Should Writers be Paid?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

Are you a lawyer, doctor, candlestick maker? Do you enjoy your work?

Does your job help pay the bills and provide food for your family?

All of us want to be paid for job well-done.

Even the “good book” states, “For the worker is worthy of his wages.”

So, why do so many magazines online and off, think writers are any

different? We too, want to be paid for our labor. In fact, we deserve to be

paid for our work. You know why? It’s because magazines need US, more

than WE need them. It is wasn’t for the contributors, there would be no

content in their magazines.

Smart business men and women who run successful magazines are aware

that they need to pay their workers. I’m not saying that is has to be always

monetary, we can be given several copies of the magazine our work is

featured in, especially if the magazine is getting on its feet.

Writers, we need to ban together and stop submitting our work to places that

think they are doing US a favor, by telling us our exposure in their

magazines is worth its weight in gold. I say, “Baloney!”

Who in their right mind would not want to get paid for their hard days

work? The majority of us writers enjoy what we do and could not live if we

couldn’t write, but sending out work, free of charge, doesn’t pay our bills.

Wake up and smell the coffee, publishers and editors.

If you want your magazines to have a great readership and be successful,

you owe it to yourself to pay us and pay us well. Writers again, you need to put your foot down and let these people know we

Are not going to take it anymore! So, the questions are: “Should writers be paid for their

work? Of course we should get paid for our blood, sweat and tears. Writers are workers

just like everyone else. I wonder why editors and owners of magazines and books, think

we are not entitled to getting paid. They act like they are doing us a favor, yet, they are the

ones that are making money off of our writings and work.

Last, but certainly not least, “Should writers just give their work away? “

I will let YOU be the judge of this question, you should decide.

I certainly think we should.

submitted by A Paid Writer!