How can i overcome procrastination?

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Procrastination is the tendency for one to delay doing something that he/she should do. It involves the postponement of tasks to later times and dates. Normally the person procrastinating does so because of one or a combination of the following:

  • Fear of either success or failure
  • Desire for perfect conditions
  • Under or over-estimation of the task at hand
  • Lack of proper planning

Procrastination can lead to a backlog of tasks and improper management of ones time. The adverse effects of procrastination on one’s personal and professional lives cannot be ignored. For instance consider a planning officer who is supposed to submit a planning project in a month’s time. The officer feels that there’s a lot of time and so keeps on postponing the task. He then realizes that the task actually involves much when it’s too late. Two days to the submission date he begins to run around trying to put things together. The result is an unfinished project that may cost him his job. This is just an example of how procrastination can lead to failure in one’s life.

The question is: can procrastination be overcome? If yes,how?

The truth of the matter is that there are many suggested ways in which one can overcome this habit. Of all the remedies to the problem, one thing is evident, that the key to overcoming the habit is identifying the cause. As mentioned above, there are many causes and identification of one’s cause is the pivotal point in the whole remedy process. It’s worth saying that the remedy to this problem lies with the victim. A self therapy is thus necessary.

The self therapy will involve the identification of the cause of procrastination. During this time make sure you’re true to yourself. Is it that your self worth is low? Some reasons may be hurting. Nevertheless, give yourself the real reason why you procrastinate. Is it the lack of planning that causes you to procrastinate? Lack of planning will usually call for definition of the task at hand and identification of all the tools involved.

Whatever the reason for your procrastination, self discipline will greatly help you overcome it. So apply it. Remember that defeating procrastination is a process. With increased self confidence along the way, the habit becomes lesser and lesser.

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