Is public transport that good for the environment?

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I have always been a fan of my own vehicle, whether it is two wheels or four.

I see no reason why people can't have to have a car or bike it's their choice if they want to catch a bus that's up to them. BUT... I am concerned with this ENVIROMENT issue about how good public transport is over private vehicles.

I'll give you an example. I live in a village called Armthorpe in Doncaster, UK. The surrounding villages are, Edenthorpe, Intake, Dunsille, Dunscroft and Hatfield. I haven’t checked the electoral register but as i work in all 6 and more villages, (delivering in a 40MPG Urban Scenic), there are at least 50,000 dwellings equalling well over 100,000 people. Constantly, circling round are single decker buses with between 0 and 2 people on, (including the driver!)

Early May 2007, Intake, 10:30am, 2 single deckers (directly trailing) passed me, as I was waiting to cross the road. The first one carried two passengers, the second had only one passenger. THEN within five minutes another two buses 30 seconds apart with 1 passenger on the last bus. FOUR buses, four passengers, four drivers, in less than five minutes

This, you may say is a fluke? NO, every day buses pass by with less than 5 passengers, so much so, that this morning (31/5/2007) I broke into a sweat as I saw SIX on ONE bus (albeit 4 were sat together talking.) Is this a record? I did want to contact the depot and compliment them on their TOP EARNER DRIVER. Was he qualified for this many passengers?

WHY, doesn’t anyone but me consider this an environmental disaster? The Engine sizes of these machines must be a minimum of 4Ltr most likely 6Ltr? That’s in line and bigger than most 4x4’s that everyone whinges about.

I had a Jeep 2.5 diesel a few year ago, 30 to 36 to the gallon, URBAN.

The normal everyday DB250 double decker bus has a MASSIVE 8.65Ltr. In Sheffield and Doncaster, Hundreds of these do thousands of miles and are only full at extreme periods of the day, the rest of the time, virtually empty.

Some buses are throwing out black smoke, all the way round, all day carrying just a few people, that is NOT environmentally friendly.

ALSO, how do we get the ELECTRIC for Super Tram to run empty all day? Does it grow on trees? (ps, if you read the I before E rubbish, there is also - albeit)

submitted by Neil Gebbie