How do we reach our dreams?

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"Without vision, we perish"

Dreams - otherwisely dubbed as visions, wishes, hopes, desires, goals, aspirations, and reasons for living - have truly been naught but a single concept - yet, a powerfully forceful concept at that! Just like other primary realities of human life - home, love, work - an individual's dream or goal has truly begun as a mere idea, which then became a concept, and finally into reality.

Taking that into mind, we now ask, why have dreams been rarely fulfilled, when its fellow concepts - home, love, and work - have always existed as a stable actuality in any human being's life? If one is to look at such concepts with unbiased eyes, he/she is to realize that the concepts have all begun with like natures. There hasn’t been any real difference between home, love, work, nor with dream. We, humans, have solely been responsible for baptizing these simple ideas with its perfunctory differences. We have, thus, been creating our own limits.


When I asked earlier why, possibly, could have dreams remained unachieved or unfulfilled, you may have possibly retorted, "..because dreams are much harder, and anyway, inconvenient", or "...these are the impossible hopes we keep, just because...", or "...what for? It’s not something we need. Its just there for... keeping".


May I suggest the possibility that the hopes for your dreams have always "just been there", because these are the only reasons that have made you hold on to life? Might it be only logical, therefore, to conclude that DESIRE has always been the very core of living?

Need suggests an unconscious fear; fear, perhaps of the unknown or the unanticipated (ironically, a very unnecessary fear, at that). DESIRE suggests courage and an impassioned verve for life. A certain Claude Bristol, whom we shall cite more of later, once wrote:

'... There is a great difference between a need and a desire. For example, you may need a new car for business, and you may desire one in order to give pleasure to your family. The one for your business you will get as a matter of necessity. The one for your family you will plan to get as soon as possible. For this car you will make an extra effort, because it is something you never have had before, something that will add to your responsibilities, and something that will compel you to seek new powers within yourself and new resources outside. It is desire for something new, something different, something that is going to change your life, that causes you to make an extra effort; and it is the power of believing that alone sets in motion those inner forces by which you add what I call PLUS-VALUES to your life. So you begin with desire if you ever hope to achieve anything... It is the prime motivating force in all of us and, without an all-consuming desire, nothing can be achieved or gained. However, as we shall see, there is more to it than desire."

"If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth." Mark 9:23


How does one successfully believe? How shall we enable ourselves to believe, in the first place? Belief, a fierce energy source, settles itself upon an individual when he/she grasps the various underpinnings to the power of thought. As Claude Briston, author of the classic, all-time bestselling book entitled "The Magic of Believing" has stated, "There was a time when I would have laughed at people who talked about the magnetic force of thought, how thought correlates with its object, how it can affect people and inanimate things, even at great distances. But I no longer laugh, nor do others who know something of its power, for anyone who has the intelligence sooner or later comes to the realization that thought can change the surface of the entire globe."

"... Almost since the beginning of the human race, the molding of men has been done by those who knew something of thought's great power. All the religious leaders, kings, warriors, statesmen have understood this science and have known that people act as they think and also react to the thought of others, especially when it is STRONGER AND MORE CONVINCING THAN THEIR OWN. Accordingly, men of powerful, dynamic thought have ever swayed the people by appealing to their minds, sometimes to lead them into freedom and sometimes into slavery. There was never a period in history when we should study our own thoughts more, try to understand them, and learn how to use them to improve our position in life, by drawing upon the great source of power that lies within each of us." (The Magic of Believing, Claude Bristol)

You may have probably heard of "The Secret", due to the endless ruckus about it in the media, just recently. The basis of "The Secret", however, is not the mere hype that "The Secret" seems to be emanating through critics' hearsay. The concepts that have been revealed in the film (as in the book), in actuality, have long been applied by many of our race's most eminent people. From Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, to DaVinci - the "Law of Attraction" has been the very foundation of their found success, with regards to their individual dreams/desires.

What is "the Law of Attraction"? It is 'the secret'. It pertains to the universal truth that whatever thought goes through your mind is exactly what you are attracting. "We are like magnets - like attract like. You become AND attract what you think", so states ‘The Secret’. How has this been proven? Through science, as well as of countless experiences.

As Brian Mayne, author of "Goal Mapping", shares, "Its an old truth. But this time I heard it when I was looking for some answers and I listened with an open mind. I felt deeply inspired and uplifted by the notion that I could somehow improve my life through thinking differently. The biggest difference was that Mike put some scientific substance behind the statement that made a lot of sense and gave it real power."

"... I learned that everyone has billions of brain cells with 'arms' called dendrites. Each of the dendrites is separated by a slight gap known as the 'synaptic gap'. When you have a thought, you spark an impulse in the centre (the nucleus) of the brain cell that travels along each of the dendrites, seeking to make connection with other dendrites, so that the thought spreads outwards to form a pattern of understanding, or train of thought. If your thought is positive - whether to do with your self, your life, or situation - the positive impulse triggers the release of a chemical called 'serotonin' from the end of the dendrite 'arm'. Serotonin is the chemical that gives you the feeling of happiness and well-being; it also acts as a conductor and bridges the synaptic gap, allowing your thought to continue on its journey. If however the thought you have is negative, it triggers the release of a chemical called 'cortisone' instead, which prompts feelings of sadness and depression. It also works as an insulator, effectively blocking or limiting the free-flow of thoughts and ideas." (Goal-Mapping, Brian Mayne)

But what is this power? What is this impeccable "machine" that is, all along, innate amongst human beings?

The "machine" which is attributed here is called the 'subconscious'. It’s more than a machine, though. It's as good as Aladdin's magical lamp, even much better – in fact, for wishes haven’t been limited to three. There are no limits.

Sounds flaky? Listen again.

Do realize that, for decades, humans have perceived the subconscious as our secret self's most frightening lair. Just ask yourself what comes to mind once the word "underworld", or "hades", is spoken. Don't images of ugliness, torment, and desolation pass through your sight? Remember - what we believe has been understood as that which we wish for. Naturally, the 'genie' would grant you with the fear-laden Underworld you envisioned as his/her/its dwelling place.

But - how about transforming this hideous underworld into a frighteningly miraculous and beautiful utopia? Rather than seeing ugly destruction, why not envision a state of beautiful catharsis/cleansing? Perceive 'destruction' in a positive manner. Perceive it as something necessary for yourself, so as to be 'cleansed’ or ‘filtered' from unnecessary baggage. Naturally, creation takes place after destruction, hence, be thrilled! After such relieving catharsis, we shall be free to renovate our personal Underworld. Do feel free to ask... The genie - the GENIUS – has always granted these, or you would not have been a living soul at present.

Be ready to receive your wishes via the intuition, something we shall tackle about, in a bit.

The Genie's Language

"... the Universe has no choice but to bring you the direct manifestation of your thought about it. You understand, the creative power is like a genie in a bottle. Your words are its command." NEALE DONALD WALSCH

Dina Bonnevie, a Filipina actress and mother, has encountered her eventful success with visualization - as she has once shared with Jaime Licauco, a quite eminent parapsychologist. Once, she has obsessively desired on acquiring this white Nissan car, which she had only afforded to glimpse at - and love. Hence one afternoon, upon arriving home with her maid opening up the gate for her, she embarked upon a strange tactic. As expected, the tactic bewildered her maid, as Dina suddenly requested to have the gates widely opened so that her car (which was inexistent) may enter. For weeks, the maid had to get used to her master's odd routine - having her open the gates wide so as to allow the invisible car get in. But then, one day, Dina's ex-husband called her - with a surprise. A white Nissan car, the ex-husband informed her, was to arrive as a gift for Dina. Dina was, of course, astounded - for every detail that only her mind knew of were all features of the surprise.

"Every thought you think is taken as a command by your subconscious, but it’s your strongest thoughts that become your true goals." Brian Mayne

The technique above is an example of holographic creation, an advanced form of visualization. In holographic creation, one plays in his own mind a well-embroidered movie of his own desire. With it, one acquires the necessary emotions, which should serve as the frequency to which one’s desire is most in tune with. The more intense the emotion/s, the speedier the results.

Other techniques include the mirror technique, repetition, suggestion, and goal-mapping.

The mirror technique requires you to look deeply into your eyes, upon the mirror, and then loudly command unto yourself of your intent. This may need a little privacy though, as an audience is really something unnecessary here. The mirror technique, though, has been rumored to have been utilized by Hitler himself. This has allowed him to successfully hypnotize the Germans with his own beliefs, motivations and commands, hence their unforgettable reign.

Suggestion permits you to use any of these - catchphrases, inspiring quotes, keywords, signs, slogans, movie lines, advertisements, graphic art, posters, sounds, or even personal oddities - to incite desire and gradually settle the energy evoked into your reality.

Repetition lures the success. It is the key to the any technique's victory. The act of repetition suggests an individual's persistence. Napoleon Hill of "Think and Grow Rich" said, "Will-power and desire, when properly combined, make an irresistible pair. Men who accumulate great fortunes are generally known as cold-blooded, and sometimes ruthless. Often they are misunderstood. What they have is willpower, which they mix with persistence, and place back of their desires to INSURE the attainment of their objectives."

Goal-mapping, a technique composed by Brian Mayne ("Goal Mapping", Lift International), pertains to the 'combination of right brain pictures with left brain words'. The subconscious understands in pictures. Show him/her/it with an emotive portrait, and the direct message it expresses becomes something we instantly feel, despite being unaware of it. Our conscious selves comprehend truths, messages, and other forms of expression through language, through words, most easily. This works as our personal guide with regards to our direction, as well as our organizer - a necessary step in goal-setting/attaining dreams. It allows us to arrange the intuition/creative imagination's suggested steps toward our destination. To learn how to create a goal map, visit It can be downloaded too, for free.

Now, upon realizing your thought's - as well as of your desires' - startlingly influential role in your daily life, it is time to fuse that all-consuming desire with belief and the infinite flow of imagination (also known as "creative thinking") for your personal undertaking.

How, then, shall you begin?

Courage and Love

Indeed, one must have the courage to begin with. For with boldness, the genius, the power, and the magic that has remained a latent facet within the unenlightened individual, then upsurges. Hence, wonders - such as those we've never even imagined before - begin to freely manifest.

Abraham Lincoln has been one of the race's greatest failures, and has since prevailed as one of America's greatest leaders - of all time. It has been reported that he used to be known as "Mr.Nobody from Nowhere", until an intense experience - one that incited both sorrow and love deep within him (due to loss of the woman he has ever truly loved) -created the great, ingenious Abraham Lincoln that he has become.

The 'genius' in all of us surges out of its lamp when we trigger deely felt emotions. In other words, we succeed best when we're driven by our hearts.

"The more I learnt that being heart-centred isn't weak, it's strong, the more I found the courage to open my heart and my development became an upward spiral. Gradually, as I held onto the central goal of enlivening my High Self by focusing on being my best, I was able to dissipate my various fears, and find the courage to follow the vision of my heart." BRIAN MAYNE

When we follow the voices of our hearts, we are led to pursue something that is genuine, something that we deserve to attain, hence - certain. We cease from being shallow. We find an infinite train of beauty, meaning, and joy in life that permits us to become unconquerable, indomitable, almost immortal.

"A difficult time can be more readily endured if we retain the conviction that our existence holds a purpose - a cause to pursue, a person to love, a goal to achieve." John Maxwell

The Decisive Action - When the Direction is Clear

"Imagination is the force that takes you to places you have never been. Albert Einstein said that imagination is the greatest creative force in the universe. Henry Ford relied on imagination and belief. Walt Disney said that had he not seen Disneyland in his mind, the rest of the world would not have seen it on earth. Bill Gates first imagines his products before they become actual software that we rely on. And it would serve you well to remember that many of the world’s greatest people started with nothing and built empires. They had a dream. And the universe conspired, as it always does, to let them experience their imagination." David Cameron, author of 'Raising Humans'

Thought evokes emotion. Emotion frees the flow of the imagination, while imagination incites emotion. Imagination and emotion leads us closer to intuition.

"Action is an essential key to conscious creation. Often, I'll have a client or friends want to know why the law of attraction isn't working for them and I'll ask, 'Well, tell me what you're doing?' They will say all of the right things: "I'm using creative visualization, meditation, prayer, vision boards (treasure-maps), rain dances, and I'm thinking all the right thoughts and having all the right emotions!" What they miss is the piece about taking action. It's not enough to want to manifest something into our lives. We must also take bold, decisive action." Anisa Aven, Conscious Creation Coach

Albert Einstein once revealed, "Know where to find the information and how to use it - That's the secret of success”.

Creative Imagination - This is what Einstein has been referring to. It is every rare artist’s treasure, every leader’s force, every success’ energy source. What is ‘creative imagination’? Napoleon Hill, the highly-acclaimed author of ‘Think and Grow Rich’, has classified two varieties within the imagination. There’s a significant distinction between these two: ‘synthetic imagination’, the first classification, refers to ‘the ability to assemble existing pieces of knowledge and information into new forms. It is much like taking all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, having a clear idea of the picture that you want, and assembling the pieces into a single finished product. It is your ability to recognize and sort many different facts and insights, accepting some and discarding others, in the process of making the correct decision. This form of intelligence is extremely valuable in fast-moving, fluid situations that require you to consider many different pieces of information in making a decision. It has been estimated that you need between 20,000 and 50,000 bits of information at your disposal to be successful in any field of endeavor. We live in the information age, and knowledge is the raw material of production in this age. So, the more pieces of information you have, the more effective your integrative intelligence, or synthetic imagination, will be.’ (Brian Tracy,; ‘creative imagination’, the other form of imagination, is where intuition reigns. It requires us to come up with the most unthinkable solutions, to really think way out of the box. This has been attributed to as the core of the greatest breakthroughs, the most stunning discoveries. Einstein, for example, has been told to have discovered ‘the theory of relativity’ through a dream. John Lennon has been said to have heard the song ‘Imagine’ through a dream, too.

Who knows? Maybe tonight, ‘it’ shall land upon your dream, too.

“Your intuition is your direct pipeline to a form of intelligence that is completely beyond your conscious brain. It is accessed by your subconscious mind, which is controlled by the thoughts you think and the beliefs you hold in your conscious mind. The more often you affirm and visualize your desired goals in your conscious mind, the more readily they are picked up by your subconscious mind, and the more rapidly your intuition or creative imagination is triggered. Successful, effective, happy people are those who have gotten onto the beam of their own intuitive senses and who rely continuously on their inner guidance — and they seldom make mistakes.” BRIAN TRACY

"Are you in earnest, seek this very minute. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Just begin and the mind grows heated. Continue and the task will be completed." FAUST

Challenging Yourself

The most thrilling step upon the road of dreams is "the challenge". The most effective technique I've experienced is when I’ve split a long term goal into a series of short-term goals. For example, in a long-term goal, there are 14 steps to take before it can be attained. Now, focus on one step at a time. Then, begin by entitling the first step as "the 10-day challenge", for example. This countdown-challenge technique provides me with the necessary willpower/drive necessary to complete the task, hence ensuring its accomplishment at a certain time. It is also important to keep a logbook for the challenges, for organization's sake.

Winning the Battle

The subconscious does not distinguish what you want and what you do not want. Whatever your mind says is taken as a command. Hence, be ready to battle out what you do not want with what you truly desire. I am to share with you some of the defenses Ive used when battling out with my 'evil self'.

Desire vs Fear - when fear speaks louder than desire, try this visualization technique I've found effective: close your eyes. Envision a big, red blob before you. This is your desire. Inches before this red blob, you see a hovering, big, black blob. This is fear, making the red blob look like its mere outline. But - remember, the black blob is deceiving you. The red blob still exists, and it IS independent of the black one. Unfortunately, you're closer to the black blob. To battle this out, feel - with all your heart, passion, and yearning – the red blob (Desire) rapidly increase in strength, power, intensity, and size. See it mercilessly devour the black blob. Feel your desire grow into monstrous enormity. And listen as the black blob faintly pops.

Belief vs Doubt - In here, you can barely see the red blob. The black blob is much bigger, or perhaps, only so much closer to you, that it has succeeded conquering your vision. But - as you surrender getting devoured by this black blob, you see through its sheer surface the faint silhouette of red. Focus on it. Once you do, you allow it to grow. Feel the desire, or the dream, again. Whisper for it to increase into infinity... to conquer every nook and cranny, to become the very breadth, height, and depth of the Universe. Before you know it, you'll be swimming across an entirely crimson world with such elation and freedom. Congratulate yourself.

"Goals are dreams with a deadline" Napolean Hill

For more guides, tips, and information, here are some of the most helpful resources:
“Goal Mapping” by Brian Mayne,
“The Silva Mind Control Method” by Jose Silva,
“The Magic of Believing” by Claude Bristol,
“Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill,
“The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne (Book and DVD),
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“The Artist’s Way” by Julia Cameron,
“Down the Rabbit Hole (What the “bleep” do we know?)” – DVD,
“The Mozart Effect: Tapping the Power of Music to Heal the Body, Strengthen the Mind, and Unlock the Creative Spirit” by Don Campbell,
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