How did the Wisegeek contest improved your writing technique?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

The Wisegeek contest provided the opportunity for a true challenge of writing talent. It raised the stakes for technical expression which was a great way to motivate writers to produce their best. My experience was to take technical writing to the next level, and provide emotional backing as well, giving select articles a well rounded wholesome approach. I loved the challenge of creating factual poetry.

Furthermore, it stressed the necessity for attention to detail, and concise communication. Asking "The Right Question" also has an impact on the on the sustinance of a work. Picking a topic of interest, and enthusiasm provides interest in the question being answered as well.

Writing skill is a craft learned through the evolution of writing. I've been writing for over ten years and laugh when I look back at my past "works." The craft of writing is molded as time, and practice amount. Writing is like talking, but you're able to go back and create any image or situation as you desire. While composing my articles for the contest I constantly went back to reduce multiple use of the same word, and tried to keep the sentence structure varied. The contest was a good step into the real world of writing, and is miles away from the simple poetry I've become accustomed to. However, communication through poetry has enhanced the level of impact I may provide in the prose. I feel the Wisegeek contest was an opportunity to put the polish on the paint, and watch the works of writing shine. I'm working on a movie, and communication skills are a major determining factor in whether, or not you get I deal. I've delegated with VP's of Marketing at major corporations in order to implement product placement in the film. Writing consists of half the conversation we have through emails, and attention to detail through effective communication are musts.

I've chosen my position in the contest by giving 100%, 100% of the time. I'll remember this forever as a high caliber contest against myself, to be the best, and to produce compelling works of technical prose. Throughout all of this some things still remain the same. My typing speed has yet to change, however by taking it slow, the turtle beats the hare. I'm thankful, and honored to be a part of this challenge, and feel I've given a very good display of my writing talent.

submitted by J Bonner