What can I do so my cat lives longer?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

Keeping your cat inside, neutering it, and visiting your vet on a routine basis will surely lengthen its life. An important provision in a cat’s life is love. The beauty of the gesture is that your pet will give back the love, tenfold. Cats are very responsive to touch and are thrilled to receive any and all bestowed on them.

Massaging with a mini hand massager brings an unbelievable response. It stimulates circulation and provides you with an opportunity to bond with your pet. Brushing allows for a complete body check, the end result being a clean, shiny coat. Removing the excess fur will eliminate potential digestive problems, along with a weekly hairball remedy. A monthly flea medicine provides peace of mind for you and your kitty.

Brushing your cat’s teeth will insure excellent dental health, promoting overall good health. Carefully cleaning ears and eyes as well as nail clipping should also be incorporated. So they can become accustomed, it is important to begin grooming routines at an early age.

Cats are extremely clean by nature. Maintaining a clean litter box ranks right up there with the love. Cats will rarely soil outside their litter box, unless they are upset about something or ill. Be sure to use the same cat litter for your pet’s litter box. Changing the brand could result in a change in your kitty’s toilet habits.

A nutritious pet food is critical to your cat’s health, as well as regular, clean, fresh water. It is advisable to never feed cats human food. Contrary to popular belief, cats should never be given milk. Very often it becomes difficult for them to digest and could result in calcium deposits or stones in the urinary tract.

Surprisingly, less than a teaspoon per day of yogurt seems to keep the digestive tract healthy and the eyes bright and shiny. Incorporating a glucosamine/condroitin supplement into their food will keep joints healthy and arthritis at bay. An oral application of cranberry paste on a regular basis will maintain a healthy, urinary tract.

Exercise is very important, especially if your cat is an indoor cat, which this article encourages. Provide toys and catnip to spark activity. Playing with your cat with yarn, string, etc. is great exercise as well.

Your kitty should be afforded a myriad of comfy places to relax and sleep. By doing so, they will be more apt to stay off your furniture. Soft, soothing music will relax your cat and lower their heart rate. As your cat ages, it is very important to keep the element of touch in your relationship. Speak to them in a low, sweet voice unless they are being disciplined.

Cats are routine-driven. However, a deviation often provides a relief from the monotony and memories of kitten days gone by. The natural life span of a domestic cat is about 15 years old. Some will even live to 20 and beyond. A cat this is well cared for and neutered is bound to live a long, comfortable life.

Cats never ask for anything, but give many years of unconditional friendship to their owners, if treated well. Love, attention, and faithful rituals are the keys to a cat’s longevity.

submitted by Donna Czerwinski