3 steps to guaranteed success in any area of your life

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Many of us, thanks to stress and worries, see life as a complicated and difficult (and sometimes impossible) problem to be solved. Well, life is indeed sophisticated but it has always been mean to be lived out with simplicity.

Life is really a gift. When someone gives us a gift, it usually comes wrapped up beautifully (except when it comes from lazy men who consider the paper bag the wrapping). And the beautiful wrapping is also part of the gift. All you have to do is to receive and open it! It's that simple. Even if it's not something we expected, there must be a reason that it has been given to us and we can slowly discover what that reason is without being frustrated or unhappy.

At the birthday parties that I celebrate, we usually have the birthday boy or girl guess what's in the box first before opening it. This is a very fun process and whether the guess was right or wrong, they would open it happily and receive their gift.

Well, most of us spend so much time trying to guess what's in the box; trying to deduce, intellectualize and figure out the "right" guess that we lose our ability to enjoy the entire process. Then when we receive something we do not expect, we spend even more time trying to get over our disappointment, anger and frustration. And it becomes a very vicious life cycle with little peace, happiness and not to mention wasting a lot of our time and energy.

There is a way to break free and begin living and experience success in the every area of our lives - relationships, career, financial, health and any area you imagine.

There 3 steps are proven for anyone to achieve success in whatever they desire. If broken down one by one, they can become extremely sophisticated fields of study that most of us will never understand in a lifetime. Therefore, the best way is to keep it simple and to continue to practice and learn these principles as we go along our life journey.

The 3 As of success:


With every thought we get, before every word spoken, before performing any action or decision, always check that we have the right attitude.

Great leaders always understand that in leading people, there are certain things that can be taught while certain things can only be caught. What can be taught are strategies and methodologies while what can be caught is character and attitude. Methodologies answer the "how" questions while character answers the "why" questions.

You see, great talent, skill and luck might bring us to the top but only great character and attitude can keep us there.

By having a great selfless attitude, putting others first, having a positive and optimistic outlook about every situation, we will move into a realm that some call magical or supernatural. We begin to attract and experience greater success in our relationships because people can sense and feel that we are tangible sincere and authentic.

And relationships account for most of our happiness. We want to have people we love, respect, trust and cherish in our lives and we want them to love, respect, trust and cherish us in return. By having a great attitude, only can we begin to make that happen.

"There are 2 ways to live life. One as though nothing is a miracle and two as though everything is a miracle." - Albert Einstein.

Begin cultivating a grateful and positive attitude today and checking that that is where all your words and actions will flow and birth from.

2) ACTION Having the right attitude gives birth to the right actions. Even without the right knowledge or skill to accomplish the task, having the right attitude gives us the clarity and wisdom to find the way. And that is perhaps one of the most important skill or actions anyone can learn - the ability to always find a way or the right person to show them the right action to take.


With the right attitude and the right action to take, most people would think we are way on our way to success. And indeed, many people experience some measure of success by merely practicing the first 2 principles. However, it is the truly successful, those who want to be all that they can be who look also for the right TIMING.

Having the right attitude and performing the right action must also be in the right atmosphere - or in the right place and the right time.

Sometimes we have to wait for the right atmosphere or opportunity but sometimes we can create it.

This requires a very special sensitivity to people and the surroundings that must be cultivated and begins by having the right attitude.

Success is guaranteed when we master these principles and even before we can say we master them, we will already begin to experience different degrees of success in different areas of our lives as we continue to practice and apply them more and more.

Always start by having the right attitude. Then find the best action to take. Look for the right atmosphere and do it.

Continue to repeat these principles and learn to enjoy this process. And before you know it, you will be looking back at your life with amazement to what you have accomplished and overcame.

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