What are the easiest steps in creating positive energy in your world

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

The most effective way to create positive energy within your world is to de-weed your garden of thoughts. The simplest way to do this is to not dwell or focus on that which is bad or unhappy. Focus on what is good with each situation and put your energy into creating more good. The idea that you can achieve or succeed at what you want most in life by thinking in a positive polarity is one of the most simplest tasks you can ever maintain or achieve. To start your day with the thought that all good will come and not focus on what you don’t want will slowly bring more joy and happiness into your life. The saying that you are what you eat is actually true to how you think, if you think that you will not be successful in obtaining something that you want then this will be true. Being your own cheering section and focusing on that which is good and that which you want to acquire will put you in a garden of happy thoughts as long as you don’t let the weeds or negativity take over. Try small exercises such as key words “I have” don’t use such sayings as “I will have” because then you are focusing on what you are waiting for instead of focusing on it being already thought about and in transition or manifesting. When set backs or bad (which I don’t believe in bad) things happen in your day, look for something good in that situation. Once you have set the positive polarity in motion you will start to notice that not only will you attract more success but you will actually attract more people into your world. People like positive happy people; they want to be a part of it. With this in mind remember that those you attract can actually be key components in obtaining what you are looking for. This is a good way to also be surrounded by those who are like you, they think positively and create what they want in the world. Making yourself happy by being positive is safe and with a little work on your part can create the world in which you want to live in. Remember to focus, de-weed, and stay positive and happy. Once you have learned how to be positive and focus on the good there is nothing you can’t achieve.

submitted by Lavender Green