Is the I Before E, except after C, rule Accurate?

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We have all heard a smart R’s come up with “I Before E except after C” when you spell freind or feind wrong. But how accurate is the rule? Well my name is Neil, not Niel, ok you say, but that’s a name, YES it counts. If someone asked you to write down a disease that affects mostly old people relating to dementia, if you wrote Alzhiemer’s you would be wrong as it is Alzheimer’s.

So, let’s start with the easy stuff, you know how to count? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, Eight. Seems a little Weird that a rule should be wrong when you are just learning to count. Come on, that’s six I have found, this is sounding a bit Counterfeit isn’t it? Or at least a little feign. Ok, so before I get to Feisty, I’ll chill out and get silly, while you can just read my ramblings of my silly sentences.

Spend some leisure time looking at the ceiling, we were going to paint ours either white or Beige (we decided on neither) as the height of it made the blueing veins in my arms stand out like a strange species of reindeer being from a science film pulling a sleigh. WOW, that sentence was the spiciest, and had some weight behind it!

I know, I know, you think I’m going to seize you, tie you up with a yarn from my skein and reign like some deity, but the thought that the society has a sovereign right to hold a neighbours freight back with a massive fish seines, but it wouldn’t be for the Deign. There are more of them out there, ah, that’s another one…their. TWO of those above was found tonight with spelling errors. I didn’t even include Leitmotiv. Just because it sounds foreign. So what’s that? OVER 30 for sure, not including the last one and not including all the names people have. AND, not including, Codeine, conscience, deify, eider, forfeit, gneiss, heifer, heinous, heir, heist, neigh, prescient, seine, seismic, sheik, surfeit, veil, weir. And, not including words like clueing and blueing and other EING words (the spell check didn’t question EING either?) But that’s just the ones I know… so if anyone says to you “I before E except after C.” What are you going to say back to them? ( “hairy spherical objects?” )

Why not try, “I before E except after C… and except for MORE THAN FIFTY other exceptions.” by Neil Gebbie.

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