What is Destiny?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

Destiny keeps a unique place in every life. It is a powerful belief which we can neither weigh in balance nor test in any laboratory. It is not only a superstition. It has also a strong psychological basis. We can explain Destiny in three ways: • As a psychological medicine. • As a mean of satisfaction. • As a scale of hard work.

As a psychological medicine-

Whenever things go deadly wrong in our lives, we do not get expected results even after a lot of hard work then, for a disturbed mental condition, the word destiny proves a wonderful medicine.

The feeling of super power of destiny helps us to remain psychologically fit in various mental problems. Everyone can not get first position in a race. We all try our level best. But even then, if there are hundred competitors, ninety nine have to face defeat.

In a world of competitions, destiny is proving the best psychological cure.

The GEETA, famous holy book of Hindus, delivers wonderful sermon- “Do your work. Do not wish for results.”

If there is no such psychological cure, all of our world will be full of depressed personalities. So Destiny is the widely needed psycho medicine.

As a mean of satisfaction-

There are various human feelings, both positive and negative. The satisfaction of all these feelings is must. The negative human feelings such as jealous, anger, revenge etc. all are mostly produced from unsatisfaction.

All these feelings are so strong that these can even destroy the whole world. Second world war was also a result of all these feelings.

The word ‘Destiny’ is a wonderful mean to control unsatisfaction. It satisfies all the questions that arise in human minds. Where destiny fails to satisfy these questions, HITLER and MUSOLINI took birth.

When something wrong happen to us, we satisfy ourselves by saying it our destiny. In this way, negative feelings die even before their birth.

As a scale of hard work-

Our destiny determines the level of our hard work. If a person works very hard and he progresses, we all say his stars are bright. If a person fails to succeed we call his stars dim. Dim stars actually represent person’s lower level of hard work. The conversion of these dim stars of destiny into bright stars is possible only through hard work. So, hard work and destiny are the two sides of same coin. We can never separate them.

In nutshell, Destiny is a psychological matter which helps us to achieve peace as well as success. It is not a result of mere believes but a superb contribution of psychology to our society.