How Can We Improve My Pollutant Environment?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

In around my live, i have seen so many problem about the envirnoment and some people are bearing the pollution. In fact, our life so very not clean almost every where.I am student and i go to school everyday by bicycle. everyday i always hear so a lot of sounds from the traffic in my city , it make my ear became heavy to hear. In adition, the traffic have a lot of bad smoke, that have alredy attack my nose. I felt very bored when i got out, i saw many terrible bridgles from its pollution, it had terrible smell that made me so many trouble when i went through it- i can not breath normally. So, what can i do to improve the envirnoment?,although i am trying to do some thing but thare are some people not concentrated that, i had seen they leave so much waste.In my opinion, if we do not try to improve that now, human will be publish by the natural...

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