What is life, time, and the universe?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

Everything is energy. Energy is everything. Everything in the universe is a transfer of energy. Absolutely nothing is constant. The elements in everything are always affecting those they are in contact with. Transfer of energy depends on the stability of the interacting elements. Temperature at which the elements are combined is closely related to energy output, and the bi-product produced from the joined elements.

Time is not a clock on the wall. Time only consists of energy transfer between any given combination of elements. Time would not exist in an element which is not being affected in any manner whatsoever. Only when an element is unchanging, is when time does not apply. Time = Speed + Rate of Change. This means elements are all affected differently by time. Furthermore, acutal time differs from element to element. Time is dicated within the elements. Time does not dictate elements. A copper penny will last longer than a penny made of ice. The time they last is dependent on the elements, and their reaction to their environment, not time. We've harnessed the resources of, and changed our planet. Imagine the possibility of turning a solar system into your own backyard. With the use of electron microscopes, we've been able to focus on some of the most basic structures imaginable. Zooming out to look at the big picture seems to be the complication. Our viewpoint on earth greatly limits our perspective, field of direction, and interpretation on the universe. Like life, and diversity on earth, are uniqueness of the stars and systems in space. Similar to a primitive ocean teaming with the building blocks of the universe. Constantly mixing, and moving like an enormous jello blob affected by gravity, and energy forces. Systems are dying and being born all the time, then are recycled back into the universe to combine with existing systems, or be affected by the strongest gravitational force, or energy. All life is a mechanism for energy transfer, and changing of elements(chemical reactions), which can only be achieved by energy, electrical/magnetic, and atomic charges. Example: A plant converts H2o and carbon dioxide into oxygen. Humans use H2o and oxygen, and produce carbon dioxide. We transfer energy and change elements by everything we do from eating to throwing up. We primarily ingest only things that have lived such as meat, plants, or fungus, but we still require basic elements such as iron, calcium, and zinc. What we are, and what we need, are directly related to where we came from. The universe is only based opon reactions. Everything one has done in their life is based on reaction as well. From the vaccum of space, to the stars, and all life on Earth. The mixing of elements, and energy transfer that somehow sustains a balance in the development, and destruction of systems. A place of extremes where change can take place faster than we can imagine, or take billions of years. We must understand that the universe is 100 percent reaction, and is based on the limitless sequences which elements combine, and change through energy transfers.

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