How Should I Deal With Writer's Block?

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Writers' blocks usually surface from emotional setbacks, environmental and social disturbances, or/and psychological vulnerability. The timelength of its presence lasts between an hour to a week, yet there has been the rarest of cases, such as that of Henry Roth's - who has had experienced the weight of writer's block for sixty years. This circumstance was said to have surged out from the throes of depression, political issues, and the reluctance to withstand his past.

However, one need not suffer the chains of writer's block with tormenting a length such as Roth's. Many writers have successfully overcome their writer's block through various methods, such as:

Chunking, "a method of presenting information which splits concepts into small pieces or "chunks" of information to make reading and understanding faster and easier" (source: Wikipedia), a counter-shield which has been a popular medium/weapon for those inflicted with the writer's block. In simplier terms, chunking is the process wherein the writer freely burps out ideas, insights, and other related literary means, for the writer's imagination to incite itself. This method can almost be considered as relieving and beneficial as oxygen does so for the nostrils and the brain. Another known mean of overcoming writer's block, lies upon the courage of writing whatever comes to mind, in the form of a bulleted list, or of short sentences, paragraphs, subheadings, or even in the form of a silly nursery rhyme. Whatever the choice, the intended end is meant to free the mind from hindrances, which the mind is currently unaware of. The key is to free oneself from his/her perfectionistic limits, thereby allowing oneself to enjoy the catharsis without worrying about the outcome. Relaxation, meditation, or any form of mind-calming endeavor, has also been greatly beneficial for the many victims of this burden. It's varieties have ranged from transcendental meditation, Kundalini methods, to the simple process of lounging around with a cigarette and a cup of good coffee at hand. Risk-taking, or traveling, has certainly proved itself an exciting option regarding writer's battles with the big, bad block. Many have resolved their blocks by traveling as far as Peru's Macchu Picchu, which has definitely turned out to be a successful and life-transforming venture. No matter - whatever the option, however the range, the writer must confront the block with courage and natural curiosity. For, as (almost) all writers have experienced, 'pain' has only been masking the 'beauty', awaiting beneath the thorn's deceitful surface. What reason probably lies behind this "disease"? Certainly, if one looks behind, he is destined to meet his enemy with confidence and wisdom. With the given personality characteristics (and more), writers who're clasped within the claws of their own blocks might soon break out with wiser, spiritually deeper, and much liberated spirits. These people, as history have been emphasizing long enough, have molded themselves as icons who've greatly influenced the evolution of mankind as well as the progress of Earth.

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