What explains the unexplainable deaths (with regards to medical practice)?

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The medical community takes the “Hippocratic Oath” before they can be considered apt on dictating their demands upon their patients’ bodies.

It is only ironic, therefore, that nobody in the medical community seems to take heed of their founder’s primal beliefs. For Hippocrates himself, the father of medicine, has written in his diaries that “He who practices medicine without the benefit of the movement of the stars and the planets is a fool.”

Indeed, Hippocrates is a serious student of astrology, and has therefore based most of his works on the teachings of astrology. Hippocrates has extensively probed the mysteries of the heavens, the stars, the planets, and even the ‘Sun Signs’ – topics of which humor-shy people would rather avoid.

It is only cowardly, therefore, that Hippocrates’ so-called ‘disciples’ shun their father’s beliefs. Doctors, nurses, and the majority within the medical community scoff at the very mention of what they deem as ‘superstitious explanations’, when the involvement of metaphysical topics whiz past their clouded ears. Apparently, these ‘hypocrites’ (how ‘coincidentally’ appropriate) seem more concerned on saving their faces than on saving their patients’ lives.

There are a lot of unexplainable deaths amongst the medical community’s patients. The medical community themselves confess that, of all deaths, these encompass about 5 percent. But why aren’t they asking their father for answers?

Touch not with iron that part of the body ruled by the sign the Moon is transiting, Hippocrates wrote. But where are our TRULY dedicated (hence enlightened) doctors – doctors who are a cut apart from the rest, given their ‘astrological knowledge’? After all, if any doctor would daresay he’s a true disciple of Hippocrates, and not a hypocrite, then it’s only assumed that he would also have studied the moon, the stars, the planets, and the Sun Signs, right?

That’s hopeless. Let us, hence, turn to a truly enlightened one – the late author and poet, Linda Goodman – for that much-needed translation: “…it means this: One does not perform a surgical procedure with a knife (iron) upon a part of the patient’s body which is ruled by (associated with) the astrological sign through which the Moon is moving at the time. The Moon remains in one sign approximately two and a half days, and this information can easily be obtained from an Ephemeris, calculated by astronomers – or a Farmer’s Almanac. …when the Moon is in Taurus, ruling the neck and throat, one should not perform a tonsillectomy. When the Moon is passing through Scorpio, ruler of the reproductive organs, a prostate operation or a hysterectomy (removal of the tubes, ovaries, or uterus) should not be performed”

To enable ourselves in being informed on the whereabouts of the Moon at a certain period in time, it is vital that we rely on an Ephemeris or a Farmer’s Almanac – for certainty’s sake. Definitely, these can now be obtained (and – for the Ephemeris – calculated) online. And yes, they have these at Amazon, too.

How wrong can things go if one’s ignorant of such astrological knowledge? Let me narrate my short, true story:

Part ONE: ‘…so let me get this straight. Mama (grandmother) was already ready to go home that day; you say she was already excited to get out of the hospital and start living again. Well yeah, I remember that. I even got to talk to her around that time… for the last time…’ I almost mumbled, uncertain of my sour sentiments, ‘and then the next day, everyone thought that she was just asleep.’ ‘Yep,’ Gina responded, and went on, ‘but when I got there – the moment I saw her – I just knew that something was wrong. I rang for the nurse, and automatically instructed her to bring Mama’s doctor immediately. But the nurse didn’t return for more than an hour. Pissed, I called her again. This time, I told her: Call the doctor now. I’m a nurse too, miss, and I know more than you think I know. Mama isn’t asleep. Something’s wrong. The nurse then flushed, and stuttered: oh, you’re a nurse too? Okay, I’ll call the doctor now… Imagine my temper the moment she said that…’ ‘And when the doctor came…’ ‘He confirmed that Mama was, indeed, already in a coma. Soon after, it was confirmed that she was already gone.’ I swallowed, trying very hard to control bitter tears from rolling out. ‘I even met that nurse again,’ Gina continued, ‘when we were already arranging for Mama’s wake. She asked me: how’s your grandmother? So I answered rather coldly and bitterly: she’s dead.’ ‘So that’s the Philippine Heart Center, huh…’ I didn’t ask. ‘THAT IS the Philippine Heart Center.’ Gina answered.

Part TWO: I struggled to remember the date of Mama’s death, suddenly curious with this new information from Linda Goodman. August 11, 2003, my memory lit up. So if Mama died of heart complications… Analyzing the date, I went on: and the date of death was August 11, which…was when the Moon transited the sign of Leo, then… Then what’s with Leo? I flipped through the pages, searching for the guide. Aha! I beamed, finally landing at the right page. Sun Sign Rulerships of the Body… Leo… Leo… Leo… I gasped:

Leo: heart, aorta, the back, and the spinal cord

With forceful might, I threw the book unto the bed, trembling. Touch not with iron that part of the body ruled by the sign the Moon is transiting, my mind echoed. He who practices medicine without the benefit of the movement of the stars and the planets is a fool, the haunting whispers of Hippocrates and Goodman lingered.

“…according to Hippocrates, and proven repeatedly in surgery, disobeying this law will invariably result in one of three failures of any surgery performed at the wrong time: (1) complications (2) unusually slow and painful healing and recuperation – and (3) fatality. The last of the three possible results of disobedience of the law is behind the too frequent and well-known medical explanation that: ‘The operation was a success, but the patient died.’ …I’ll give only a few examples here, among the many instances I’ve checked. Bertha Todd, first wife of the producer of Around the World in 80 Days, Michael Todd, who was later married to Elizabeth Taylor, cut her finger on a broken glass. The next day she decided to go to the emergency room of a Los Angeles hospital and have the cut closed with a few stitches by the intern on duty, a minor bit of surgical attention. …Bertha was afraid the stitching might be painful, so she requested an anesthetic. She was given two, but they weren’t effective. The third one took Bertha out of the realm of all pain. She died within minutes. That day the Moon was transiting the sign of Gemini, ruler of the shoulders, arms, hands, and fingers. With Bertha Todd,…‘the operation was a success, but the patient died.’”

The Moon has the powerful capability of influencing the Earth’s waters – that is much of a fact. It is also a well-known fact that the human body is made up of 80 percent water. The influence, the relation or connection, and the logic is, therefore, only ridiculously obvious. The Moon has an immense influence on us, and only by acknowledging such fact can we be able to negate the weaknesses which may strike us anytime – and hopefully, this time around, NOT unexplainably.

SUN SIGN RULERSHIPS OF THE BODY (courtesy of Linda Goodman)

ARIES: head, face (except nose), the cerebral hemispheres of the brain TAURUS: neck, throat, larynx, tonsils, carotid, arteries, and jugular vein GEMINI: shoulders, arms, fingers, lungs, thymus, and upper ribs CANCER: stomach, diaphragm, breasts and thoraric duct, lymph system LEO: heart, aorta, the back, and the spinal cord VIRGO: large and small intestines and the pancreas LIBRA: kidneys, equilibrium and balance – sometimes skin by association SCORPIO: nose, genitals, descending colon, rectum, the blood, urethra, sometimes the back, by association SAGITTARIUS: hips, thighs, liver, veins, femur bone, and sacral region CAPRICORN: teeth, bones – the kneecaps and the skin AQUARIUS: lower legs and ankles, varicose veins, and circulatory system PISCES: the feet and toes, sometimes the lungs and intestines by association – and in reality, the entire body system related to “leaks” and the draining of fluids

submitted by Sarah Olano