How Do I Make My Bedroom Beautiful?

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Did you ever notice that it is much easier to fall asleep in a room if it isn't "cluttered"? Physiologists have found out that the state of the room in which a person rests has a large influence on the person. For example, you'll wake up a lot more refreshed in the morning if you go to sleep in a clean room.

When a bedroom has too many things strewn across the floor, hanging on the walls, and swinging from the ceiling you'll feel tense, uneasy, and of course won't be able to relax. Now, imagine a room with walls painted in soft colors with a bed in one end, a night table near it, and a large window on the opposite wall letting in a nice breeze. The whole middle of the room is open, the floor is covered with a beautiful carpet... Doesn't that feel like a much better bedroom environment?

In order to create a bedroom that will bring you a sense of peacefulness as soon as you step into it, you should first limit the furniture in the room to the most necessary. At the same time, don't throw everything away, or the room will look bare and won't feel like "yours". Of course, you'll have to leave the bed unless you have an unusual habit of sleeping on the floor. You want your bed to look cozy and inviting.

The bed is the most important part of a bedroom, place it in one of the four corners. Avoid putting it too near the window, so that you don't catch a cold while sleeping. I prefer quilts to blankets, they're warmer and much more comfortable to cuddle in. If you can knit or crochet it might be a good idea to make one yourself, your bedroom is the most personal room in the house and what can make it more so than a homemade colorful quilt on the bed? Adding some pillows or cushions will make your bed appear soft and perfect for relaxing.

Any other furniture like a night table have to be put near the bed and against the wall to avoid cluttering the center of the room. Put a lamp on the table with a colorful shade, for example red. When you will turn it on in the evening the room will be bathed in a warm reddish glow intermingled with the last rays of the sun coming from the window. Some other things can be put on the table with the lamp to brighten up the room and mark it as yours. A clock would be necessary for waking up in the morning as well as some framed photographs of your family and friends and maybe a cute teddy bear or two.

Place a colorful rug or carpet on the floor. Finally, if the walls look bare in some places hang up some of your favorite paintings. Now, you have a room that you will always love to walk into.

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