What is potato candy and how do I make it?

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Potato candy used to be considered a confection for those who couldn't afford much, but after being discovered by candy lovers everywhere, it is now ranked up there with fudge and other luscious goodies.

Potato candy is easy to make but can be slightly messy. To make it less messy, cover your kitchen table in a washable tablecloth or with wax paper.

Boil a medium size potato until a fork will easily puncture it. Remove from heat and drain on a paper towel. Place the hot potato in a bowl and carefully remove the potato skin.

Mash the potato with a fork then allow the steam to subside somewhat. Begin adding confectioner's sugar to the potato, stirring it in until a dough forms. Adding the sugar before the potato has cooled slightly will create a soupy mess, but waiting for the potato to cool too much will make it more difficult to combine it with the sugar.

You'll need approximately two pounds of sugar for each potato used. Stir in slowly - about a half of a cup at a time - until the mixture thickens. When it's solid enough to handle, sprinkle powdered sugar on your hands and remove from the bowl.

Turn the dough out onto the tablecloth or wax paper. A dusting of powdered sugar on the table will help keep the dough from sticking. Dust the top of the dough ball as well to prevent hands sticking to the mix.

Begin rolling the dough out until it is a quarter to an eighth-inch thick. Spread creamy peanut butter over the flat dough until it is completely covered.

Roll the dough like you would a jelly roll. Cut into half-inch-thick sections, using a string or very sharp knife. Refrigerate the potato candy for an hour or so before eating. The candy is extremely rich and delicious.

There are variations you can do with the potato candy. Instead of peanut butter try frosting. Canned frosting is easy to apply to the potato candy and gives you dozens of flavor choices.

The potato candy can also be rolled into balls. Try wrapping the potato candy mixture around chocolate covered peanuts, or around pieces of your favorite candy bar.

Want the candy to be a little more visually appealing? Add food coloring to the bowl while stirring in the powdered sugar. The food coloring will give the candy colors that are great for particular holidays, like Christmas or Easter.

submitted by Emma S.