Looking for Work and Can't Find Anything? Know how to Network?

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First thing; it's especially important that you know what you are all about and what you offer and what really are you worth (what do you bring to the table, other than beverages and pizza)! How best to begin? Have a commercial, I am confident doing what? I love to do what? My passions are... Myself, I am motivated by people and my strengths are energizing others! Everyone has something about them unique to others. It is exciting for me to interview and draw out their strengths by own experiences, passions, hobbies and volunteer efforts. I pride myself in helping put together a dynamite resume and presentation portfolio to say who they are. To then job coach, encourage pro-active interview sills, negotiate wages, etc. with where and how to attract prospective employers. Don't be afraid to talk to anyone! Strike a conversation with people... in the line-ups at grocery stores, Doctors offices, on the elevator... anywhere! Everywhere! With a genuine approach to being pro-active... I have found most times people like to talk about what do they do? How did they get to where are they now in a profession? Knowing the newspaper offers an approximate 30% of positions available, if even that high. There are always people moving, quitting, unfortunately dying, jobs are everywhere! Cold calling is critical and again you are needing to know your commercial! Establish a confidence and fine-tune your presentation skills. Know and remember that any interviewer is within the first 5 minutes determining if or not they would like to work with you. A serious approach to your presentation is a must! An ability to show your true self with a humour is always a good thing... not to be flighty and/or phoney, but true in oneself is very important. At any interview it is also a must that you feel confident in interviewing your interviewer. Do you want to work for this company? What is it about the company you like? What investigations about the company you have found? In any company that I interviewed with, I found they are also unique to others and what is it is important to find! It has been a passion to motivate and guide - one young gal in particular was a retail clerk with a wage of $8.25/hour, and she had a great deal of background in public relations related in volunteer stuffs. I coached and helped her to first get the interview and she was able to develop a confidence to go after a position... she landed the position as District Manager with a national retail company and now is at a salary of $35,000+ perks! She couldn't be happier and now she is at a level of responsibility that she is content and feeling like a contributor belonging to a company where she is appreciated.

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