How do I get my Body to Grow Healthy Cells?

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That's quite simple, actually.Take a glass of pure water as an example. It's oxygen and hydrogen in balance. Add a pinch of salt and it's called sea water. Put calcium, magnesium and potassium in and you've got mineral water. Boil it and pour it over crushed deadly nightshade leaves and now you have poison. I don't need to go on.

Apply this principal to the body and you will have the secret to replicating the cells in a healthy manner. Bodies are completely renewed every seven years so it makes sense to be adding in the correct ingredients. Of course the chemical make up is more complex then water but you can still add in the right things to feed the cells. Then that spirit, soul or ego, whatever you call it ( I call it a 'champagne marble') can go out and have some fun while carting it around.

Start with eliminating poisons from your diet and environment. I'm afraid to say this includes drugs and alcohol. Your shampoo, soap and cleaner are also full of chemicals that don't help cells live in a healthy way. What goes into your lungs enters the bloodstream and worms its way into the cells. That car exhaust and industrial pollution are bad too. There are good foods and bad. I'm now fairly certain that all disease is merely the different manifestations of unhealthy cell growth.

I used to have severe chronic asthma and took drugs all day to control it, walked around on crutches due to arthritis and developed a serious form of cancer annd had a bilateral mastectomy. One year after starting my 'Dirt Diet' I use no asthma drugs and can run if I want to, no longer have any pain in my knees and had “the most amazing response ever seen” to cancer treatment. I didn't cure my ailments I just helped the body exist in a different way.

So, you can't avoid it... You can eat and drink to bolster the bodies ability to eliminate these nasties. This is how I do it. I use sorbolene as a soap, baby oil as shampoo and white vinegar to clean. Drink herbal teas all day, which scavenge free radicals created by ingesting, inhaling and absorbing those complex compounds and help eliminate them. Water flushes the system.

I start the day with a shot of oxygenated water and natural sugar, when the cells are hungry. They need saccharide and oxygen. This can come from aloe vera, noni, goji, stevia, honey, cane or maple syrup – so long as it's raw. It stops you craving sweets. Craving is the body asking for something. Feeding it with processed sugar doesn't work because it's not easily absorbed. Half an hour later I take a teaspoon of superfood and half teaspoon of zeolite in natural set yoghurt. The superfood gives a high percentage of protein for a low percent of waste. There are many other useful things in it, anti cancer vitamins and lactobacillus etc. Zeolite is a positively charged, crushed volcanic rock. As it goes through the body it sticks to heavy metals and you poo them out.

Lunch is rye bread, soft cooked eggs, cheese, muesli, nuts, fruit or an occasional plate of chips. The body needs fat but keep it simple. I have chips because I'm weak and love them. I've dropped four jean sizes since I started my diet so I'm not feeling too guilty. You can find other things to eat. Look on the labels of anything you buy. Beware the 'lite' and 'healthy' label. You want to be eating foods that alkalise the body not acidise it. Health food shops have charts of each. Google it and millions of sites come up. Avoid preservatives, funny numbers in brackets, lots of ingredients, which means heavy processing. This locks up the simple compounds in the food and makes it harder for the body to accaess them.

Dinner is vegetables, smoked fish or chicken. I don't always have protein at night. I've often had sufficient during the day. The vegetables are as little cooked and processed as possible. I have miso soup with kelp and shitake

Every day I take a few pills. These help boost the immune system, oxygenate the blood and add in vitamins and minerals to your diet. These are glucosamine, fish oil, vitamin e, calmag, garlic, evening primrose, zinc and iron weekly. Once a year I buy a litre of humic shale mineral water, drink a sake cup a day. I haven't had the usual flu I get once a year despite the whole supermarket queue sneezing all over me. I'm certain my cells are growing fat and healthy. I'm not saying I won't die one day – but it'll be of old age

submitted by Diane Andrews