What is Love?

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What is love?

It sounds simple and common. But it’s not. For love is actually a very complicated series of events of compounded emotions of all species in the cyberspace, be it in the animal and plant kingdom most probably. Surely the kingdom of Homo Sapiens lead the way amidst the complex road of information superhighway.

It could be a physical love, a mental love, an emotional love or an spiritual love. It really differs in meaning from a parental love point of view. To a brotherly or sisterly love. To a friendly love and a love of material things in a prurient origin. And suddenly, you just simply fall in love to somebody out there, someone, somewhere, somehow.

But what really love is? For many times, love is commonly associated with emotional blindness. Of loving somebody whoever & whatever it is. It’s heart over mind. Careless. Faultless. Mindless. And irregardless of sex, beliefs and sexual orientation or preference, its gender-neutral.

Love means a magnetic mutual inner attraction of two living entity of the opposite sex and of the same sex. It binds them together in mind, body and soul. A give and take relationship that no hi-tech computer can dictate or decipher.

So whether you’re a man or a woman, a girl or boy, a lad or a lassie – straight or not, gay or not, lesbian or not, all succumb to this mysterious indescribable joyful feeling that hits every human being from the time we were conceived in our mother’s womb and born to this exquisite but harsh world we live.

Harsh because love is not only full of happiness and ecstatic moments of physical & mental bliss. Love would also caused you extreme pain and heartaches, greed and pretentions. It would hurt you so bad that makes you feel disappointed and vengeful to someone who betrayed you.

But love in its unselfish mode is always giving freedom to your love one. That is true love.

It’s a maddening feeling that makes you so upset and seething with anger in one time, and then forgiving and meek in other time. All ill-feelings & hatred vanish to thin air like bubbles, at the mere sight of the love of your life, who add colors to your world of fantasy and reality. Amazing and uncannily true, isn’t it?

Love is really an earthly mystifying and electrifying sensation of extraordinary affections that everyone is bound and destined to experience in a lifetime. It’s God’s will that nature has provided wonderfully. A longing for eternal & ethereal companion. Someone worth remembering. Someone worth to cherish forever.

Really, love is something that makes you cry. Something that makes you laugh & smile….

As the song goes, it’s simply you and me against the world. Come what may. As long as we are happy in the real sense of the word. As long as we care, love, respect and trust one another. And as long as we believe in One Supreme Being, who is, responsible for all these beautiful feeling and things around us.

Then surely and plainly, it is called a blessedly blissful love – a strange feeling that no amount of words or emails & sms can explain.