How do you get over the death of your father?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

Well, the truth is that you will never fully get over the death of a loved one, but you can find a way to get through it, so that you can continue living your own life. My dad passed away very suddenly from a massive heart attack in January of 2006, which was just over a year ago. I went through the grieving process like everybody else, but then I found myself unable to cope and I started suffering from a nervous breakdown. I started having panic attacks, horrible anxiety and I started to believe that I would die the same way my dad did, so I started feeling every little beat of my heart. I was afraid to get up in the morning, but I was afraid of death. I missed my dad terribly and his death made me aware of the possiblity of my own death. I had a number of symptoms that made me think that I had every disease or illness possible from Brain trama to Cancer, but I didn't have any of them, I was just scared to death from my father's loss. I didn't know how to take in the fact that my father had died, because what is death? You have to try and understand it, but when your afraid of death, you don't want to face it. I went to the doctor over and over, trying different types of medications. I thought I was having a heart attack every day. But through the support of my family, most of all my mother, I would not have gotten through it. I had to have faith and believe that my father was done here on Earth and that life does go on. I had to except my father's death, and believe that I was going to be okay. I got on a medication called Paxil, which has helped incredibly. I have started to live life again. You have to seek out support though because that is where your salvation is. Go to church, be with family and friends, and don't be alone. You have to tell yourself that you are a strong person that won't be broken because what don't break you only makes you stronger.

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