"Modern Human?"

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

Modern we think, ancient we are. We live in a time when we have become increasingly dependent on ourselves. Like we don't need anyone. Sight of family life, the basic structure for survival fades. Values, and lives dissolve. Like an unhealthy person deprived of nutrition. Independence, and self-sufficience are the only ways to go. We have entered the new age, and there's no going back. To be the only living thing on the planet which will commit suicide goes against evolution. I don't think we'll find any polar bears slitting their wrists any time soon! We are the only species to take our own lives. Gives you an idea of how NOT IN BALANCE we are. If you stick your finger in the socket you're going to get electricuted. Humans as a species have had our fingers in the socket for a long time now. All for one, and one for all. The word I comes up in the conversation more than we, or us. Everyone is trying to be on top of the ladder socially, financially, and in every other imaginable form. Humans in a sense, are too smart for their own good, like a top secret document so valued it must self-destruct. Like a super computer with so many complex options, that even turning it on becomes a monumental task. Competition to be the best is all around us, however it has grown to an unhealthy level. There's no working together as beings for the greater good of our planet, or survival. It's all about I! A world created by man is where the general population congregates, and looks for anwsers. In my years of life, I as well, have been surrounded by the products of the human mind, which is a contibuting factor that places us distantly from what we truely are. Society as a whole has been fighting for the perfect job, family, and status in life, rather than living life. Some people want to experience L.A., I want to experience life. So many people flock to the big city to experience the lives they see on TV. With the constant supply of images going through their minds, they begin to feel inferior in comparison because of the higher level at which society holds these "icons". A feeling for the need of acceptance with society internally ignites the process of change, and attempts to become skinny when you're fat, or get breast implants are both examples of influenced behavior based on others' thoughts. Books on the New York Times Best Sellers List are there because of the books popularity, not by the quality of its content. I'm sure some of the most amazing writings have only been seen by a few eyes. Commercialization of corrupt thought becomes acceptable through avenues which the masses believe. When the masses believe, it's more likely the others will follow suite. It will always be easier to change the minds of a few. Take an image everybody knows, in the form of an actor. Actors have always been very influential, and in turn determine the thoughts/decisions of others. If an actor says they drink orange juice, and wear big hats, you'll see people with ten gallon hats, sipping on pitchers of orange juice. People do what they see. "Monkey See. Monkey Do." A true statement pertaining to US. I went to a fancy little coffee shop in Beverly Hills where they featured, "FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE!" I stopped to wonder how something people have been drinking for thousands of years could still create such a "ripple." People mimic the decisions of others more than you'd think. There was an experiment to see how many people would answer a question incorrectly. They showed three different lengthed lines to 9 actors, and one test subject. They were to determine which line was equal to the example line. The 9 actors purposely answered the question incorrectly in front of the test subject to see if the test subject would answer incorrectly based on the actor's answers. One third of the time, the test subject would answer incorrectly because of the previous answers they had observed(mimiced) from the actors. The reaction produced by the test subject was an emotionally based answer. Emotions are an underlying system which determines whether we should, or should not do something. Should we think, or not think something? The arts, such as visual art, music, writing, and movies trigger emotions inside us which we experience, and relate to. All entertainment is an emotional force we experience through any given medium. Entertainment is not possible when emotion is not present. We also tend to remember things based on the emotional level they create. The higher the emotional response, the more likely you are to remember. For example: You may remember the weddings you've attended more accurately than birthdays you've attended. Not only because the number of you've gone to, but because of the significance of the event. Are you more likely to remember one of your daily visits to the coffee shop, or the day it got robbed while you were waiting for your coffee? The day it got robbed! The emotional response! The emotional trigger to make you remember. The trigger that makes us remember can also be so powerful that a single experience can change one for life. We are amazing as everything in the universe. We have an immense wealth of knowledge which is nothing compared to all the universe has to offer. The search for the answers begins with us. The worlds current status is a product of mass mutiplication of reactive societies through mimiced behavior. No tangible item on Earth has, or will ever last forever. The only thing remaining constant in the universe is change. Comfort found in material will never fill the emptiness within the heart. I'm sentimental when it comes to THINGS, and I place personal value on items. The closest items I hold are creations of my personal expression such as this article. People are not careful enough when they become attached to things. The only thing man willl ever truely have is himself. People have become lost in a sea of items, laws, and situations created by man. Why does a business person, or overly civilized individual go to the mountains, ocean, country or nature to relax, take it easy, or vacation? Because when the shit hits the fan, you know what you need to do. You do what comes naturally....GET AWAY! Modern civilization is a boiling pot of energy which has placed un-natural stresses on the body, and mind. When there are unexpected stresses on structures, the structure must give in some way. And when the structure of the human mind gives, it "malfunctions". We all know of at least a few people who have "malfunctioned". It's like fillling a stadium with radio control cars on varied similar frequencies. Many of the radio control cars will be functioning properly however, interference from the signals will cause a number of cars to function improperly/irradically. If you tamper with a perfect design, the imperfections will show. Hence, people doing things that aren't thought up, but reactive! Many characteristics of crazy people stem from RESPONSES to modern conditions, and environmental situations, which are not premeditated conditions the individual desires. I can't prevent the fire from burning my flesh, but I can choose to not scream when it happens. What happens will. The event an individual experiences may be similar, however, mental damage due to an extreme emotional state carries a very wide range of affects, and can only be measured by personal flexibility, and mental durability.

submitted by JB