How Can I work out without buying equipment?

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So, you want to get in shape, without shelling out big bucks for equipment, or committing to 50 bucks a month for a gym membership. Don't despair, you can get in shape without shelling out a dime, as long as you work smart. The first, and most important part of any workout plan is seeing your doctor. He/She will need to advise you on what level of activity your body can handle, and can advise you on any issues that are specific to your health conditions and needs. If you doctor has advised against any specific exercises, or if you feel too stressed by any recommended exercise, do not continue. I know that many people skip this step, especially people who consider themselves to be in good health, but I strongly advise against it! Now that we got that out of the way, we can begin to exercise. A great way to get cardio at no cost is simply to walk. Start off light 10-15 minuets, three times a day, and work up from there. You should be walking sow enough that you can still talk, but fast enough that you couldn't have a long conversation. Push ups and sit ups are also good ways to work on your upper body and abs. Do as many as you feel comfortable with to start out, usually 10-20 for most beginners, and then try to increase by 5 every other week. Get into the habit of doing those reps 2 to 3 times a week. Like the idea of lifting weights, but just cant shell out for the weighty cost? Well, then start saving those milk jugs. Two jugs, filled with water, to the level of weight you can tolerate, is a great way to pump those arms, and they come with built in handles. You can use them for most of the traditional hand weight exercises. If a full jug of water becomes to light for you, try adding wet sand instead. But remember, you want to keep the weights light so that you can complete all your reps. Look to do between 1 to 3 sets of 7. Incorporate this with then rest of your workouts 2 times a week. Don't have a stair master? Well, how about stairs. One story house, no problem. Look for a building like a public library or courthouse that has stairs and use those. Just be sure to watch where you are going, that way you don't knock someone down the stairs. If its close by, try walking to that location, and taking the stairs up and back down once. Now that you know getting is shape doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg, get out there and make your fitness dreams a reality.

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