Is group study more efficient than independent study?

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Students have their own method to study for examinations. Some students prefer to study independently. However, there are several advantages in group study. Statistically, students who study with their peers earn higher marks than those who study by themselves. The atmosphere that is created by the students is helpful to their study. Moreover, students can help himself and also his peers by doing cooperative activities. Also, group study involves interactions which help to study and prevent boredom. It is far more effective than independent study because of the intense interaction between students. As a result, group study has successful advantages over those who study independently.

Firstly, the students in a group study create a slight tense atmosphere that is perfect to study in. Students that usually are indifferent to the study material have the tendency to procrastinate when they are studying by themselves. However, by gathering these students into a study group, students will observe their peers who are studying diligently. They will become motivated and starts to learn their materials in order to succeed in their upcoming tests. This results in a subtle atmosphere that is beneficial to the students in that group. They are motivated by their surrounding peers and focus on their learning, like the students in their vicinity. This is one of the reasons why group study is better than studying independently.

Secondly, while studying is very important to obtain good grades, students also need to relax during their learning. To study effectively, a student studies for twenty minutes. After that, a student needs ten minutes for rest. Students need a short amount of time to absorb the materials that they just learned. During the resting period, they can jog, play games or do some activities that do not require a great deal of vitality. While it is true that a person can do some relaxing activities such as playing basketball with himself, it is better to play it with a group of people. The fun that is created by a group of people is far more joyful than the fun created by only a person. The enjoyment is shared among the people. It is a win-win situation. Indirectly, group study is more advantageous than independent study.

Thirdly, group study is better than independent study is because of the numerous helpful interactions in group study. In a group study, students ask each other questions to either test them or to clear up their problems. Usually, the person being asked will teach and solve their problems. Teaching to other people successfully proves that the student fully comprehend the material. If a person studies by himself, he will not have the opportunity to test his understanding of the material by teaching to other people. This is one of the prominent advantages over independent study. In addition, students have the opportunity to share their ideas on certain concepts and create a discussion about it which will end with a definite resolution. This interactive way to learn the material is far better than a dull independent study, which has no one to discuss with. Also, a common way to study as a group is to create a mock test of their material that they are learning. This effective approach can fully test student’s knowledge about their studies. Not only do they have to answer the questions, they have to make up questions with answers to them. In contrast, a student who studies independently can neither test other students nor tested by other students. Despite the fact that he thinks he knows everything about his materials, he can not double-check to make sure that he understands all the materials that he has to know. Therefore, group study has prominent advantages over independent study.

In retrospect, students will usually form group study because of the benefits from it. One of the benefits is the forceful atmosphere that surrounds the students. Also, the dual benefit from doing group activities is better than having only one benefit from doing activities by oneself. In addition, the beneficial interactions in a group study results in better understanding of their study material. All in all, students who study independently might want to change their studying habits in order to achieve success in the future.