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Solar-pendulum power machine

Introduction My invention is a machine that can harness solar energy and kinetic energy in a pendulum but unlike the already existing technology it has a higher energy conservation and storage efficiency. Neglecting its electricity generation and storage capacity, it generates and stores other raw materials whish can be used to solve major problems faced by Nigerians and by extension other Africans such as; 1. Water scarcity. 2. Inadequacy of power supply. 3. Rise in global warming. 4. Inefficient Energy storage. 5. High cost of power generation and supply. The machine consists of to source of power supply which is an array of solar cells, and series of swinging pendulum which are used to recharge secondary cells and to store energy in form of hydrogen, oxygen and water through various processes which make up a perfect system of power supply that does not endanger the environment. While generating and storing energy, the machine can serve as a water reservoir in the sense that it can store water in high tanks and not only to release them at the end of the For power generation but applies some techniques to harness more power. The stored water can be purified by the machine to make it useful for domestic activities. Infact, I want to emphasis that the machine makes use of less energy to generate and store much power and it’s versatility in functions makes it invaluable in solving a lot problems facing man.

Components of the machine Other major and minor parts of the machine are as follows; 1. Battery. 2. Fuel cell. 3. Water storage tank. 4. Hydrogen storage cylinder. 5. Oxygen storage cylinder. 6. Purification chamber. 7. Digital electronic monitoring system. 8. Electrolysis chamber.

The working process of the machine. The machine is made up of three energy conservative system which has only a negligible amount of energy loss, they are; the water pump and release system, the electrolytic production of hydrogen and oxygen, which is use in fuel cell to generate power, and finally the combination of the power of a swinging pendulum and to ability to induce current into a coil through a relative motion with a magnet. The first cycle, which has to do with pumping water to a certain height using solar energy during the day and releasing the stored water at night time to use it kinetic energy to drive generators and produce electricity. The resulting power will be tapped into various chambers for charging the batteries, electrolysis and storage in large capacitors. The released water is allowed to flow into the purification chamber and the electrolysis chamber, where purification and electrolysis takes place automatically. The hydrogen and oxygen gas produced are stored in cylinders where they are used to generate more electricity through a fuel cell whose by-product is water which can still be used again in the above cycle. The last process has to do with the creation of relative motion between a magnet and a coil using a pendulum to generate electricity. Although much power is not generated, it can be used to generate more hydrogen and oxygen gases through the process of electrolysis. The output voltage of the machine can be varied from 110v to 220v and it can still be used for production of higher or lesser voltages.

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submitted by victor nwafor