and did music, Sang every chance I got, but only in my room and in my shower. When I Would sing In front of people I'll be shy at first but then I will get lost in my own voice. I Love what I do and Know I'm good at it, but never got the courage to confront my own self my own fears. I've always wanted to write that story that would capture people hearts and give them a reason to live and love. A reason to be themselves and to be loved. I not only wanted to write a story, but a message of advice to never quit or give something you love to others, just because you think you are not worth it. I finally got the Inspiration to write that story, but this time was different; this story was going to be about my life and me. What better way to-do a story about myself? I once heard that a great writer writes what they know, and what I Know is me and the way I express those emotions. The Best Inspiration that I got to write this story was my Own-Self and that is the best person in the world that you could ever have to push and Inspire you to your dreams, and that person is you. All of it that I have written is based on me, my emotions, my dreams, my future, and the story of my life. We all have a story to tell, to love and learn, and from that story is from where you grow. You Create that story yourself based on your feelings and thoughts, mistakes and accomplishments. So the best person to become a better you, is just being you and staying true to you. As long as you do that, everything will come into place. So the next time you feel down or sad or just out of place remember what you want, and feel Inspire to be you and by just doing that you will Inspire others.