Does Playing Classical Music to Infants Really Make Them Smarter?

wiseGEEK Writing Contest

Many people try to find ways to give their infants an advantage in life. One such belief is that by letting your baby listen to classical music you can actually help to make them smarter. But is this really possible? According to many scientists who have done numerous research studies on this topic, music can definitely help to make a baby or young child feel more relaxed and calm, but, as far as making them into geniuses through listening to a certain type of music, they do not believe so.

Obviously by exposing your child early in life to classical music you can definitely help them to develop a deeper love for music, especially classical music. Classical music involves the use of various instruments and exposes children to a lot more creativity than some of the other areas of music. Take, for example, rap and R & B music, these do not show the use of various instruments. All you can usually hear and discern is just a very strong beat.

Classical music also helps to stimulate minds. There are some, like proponents at the University of California, who feel that classical music greatly enhances an infant's intelligence level. Most infants are capable of hearing the differences in pitch and tone, and this is what many believe helps to get their minds working in a faster way.

Does this mean that, as soon as your baby is born, you should begin playing classical music day and night? No, not necessarily. While it can not do any harm, you do want to make sure that you do not overdo it. Not that it can cause any ill affects on your baby, but it may cause you some stress if you are constantly listening to the same songs over and over. If you choose to play classical music for your children then it is a good idea to make sure that you find all different types of classical music for them to listen to.

I would not, however, recommend that you buy the entire collection of Baby Einstein CD's. Try buying a few Mozart CD's and other various type of "greatest hits" of classical music CD's for them to listen to. You will definitely be happy that you did. Whether or not it can really make infants and young children smarter seems to really depend more on the child and how much time you, the parent, spend stimulating their brain. Don't just turn on the music and leave them there all day. Listen and learn together.

submitted by Lori R. Stone