Can Women get Pregnant During Menstruation?

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A woman can become pregnant from having sexual intercourse during menstruation. In fact, recent research conducted by the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) suggests that women have the potential to become pregnant at virtually any time during their cycle. While the chance of pregnancy is greater on certain days of a woman's cycle, it is never completely absent.

While the rhythm method may be appropriate for couples trying to become pregnant, it often fails when used to avoid pregnancy. Dr. Allen J. Wilcox of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences even goes so far as to say that the rhythm method does not offer a significant advantage to couples trying to conceive. According to Dr. Wilcox, couples who simply have unprotected sex on a regular basis have as much of a chance of conceiving as those who wait for fertile windows.

A woman's cycle begins on the first day of menstruation, which is counted as day one. Traditionally, days 10 to 17 are said to be a woman's most fertile period. However, this is based on the idea of a very regular cycle, lasting 28 days, with ovulation occurring on day 14. In reality, few women are this regular; only 30% of women fit this model. In addition, even women with regular cycles do not always ovulate at the same time each cycle.


A woman's fertile period lasts for about a week each month. Sperm can survive in the cervix for up to a week, and the egg is viable for 24 to 48 hours after ovulation. The problem is that ovulation is highly unpredictable. Teenagers as well as women nearing menopause - two groups that are less likely to desire pregnancy - have the most irregular menstruation cycles. Thyroid disease also contributes to irregular cycles.

In the 2005 NIH study, Wilcox and his colleagues studied the menstruation cycles of 213 women, most between the ages of 25 and 35, when a woman's cycles are most likely to be regular. They found that a woman's fertile period can extend to the day when menstruation is predicted to begin. In addition, they found that a woman can become fertile as early as day 4 of her cycle, and that 17% are fertile by day 7. Therefore, menstruation is no guarantee that a woman will not become pregnant when engaging in sexual intercourse.


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Discussion Comments

Post 477

Thank you for the response. I guess although waiting is agonizing, I have no choice. However, it is nice to hear back from someone so quickly so, thanks again!

Post 476

@anon142237: As I understand it, the longest time the average sperm cell can survive in a woman's body is 72 hours. So, it's unlikely you would be pregnant from before your period. In any case, the blood flow from your period would almost certainly have washed any sperm cells out with it.

Nevertheless, to set your mind at ease, and because few things are impossible, wait a few weeks and take a home pregnancy test.

Post 475

Okay so here's my story: My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex many times right before my period was due. So, I still got my period about a day after the last time. My question is, now that the last period is over could I still be pregnant from that last time or two, like if the sperm was waiting there while I had my period? I normally have very irregular periods which is why I'm unsure.

Post 474

I took a next day pill like three weeks ago, then I started feeling like pregnancy symptoms. i had some bleeding one week ago, and I thought it was my period but it like spotting. after that i didn't feel the symptoms anymore.

Now on the 10th I'm supposed to be getting my period, and I'm usually very exact on the date, but I'm not getting it and I don't feel like I will anytime soon. I mean, no cramps, no back pain or anything. Is there a chance there i might be pregnant? Should I have pregnancy symptoms now? Because i really don't feel like I am and I've been pregnant before. When do the pregnancy symptoms start?

Post 472

Me and my husband always have unprotected sex when I'm on my period. My cycles aren't always the same. Sometimes I skip a month and then I start the next month. What are my chances of getting pregnant?

Post 471

hi my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex on the 3rd day of my period and he finished inside of me. The bleeding suddenly stopped but there were still discharges. is there a possibility that i can get pregnant?

Post 470

My last period was in October and i had unprotected intercourse during the at the end of my period, twice.

but we used the withdrawal method and he ejaculated on a towel.

I've traveled abroad after and I met my past boyfriend we got back together, and had the first intercourse in middle October and many times till November, and he ejaculated inside me every time we have sex. I was supposed to have my next period then but I've checked, and I'm pregnant.

I'm so confused. Who's the father of my child? Hope someone who could help me soon, will appreciate it. thanks

Post 469

My boyfriend and i had sex, unprotected, and then four days later we had sex again, unprotected. Three days later i unexpectedly started bleeding. It was light and i didn't have cramps. and i wasn't supposed to start until three days later. could i be pregnant?

Post 468

could i get pregnant while taking birth control at different times while having unprotected sex?

Post 467

will i get pregnant if i had my period on the 16th of the month and had unsafe sex on the 5th and 6th the next month? that's 21 days after my period.

Post 466

my girl had her period when we were having sex five days ago. her period should last a week, but it only lasted two days. two days ago she as getting sick a lot. could she be pregnant?

Post 464

I had unprotected sex on the 5th day of my period but it was practically gone. so is there any chance i could become pregnant? And when can you find out if you are or not?

Post 462

so i want to know. i stopped the pills two months ago and had unprotected sex this month on the day and a few days after my period ended. is there any chance i could pregnant?

Post 460

I got pregnant two days before my period was to start. I don't believe in the you can't get pregnant at certain times thing. what do you think?

Post 459

Can you advise me if you can get pregnant if you have sex on your last days of your period while having the patch on? -- baby

Post 458

okay so i had sex on like the last day of my period. we used the withdrawal method and he ejaculated on a towel. i did take the morning after pill that day. what are the chances of me getting pregnant?

Post 457

Yes you can get pregnant. But it depends when you ovulate, and if you have regular or irregular periods. I'm guessing regular since you are on a pill.

Normally, a female ovulates about 13 days after her period has started, counting the first day of your period as day one. Normally, signs of pregnancy don't occur until about six weeks after. So it's probably in your head if it's bothering you a lot.

Take a test a week from the day of intercourse and then another one about a week later just in case. Chances of pregnancy are highest at the end of your period.

Post 456

So i had sex on the 1st day of my period and he ejaculated inside me, and i missed the last pill of my packet. Can i get prego from that? what are the chances? i don't know whether it's me but i haven't been feeling well. It's been about four days so it's probably all in my head. but if someone wants to give me some insight it would be awesome! --fernla930

Post 454

@anon136357: There is an 8 percent failure rate to a pill contraceptive. You could be but it's unlikely. It's birth control. If you want to have a baby you should stop taking it. After I stopped taking my pills which I took for over a year, it took me about a year to get pregnant which is usually how they say it happens, but everyone is different. Good luck.

Post 453

my boyfriend and I know we want a baby and we concocted a 'contract' for when we want to have one. well, for the first time, i let him ejaculate inside me, with no condom, but I'm on the pill. today's the day I'm supposed to start my period and I was just wondering if i could still get pregnant?

Post 452

My boyfriend and I had intercourse the day before I ovulated. I always know when it's that time for me. I'm only wondering if I could end up pregnant, even though he used the withdrawal method, but he put it right back in me about a minute later. I ovulated the next morning.

Post 451

@Amypollick: thank you. Now I have another question, an d I'm not sure if you can help. You see I was expecting my period the 4th of this month but I didn't get it until the 15th. I noticed that it was a very light red, but also a brownish color. My "period" was so light I did not even need a pad. On the 17th it got a little heavier, light in color, but still no need for a pad. And by around 11 p.m. it was gone. No sign of it.

The next morning the same thing, nothing, its gone. My question is, do you think it was implantation bleeding?

Post 450

i need to ask an important question. my girlfriend had her period on Monday and we had sex on tuesday unprotected and i ejaculated in her. is she going to be pregnant?

Post 449

i had unprotected sex on the fifth day of my periods. and after one hour of sex i take unwanted-72 medicine. next day my periods starts again. i want to know what are the chances of my pregnancy. i don't want to getpregnant.

Post 448

i had sex on the eighth day of my menstruation. are there chances of getting pregnant?

Post 446

i had sex with my boyfriend for the first time, about five days ago, and we did not use any protection. now i am having bleeding and i don't know whether it is due to some cut in my vagina or its just periods. i also took the contraceptive pills but i got the bleeding started before that. can you help me in this matter?

Post 445

My boyfriend and I had sex a week or a little over by a week and like two or three days before I was supposed to be on my period. I started my period yesterday, but my question is, is there a chance I could still become pregnant?

Post 444

@Sparkie08: While I appreciate you asking for my advice, I am not a doctor, so I really cannot give you medical assistance. Everything depends on your particular ovulation cycle; every woman is a little different.

The only thing I can tell you is to wait about three or four weeks or so and take a pregnancy test. Sure, you *could* be pregnant, but only time will tell you if you are.

Since you do want to get pregnant, good luck and I wish for you a happy, healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

Post 443

Mrs. Amypollick, I don't know if you can help me or not, but I'd like your advice. I got my period recently on the 6th and on the 8th I had unprotected intercourse with my fiance. The next day it happened again. I was still on my period, bleeding slightly since the first day I got it. My period ended the 13th and I once again had unprotected sex with my partner on Monday night, Tuesday morning and night, Wednesday morning and night, and lastly Thursday morning.

Each time we were together he ejaculated inside of me. We used a position in which the sperm wouldn't drip out and after finishing, I would not go running to the rest room

or anything. I just laid there on our bed. Are my chances of getting pregnant high? I am seeking pregnancy, I just want to know if I will get pregnant this time around. I would appreciate it greatly if you gave me your advice.
Post 441

will i get pregnant if i have sex on the 23rd day of my period?

Post 440

@anon124910: I'm going to make the assumption you were speaking directly to me in your comments, since I've been pretty vocal on here. That's fine. I don't really care.

I have not put anyone down in any of my posts. I haven't said they were bad people, or immoral, or anything of the kind. However, due to whatever circumstances, they were pitifully ignorant and my intent was to give them real-life information. They didn't seem to be reading the article, or they didn't understand what they were reading, so I put it in plain English.

You were lucky: you have a sister who helped you along with your situation. However, obviously, many of these girls are not so lucky. And

if they are going to get on the internet for a serious situation like this, then they need someone who is willing to tell them the truth. Apparently, unlike your supposition, they do *not* understand that unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy any time. This is why they are asking the questions.

Something else: stress does not always cause periods to cease. Sometimes, extreme stress can lengthen periods. I experienced that myself in my early 20s, when I was under considerable stress and had a period on and off for over six weeks. I went to the gynecologist, who informed me that stress can have that effect. When I was out of the stressful situation, my periods returned to normal almost immediately.

A typical human supposition is, "It won't happen to me. It might happen to other people but it won't happen to me." This, of course, is bunk. It can happen to anyone, and people need to know that.

Girls (especially younger girls) need to know they are usually going to be the ones primarily responsible for birth control, and if they are going to take on the responsibility of having sex, they've got to take responsibility for their bodies and the possible consequences, as well.

Obviously, some of these women are not educated at all about sexuality or their bodies. U.S. schools are supposed to be teaching sex education, but apparently, these girls aren't getting the information they need. Some posts are apparently from countries where sex ed isn't taught at all, so this is new information. All they may have learned are myths and old wives' tales. The first thing anyone absolutely must learn about sex is that, if you have unprotected sex, you're rolling the dice. That has to be the number one idea. The exigence of using protection comes from understanding that one very important concept thoroughly, and obviously, this is a concept many of these girls have never heard or understood.

I have been straightforward and plain-spoken, but never have I personally attacked these posters. I'm 42, by the way, and have been married for 14 years.

I am not a medical professional and have never said I was. I always advise women to go to the doctor if they have questions about their bodies. And you know what? If their doctors are worth anything, they will tell them the same thing I did. My doctor told me that the first time I went to see her about getting on the pill. I knew it already, but didn't feel my doc was passing judgment on me. And I'm not passing judgment on anyone. I'm giving them solid information, and if it helps one young woman avoid an unwanted pregnancy, then I can sleep well at night. Good luck, peace and blessings to you and your daughter.

Post 439

@Barbie: I would make and keep that doctor's appointment. It's really too soon to tell if you're pregnant or not, but it sounds like a doctor's appointment might be a good idea. I don't know what might be going on, but you are obviously concerned and need to see a doctor, to put your mind at ease as much as anything else. Good luck!

Post 438

I'm always a seven day period kind of girl. well me and my husband decided we wanted another baby. We had sex unprotected, and i had a four day period. why is this? Am i pregnant?

Post 437

I am disgustingly disappointed in some of you! Wow. First of all, why are people replying to people so rudely? Yes, we all know unprotected sex can lead to pregnancy but these people are genuinely concerned and some of them have no one else to ask or talk to, so swallow your pride and ignorance and show some compassion if you're going to answer a question. I don't know but i was always raised with the "if you have nothing good to say don't say anything at all" notion. but that was just me. I did have questions and fears but I'm too freaking scared to ask them because I'm worried ill get "cyber yelled at" by people who don't

know me or my situation. So here's some clarification for everyone with the questions.

Sex is a complicated thing and what makes it more complicated and hard to deal with is how sensitive of a subject it is. Many people are too embarrassed or shy to talk about it to family and friends and therefore they don't understand a lot of what happens before, during, and after there periods. Don't be ashamed!

Also, if you have had sex and you're worried or scared about being pregnant, relax! When you are really stressed out your period stays away, so just take a couple of deep breaths and try to connect with any support service you can find (that way you aren't getting negatively preached by some of the people on here. i repeat – some – and feeling like an idiot).

Next thing you have to do is inform your boyfriend/husband depending on the situation. After you're both aware of what's going on or you have at least told someone then just take day by day as calm as you can (easier said then done i know), and if you are late for a period don't panic. Remember: the more you panic the more your period will stay away! Just relax and wait a week or so. If there is still no sign of a period then go and take a home pregnancy test. If you don't have the money to get one, then go to your local urgent care or doctor's office and get a test done with them.

I am 25 years old and i was pregnant at 16. I was petrified! Thankfully, i had my sister to talk to and be able to calm me down. I love my daughter to death and she is my life. so just remember, if it happens it happens. You always have options and you have to find the one that fits you and your partner best. Do not let anyone put you down or make you think less of yourself! There are worse things you could be doing, such as committing crimes, doing drugs, sitting in jail.. You are not alone, and if you have questions about your body or sexuality, don't ask these guys. Ask a professional who knows exactly what they're talking about and who will not make you feel incompetent on the web. Good luck ladies.

Post 436

I know you've had so many questions Ms. Pollick. But I am about to make a doctor's appointment. I started my period, it usually lasts three to five days. I had sexy with my boyfriend when I thought I was almost off, with very little bleeding. I have been bleeding ever since, which has been over a week -- 10 days to be exact, on top of the four I was bleeding on my period.

It's not a heavy flow, but there is bleeding. He did ejaculate inside of me, and nobody has done that before.

I have concerns that I'm pregnant, and that's why I'm still bleeding. Any input would help me. Thank you very much for your time. -Barbie.

Post 435

i had sex with my boyfriend and took an emergency contraceptive pill. After that i had my periods. Well the periods were basically due to the pills and i again had sex at the second day of that period. are there chances for me to get pregnant?

Post 434

we made love on the day of her last tablet of pills without using any condoms. Then after a day, she got her period, and we started using condoms after her period because we don't want to use pills anymore because of side effects.

after a month her period is still delayed for three days now. is there any chance that she got pregnant on the last day that we used pills? Sorry I'm not good in english. hope you understand my message. Please answer.

Post 433

I had sex with my boyfriend in july and i also took the pill and i had regular periods but for this Nov my date has not yet come. it's already five days now.

Post 432

@anon123496: It takes longer than a day or two for the body to begin showing pregnancy symptoms. Most women don't notice too many changes until they've been pregnant at least three or four weeks. Could you be pregnant? Of course you could be. Are you? I don't know and it's too soon for a pregnancy test to pick it up.

The withdrawal method is risky, by the way. Very risky. Use a condom if you're not taking the pill or using another birth control method. Condoms are inexpensive and are available everywhere without a prescription.

Post 431

My period came in late October, but i made love with my boyfriend the last day of october and suddenly the period come back the past two days. is it possible that I'm pregnant? we used the withdrawal method. Please clarify.

Post 430

I had sex without a condom, thinking my period was over and i ended up still bleeding, and a few weeks later i started spotting but it went away after a day and I'm not on birth control. Does this mean I'm pregnant?

Post 428

are you pregnant if you had a light bleeding on the first day of your menstruation and not so heavy bleeding on the second day and a light bleeding again on the third, fourth and fifth day? can anyone answer my question?

Post 427

@Anu: There is no "safe" time. Either use protection or don't have sex. A woman's cycle changes too much and can change too quickly to predict a 100 percent "safe" time, every month.

Use protection to lower your chances of becoming pregnant.

Post 426

please tell me safe time of sex with a partner to prevent the pregnancy. --anu

Post 425

my period ended four days ago. while i was having sex today i started bleeding lightly. what does this mean?

Post 424

This is anu.Yesterday i had sex with my husband, but it was not much because i was on my period so he ejaculated outside my body, but now I am feeling a little different. What should i do?

Post 423

I had unprotected sex last night and got my period the next day fairly heavy. can I still get pregnant? am worried that I will get pregnant. Please help.

Post 422

@yavin1 and Anon121923: Please re-read the first sentence of this article. A woman who is menstruating can certainly get pregnant. Yes, it is very possible. Are you pregnant? It is too soon to tell. You'll have to wait three or four weeks. It takes a while for the body to begin having pregnancy signs that you would notice.

I've said it before on this forum and I'll say it again: Any time, any time, *any* time you have sex and don't use some kind of protection, you could get pregnant. If you don't want to worry for a few weeks about being pregnant, then use protection.

By the way: condoms are cheap, available everywhere, including online, and don't require a

prescription. They're not 100 percent, but they're a heck of a lot better than nothing at all.

It's very simple: if you don't want to get pregnant, either don't have sex at all, or reduce your chances by using protection. Those are your choices. Full stop.

Post 421

OK i had sex one the first day of my period and he ejaculated in me. could i get pregnant?

Post 420

I had sex today with my babe. I'm on my period, day six already. He didn't used a condom and he did ejaculate in me. i was bleeding a little but then it stopped and now I'm not bleeding anymore. can i be pregnant?

Post 418

So I had sex with my boyfriend about 2 1/2 weeks ago, and when I wake up every morning I feel like throwing up but I don't. I've been wanting to check if I am pregnant but I don't know how much longer I should wait. Can you please answer my question. Thanks! -mentoz92

Post 417

is it possible for a woman to menstruate during pregnancy? I recently heard this from friends with dismay. please help make things clear for me before I become more confused.

Post 416

Can a girl get repregnant if she has unprotected sex while she is pregnant? Weird question but I'm curious.

Post 415

me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and now i feel so nauseous and i have belly pains. could this mean I'm pregnant?

Post 414

it's a been about 10 days since I had sex. could I be pregnant? i think i was supposed to get my period today or yesterday. Please, I need an opinion.

Post 413

This is not a comment. This is more of a question. me and my wife had sex for a whole month nonstop. She gets her period out the blue and i was wondering if there was a chance she could be pregnant seeing that she's on her period? somebody respond to this please.

Post 412

So, I had intercourse with my boyfriend a day before my period, but I'm on birth control. Can i get pregnant that way?

Post 411

My fiance is in the army and he and i had sex the second day until the last day of my period with no protection whatsoever and he ejaculated inside of me every single time and we had sex like 13 times that weekend when he came home on a four-day.

It's been a week and i have a stomachache and my breasts hurt bad every time my nephew pokes them. what are the chances of me being pregnant?

Post 410

i had sex with my boyfriend the day after my period ended and it wasn't very short. We'd been messing around a for a while before that but he hadn't had an orgasm. i had just ended a six day bleed, which is fairly normal for me. my question is that i have had a lot of discharge (more than normal) and is there really any chance that i am pregnant?

Post 409

i am 19 and me and my husband want a baby. he is in the military, but the thing is i am on my period and it didn't last very long. I'm having trouble eating certain foods and i wake up later than usual. I'm not having all the signs of pregnancy but i feel like throwing up almost everything i eat. am i pregnant?

Post 408

i am 14 years old and had sex when it was the third day of my period. could i be pregnant? I'm scared and need to know!

Post 407

@ Post406: Yes, you can be pregnant. It is certainly possible. Are you pregnant? It's probably too soon to know. I think you have to be at least four weeks along before a pregnancy test will pick it up.

What do you do? You use protection, that's what. You have made the decision to have sex. That means you have to take on the responsibility of using protection. It's free from the health department and condoms are cheap at Wal-Mart.

I've said it before on this article. Every time, every time, *every* time you have unprotected sex, you can become pregnant.

If you are grown up enough to have sex, you need to use protection. End of story.

Post 406

I was on my period and had sex like six times but he never ejaculated in me. can i be pregnant? i am 17 and I am scared. What do i do?

Post 405

I have a question that no one has been able to answer for me. I just had a baby preterm due to an incompetent cervix. My little Isaiah didn't make it because he was to preemie.

I am trying to figure out how periods and ovulation work after a delivery. My doctor thinks I might have started my period but it is only just over three weeks postpartum. I was bleeding light brown and now it is a little heavy and red off and on.

Now, if this is a period does it mean that there is definitely no chance I am pregnant? My fiance and I did have sex foolishly twice during my postpartum time. I know, I know

, stupid, but it is hard to not want that closeness together after just losing your child.

We had sex a week before and that night before I started bleeding red. So, is there chance of pregnancy or no? Before my delivery i had a normal 28 days cycle so. I always ovulated according to the books but i know pregnancy can change that.

Post 404

I had unprotected sex during my third day of menstruation. The blood flow is very light. What are the chances of me becoming pregnant? Thanks.

Post 400

Ever since I started my period, it has never been regular. I usually only got it once every two or three months, and very lightly. Last year, I started taking BC, and my periods started coming every month, like clockwork. However, I was bleeding for 1.5 weeks at a time, and it was happening twice a month. So, I stopped taking it. My boyfriend and I have sex regularly, always protected, but sometimes we start unprotected, then when he gets close to climax, he puts a condom on, and the condom has broken a few times.

My question is: up until this month my periods have been coming regularly. However, I am two weeks late this month. I am wondering if this is just my body reverting back to its normal cycle, or if I could be pregnant? Please help.

Post 399

I am 26 years old married before 2 and half years ago but no kids till now. Before two or three days of my period date sometimes a transparent (white) liquid came. what is this? please guide me.

Post 398

I started my period over night on saturday/sunday morning, and had unprotected (not ejaculating in me) sex really early on wed. morning. My periods usually last four or five days. My period is usually heavier on sunday and monday, and after that it really slows down. And I am on the pill. Is there a chance I could be pregnant?

Post 397

I have had unprotected sex with my husband-to-be for three months. That was the fifth day of my periods. after that i had had two regular periods, but my third period has been delayed by 12 days. Could it be because i am pregnant? I am not sure whom to ask and how? can anybody help? it's an urgent matter. Thanks and regards

Post 396

i had sex with my lover on the third day of my period and after. I am still bleeding. will i get pregnant now? i don't understand my body.

Post 395

i have a question for you. i had sex on friday and started bleeding on saturday for five days. can i get pregnant now. I am feeling the symptoms of that. Please reply and solve my problem with your answer.

Post 394

I made love to my husband like four times while on my cycle and I didn't use any protection, and now I think I'm pregnant. I started Wednesday and ended by Monday and it usually lasts seven days. Is this possible?

Post 393

Me and my partner had intercourse the last full week but my periods had started two days before. the thing is, i just wanted to know will i get pregnant after my menses?

Post 391

I had sex with my boyfriend the day i started my period. We thought that since i had started it was less likely for me to get pregnant. So we didn't use protection. Is there still a chance i could be pregnant? My cycles usually last for about seven to nine days.

Post 390

My ex girlfriend told me that her doctor doesn't know when the baby was conceived but she says she has a due date. can that even be possible?

Post 389

How should i tell my boyfriend i want to have a kid with him?

Post 388

0kay so on my last period me and my boyfriend had sex the night i started but i wasn't bleeding bad that night. it was my first day/night of my period. he ejaculated in me and i still continued my regular period for the month of August. i think i might be pregnant, but not sure. so I'm asking could i be pregnant?

Post 387

i was having sexual intercourse with my boyfriend during my menstruation. could it be possible for me to be pregnant?

Post 386

i need clarity on something. Last month i made love with my husband seven days after menstruation and i didn't become pregnant because i had a normal menstruation this month, but my breasts are getting bigger. i don't understand. yesterday it was my last day of menstruation later that night, I made love with my husband, and i felt terrible pain after. Why is that? And when exactly can i become pregnant?

Post 384

I had sex the day I started my period. the guy didn't ejaculate in me but before we started he had a little and then stuck it in without a condom.

My period changed severely and I was on it for ten days instead of five and seven of those days were just spotting. Could this mean I'm pregnant and when is the earliest I can take a home pregnancy test with it showing the correct answer? My next due period is in early september, but I have had a lot of the signs listed on the internet.

Post 383

I had unprotected sex during my menstruation and got pregnant. So please, always use contraception.

Post 381

I am on the pill and take it religiously every day at the same time. I have yet to miss a day. I understand all the methods in which BC prevents pregnancy yet i am uncertain about one thing. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex today (not ejaculating inside me), and tomorrow I am scheduled to start my period.

I understand that the pill blocks ovulation or the attachment of sperm to an egg. So my question basically is this: Can I have unprotected sex one day before my scheduled period without a risk of getting pregnant, or do I need to take some precaution to avoid pregnancy since tomorrow I will not have a scheduled BC pill and sperm can live in the body for some time?

Post 379

My boyfriend and I are going on holiday in september and are planning to start trying for a baby. The only thing is, I am due on my period in our second week of the holiday. If we conceive in the first week, will I still get my period in the second week?

Post 378

I had an unprotected sex, just after my cycle. Is there a possibility that I could get pregnant?

Post 377

I'm currently on the pill and I have been for four months. I take it at 6:30 p.m. every day. However me and my boyfriend had sex the day my period was over and before I took the pill. We were safe but the condom broke. could I be pregnant?

Post 375

I want to ask a question which is deriving me crazy. i got married a month a go and delayed my periods by medicine because of the wedding night. After a week i got my periods since i stopped taking medicines sometime after my wedding night.

Now that my period is over I'm having intercourse with my husband since then but now on my real date i got periods, too. Why didn't i get pregnant?

There are some changes near my nipple. it hurts when he touches it hard, but it was not happening earlier. Please help. I'm worried a lot and so is my husband. Please help.

Post 374

@Anon103287: A little quick research turned up that the morning-after pill can cause a change to your periods, including making them come earlier, later, or be heavier or lighter. So apparently, some change is possible. Talk to your doctor to confirm this.

Also, condoms do break occasionally, so make sure you check the expiration date on the box (yes, condoms do have expiration dates) because the latex can weaken over time. Also, make sure you're using only a water-based lubricant, since petroleum-based lubricants (like vaseline) can cause the latex to weaken and/or break.

Always speak to your doc or health care provider about side effects for any medications.

Post 373

I have a question and it would be super if someone could answer.

Well i had sex with my boyfriend and the condom split and i took the morning after pill, then my period came one day later and only lasted like two days, so i was just wondering could the pill have not worked because my period came so soon and only lasted two days at the most.

This probably sounds like a stupid question but an answer would be awesome! Thanks.

Post 372

can a woman be pregnant though after having sex, she gets her periods as usual?

Post 371

I'm concerned. i read and hear different things about the when the highest chances of pregnancies are. my husband and i decided to try to conceive this last saturday night and early sunday. i am having slight bleeding that is on and off, and it started today around 2 p.m. It's not heavy and i am not experiencing any cramps.

My last menstrual cycle started on July 15 and lasted the full seven days and it usually is very heavy the first couple of days, along with cramping. are the chances of me being pregnant high? and if so is the bleeding normal?

Post 370

I've been on depo provera for almost three months now, and it's been my first shot. me and my boyfriend rarely use protection, only if he knows he's not going to last long. I've been getting an appetite lately, and today i woke up and felt really dizzy for a couple of hours. I've been on my period for the past two months because of the depo provera and i wanted to know if i could possibly be pregnant or not?

Post 369

@anon102160: A woman's blood flow during menstruation will stop and start. It's not a constant, flowing stream.

It also usually takes at least several hours for the sperm to travel into the uterus and up the fallopian tube to fertilize the egg, if one is available.

Is she pregnant? Too soon to tell. As I've said numerous times in this forum, sex without protection is rolling the dice, every time. And it only takes once for the dice to come up snake eyes.

Post 368

i had sex with my girlfriend during her first day of menstruation and after our sex her blood secretion just suddenly stopped. is this normal? or did i got her pregnant? i need some answers right away. Help!

Post 367

Would it be possible for a woman to get pregnant if she has intercourse a week before the periods?

thank you.

Post 366

i had sex one day after my period. can I become pregnant?

Post 365

If i had unprotected sex in mid June, had a period the end of June, had two negative pregnancy tests in the middle of july, and now the beginning of august i have a positive one, is that likely it's from having unprotected sex or is it more like i got pregnant during protected sex after the middle of June?

Post 364

@Anon101663: It takes longer than a week for pregnancy symptoms to show up. Most women don't know for at least three or four weeks, and some not until they skip their first period.

If you have your period on time, you're not pregnant. If not, wait a week or so and get a home pregnancy test.

Post 363

I had a sex for about one or two minutes with my boyfriend and I don't if he ejaculated inside or not and it happened on last wednesday. So i want to know if I am i pregnant or not? Because today, i feel very bad, like i was faint and having body pain. I don't like any type of food. So tell me, what is this?

Post 362

me and my boyfriend had sex while i was on the second day of my period he ejaculated inside of me twice and i bled a little bit afterwards like i was still on my period, but a few hours later i stopped bleeding and it's been about 24 hours that i have stopped bleeding. Should i be worried? does that mean i am pregnant?

Post 361

Okay the last time I had sex was more than a month ago. Whenever me and my boyfriend had sex, he used a condom but most of the time didn't take it out before he ejaculated. But the condom never broke. We only had unprotected sex twice and it was literally for less that a minute. He said nothing came out and there is no way I am pregnant. I'm on my period right now, but am still worried I am pregnant.

Post 360

i had sex on saturday but i started my period yesterday so what does that mean? could i get pregnant still? please help me. Me and my boyfriend are worried and don't know what to do.

Post 359

I had unprotected sex during my second day of menstruation. The blood flow is very light. What are the chances of becoming pregnant? Thanks

Post 358

Me and my boyfriend had sex -- not really sex because he never put anything inside of me although liquid did come out. Washed up right after that. I'm on my period now. Last month I believe it came a little late but this month it came on time. I had heavy periods on my first and second day. Can I be pregnant? Please help. I need help!

Post 357

I'm 21 years old and i have been irregular ever since i started my period. i have been to the doctor and they said that everything is normal. but the past two months i have gotten my period about normal (28 days). early the next morning i started my period, and me and my husband had sex and he released just inside me. what is the percentage of me becoming pregnant?

Post 356

I'm 17 and i had sex a week ago and a few days later i was feeling really sick. i was feeling dizzy, i could not sleep all night, i threw up around 1 in the morning and then again around 9 when i got up. i had a really bad headache. my stomach was achy, but maybe it was just because i haven't ate. i also had lower back pains. now i just feel completely lazy and tired and don't feel like doing anything. could this mean I'm pregnant maybe?

Post 354

My girlfriend is on her first two weeks of taking the contraceptive pill, but she forgot to take it for two and a half days, we had sex a week later and I, you know, inside her. Could there be any chance she can be pregnant?

Post 353

I am currently pregnant, and I conceived on the last day of my period. I was always told that it was impossible, but it happened- and I'm considering it a happy surprise.

Post 352

I don't think you can get pregnant if you had sex during or after your menstruation. I have been doing this for years with my husband and never got pregnant. Is not that I can't because I can have children but I don't, so in my opinion you just can't get pregnant during or after your menstruation.

Post 351

@Anon99654: Try not to worry. A woman's cycle can change at any time, with or without notice. Stress, illness, medications --almost anything can cause a bump in that particular road. A week is probably nothing to worry about. If you've been on the pill or other hormone meds and have stopped taking them, that can cause a change in your cycle.

Give it a couple of months and see if you are still off-schedule, and then maybe call your doc. One week early in one month is probably no big deal. Try not to worry. You're probably just fine.

Post 350

I do not want to use any control method except using the cycle method. can i or not ?

Post 349

I got my period a week early after trying the week before to get pregnant. Still trying to get pregnant. i have no idea why my period came a week early as it never has before. Why would i suddenly get my period a week early? Is it anything to do with early menopause? Please help.

Post 348

@Anon98081: Could your girlfriend be pregnant? Of course! Re-read the article. Is she? You'll just have to wait and see.

The easiest way, by far, to avoid pregnancy is free and 100 percent effective. What is it? Don't have sex! Yeah, yeah, I know. It's your bodies, yadda, yadda. But the point, all moral issues aside, is that abstinence is the only 100 percent effective method. If you do not know this, then you are not responsible enough to be having sex. And sex is a responsibility. It has a strong emotional component and the possibility of creating a new life. These issues cannot be pushed aside.

If you're going to have sex, then you need to use protection. And

the responsibility falls on both partners. Birth control pills and Depo-Provera injections are probably the most effective, but besides that, condoms, when properly used, are very effective. There are also methods such as the Nuva-Ring and IUDs. Condoms are certainly the cheapest method, and they are available everywhere without a prescription. But you have to use them properly.

Sorry if I sound preachy, but this is serious.

Post 347

i had sex with my girl friend five days after she had her periods and i ejaculated inside her. so, is there any chance of pregnancy? what are the easiest ways to avoid pregnancy?

Post 346

My boyfriend and I had sex on Saturday twice and he ejaculated in me twice but different times during the day. It's Tuesday now and I just got on my period. Can I be pregnant?

Post 345

I am trying to get pregnant. last month my menstruation came on the 28th june and ended on the 2nd july. when would be the best time for me to have sex? i really want to get pregnant. Please advise.

Post 344

i had unprotected sex during my menstrual period, which falls on the 4 days of my period, and my boyfriend ejaculated into me. I was wondering will i get pregnant if i had unprotected sex during my menstrual period.

Post 340

my boyfriend didn't ejaculate inside me but still he kept on the upper surface, that too only once. Is there any possibility of getting pregnant? Please help.

Post 338

I am on the pill. me and my boyfriend had sex without a condom, but he didn't ejaculate inside me. Ever since then i started bleeding black blood, and this week i was supposed to get my period but it's just been this black spotty blood.

What does this mean? i went to my doctor and he said i wasn't pregnant but he didn't tell me why i would be bleeding black blood. if anyone knows or had this happen to them could you let me know what is going on. -Kaxey.

Post 336

i had sex with my fiance on six day of my period and i took unwanted 72 after two days. The last i got my periods were on the 25th and now again I've got little bleeding on the tenth and it stopped within a day. Am i pregnant or is it normal?

Post 335

I have been having unprotected sex with my fiance and he always ejaculates inside me. We are trying to have a baby but I have not gotten pregnant. I have two children from my first marriage. I also took the morning after pill two months ago; could this have messed up my cycle?

So in may I took the morning after pill and got two periods in june. We had unprotected sex in june and it is now july and have no signs of getting my period. I also took a hpt and it came back negative. What do you guys suggest? Has anyone experienced what I have?

Post 334

My boyfriend and I always have unprotected sex and we are careful. He never ejaculates inside of me and I am also on the pill and my period comes every month since Ive been on the pill. This time I'm worried because even though he did not ejaculate inside of me last night and some nights before we had unprotected sex and I know my period is supposed to be here by the end of this week.

Last night me and my boyfriend thought my period came because I was bleeding some and my body always gives me signs to when my period is coming. I was bleeding lightly last night and I'm not bleeding this morning. What does that mean? Please help!

Post 333

I lost my virginity on the fourth day of my period. My boyfriend used a condom and i took the morning-after pill. What's the percentage i could get pregnant?

Post 332

i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Could i still get pregnant even if i wasn't ovulating?

Post 331

I am 20 years old. I got on the depo shot when i was 16 years old. I stopped taking the shot the year i turned 19 in January! I am now married and my husband and i are now trying to conceive. We have been trying since August of 2009 with no luck. I got my first period after stopping the depo in september of 09 and thought we would maybe get lucky since i got it, but no luck. Now i got my last period on May 31 and this is July and my monthly nightmare has not arrived.

Me and my husband are really excited but i really don't want to get too excited because we have been tricked before. Can anyone please give me some advice?

*P.S. We haven't done a test because we are way to nervous about a negative result.* Yours truly, Peyton.

Post 330

what if i start my second pack of pills on the ninth day and I'm supposed to take my first tablet on the seventh day? is it possible to get pregnant?

Post 329

I have three children, I had my first young, and the other two were also a surprise. My first born was conceived only a few days after my period ended, and the second child was conceived during my period.

Following "my ovulation chart", I tried to time things as it says. Six years later my third was conceived two weeks before my expected period.

Just proof that over time when you ovulate can change.

I am sad to read how many young girls and boys really have no idea what they are doing. Sex is pretty obvious to figure, the action that is. But there is a lot of mental and emotional responsibility to take into consideration when having sex.

Stop spreading diseases and try to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Use protection. Nowadays, there is absolutely no excuse!

Post 328

No, you are not pregnant. During your period,your endometrium wall breaks down. There can no longer be implantation of a fertilized egg. Furthermore, there may not even be an egg to fertilize in the first place!

Moreover, sperm may not be able to survive in the hostile environment that is the bleeding vagina.

There's more resistance.

You have to stop being paranoid. If you can't, stop having unprotected intercourse!

Post 327

is it possible i could be pregnant? Where does the sperm exactly have to be to get pregnant?

Post 324

I can't believe some of you people have sex while on your period. i think it's vile. i won't even let my husband near me no matter how horny he is. i make him wait til its finished.

I've just come off my depo injection as me and my husband are planning for baby number three, and I've experienced my first period in 15 months this week and came off yesterday. When is the best time now to start trying, as I'm not sure because i didn't even get a period with my other two boys -- I just got caught straight away.

Post 323

i had unprotected intercourse with my boyfriend last night and this morning i got my period. is there a chance i could still get pregnant?

Post 321

I had sex one day after my period. can I become pregnant?

Post 320

I was wondering if I can get pregnant while having my menstruation period? because me and my boyfriend had intercourse during my third day of menstruation. can you please help me? i was so worried.

Post 319

i was just wondering could i be pregnant if I'm on the pill and used a condom but my boyfriend ejaculated in me?

Post 318

My girlfriend's mischievous son got into her B.C. pills the other day and three of them were lost. At the advice of a pharmacist friend she continued to take her pills daily since it was the last week before her period. So there we are tonight having sex and #1 her period starts a few days early, and #2 the condom breaks!

What are the chances that she could get pregnant?

Post 317

@julius01: If you do not use protection, there are no 100 percent "safe" days to have sex. There are days when the chance of pregnancy is certainly lower than at others, but unless the woman is incapable of becoming pregnant, there is never a zero chance, without using protection.

A woman's cycle can change without notice, without warning, and she could be ovulating the day after her period ends. It's rare, but it happens. And it can happen to any woman, at any time.

In fact, the article says, "women have the potential to become pregnant at virtually any time during their cycle. While the chance of pregnancy is greater on certain days of a woman's cycle, it is never

completely absent." This means exactly what it says.

Because a woman's cycle can change from month to month, it is impossible to pinpoint "safe" days without a blood test that checks hormone levels.

So just take the easiest, most sensible course of action: *use protection!* Don't roll the dice on which are "safe" days. Condoms and other non-prescription methods of protection are available everywhere.

Post 316

i just want to know what was the safe day to have sex after or before menstruation. Please help me. thank you.

Post 315

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 15 days after my period and he came in me. could i be pregnant?

Post 314

i just want to know what was the safe day to have sex after or before menstruation. Please help me. thank you.

Post 313

i have unprotected sex with my girlfriend, but she had taken the pill within 24 hours and now her menstruation is delayed by three or four days.Is there any possibility of her being pregnant?

Post 312

i took the pill for a week and a half and had sex four days later. can i get pregnant?

Post 311

i have had sex with my boyfriend without using any protection a day before ending my periods and the very same night there was bleeding like the natural period. so is there any chance of getting pregnant after that?

Post 309

Post No. 308: *Yes* you have a chance of becoming pregnant. I don't care how careful you think you are being -- if you have sex without using contraception, you are running a *big* risk of becoming pregnant.

Read the article. Read the other responses. Anytime you have sex without using protection, you can get pregnant. Anytime. Anytime.

Post 308

Many times i had sex with my boyfriend but we are not using any types of contraceptive devices. We are very careful when we have sex like he doesn't ejaculate inside me. Does this give a chance of being pregnant? please help me.

Post 307

can you be pregnant if you had sex 15 days after your period?

Post 306

Most times after I have sex with my boyfriend i menstruate, meaning, I start bleeding right after. Could you tell me if something is wrong? I have never been pregnant.

Post 305

I'm on birth control and i didn't take it because i was on my period. the day my period ended i had sex. after sex i experienced bleeding right after. and i didn't start my birth control again until two days after i had sex. and four days after i had bad cramps on both sides on my stomach. can i be pregnant?

Post 304

Thank you ma'am. i will remember that. thank you.

Post 303

@defsquad08: Yes, she could be pregnant. It's not likely, but she could be. A test is the only way to make sure.

In case you haven't read any of these comments, or the article, let me make it very, very clear to you: *Anytime* that's *anytime* you have unprotected sex, the female can get pregnant. Cycles can change and things happen. It can happen any day, any week of any month, OK? If you have sex, someone needs to be using protection.

If you have unprotected sex, you are rolling the dice every time. *Every* time. Every *single* time. End of discussion.

Post 302

It has been two weeks since my girlfriend and I had sex. I waited a week after sex and called her and ask if she was on her period. She said yes, and i asked her when did it come on and she said 2- 3 days ago. My question is, is she pregnant or can she get pregnant? I was going to get a test but i also wanted to wait until she called me like she said she would.

Post 301

i had sex during the first day of my period. is it possible to get pregnant?

Post 300

What a silly question; of course you can get pregnant during menstruation, and for all you people who have sex during the period, yuck! That's freaking disgusting, I'm sorry. Dirty, dirty, dirty!

Anyway, the safest times are within two to three days before the start of the period and also two to three days after the end of the bleeding. Keep in mind how long the sperm can generally survive inside the woman's body (only about four or five days) and how long the ovum is available to be fertilized (up to two days at most).

Women are most fertile a few days before ovulation (middle between periods) through a day or two after. So don't have sex during this time if you're not ready to be a parent. Cheers!

Post 299

i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend while she was on her period. but i did not ejaculate. we stopped half way through. what are the chances she could become pregnant?

Post 298

My period started about a week ago. My boyfriend and I have been having unprotected sex for the past two weeks now. We tried having sex while I was on my period and also today. Usually my period starts at the beginning of the month and will last the whole seven days, but it ended early this month for some odd reason. Is there a chance I could become pregnant?

Post 297

Can you be pregnant after you had sex and your period came down that night, but you were spotting before you had sex?

Post 296

on the 21st day of my menstrual cycle i had another menstruation. why?

Post 295

I have been having unprotected sex with my husband before and after my period. Now i am on the 17th day. Could it be possible that i am pregnant?

Post 294

i am akila and i am 24 years old, i have had irregular periods for two or three months. me and my husband are planning to have a baby, but my period is irregular so what to do?

Post 293

i had sex during the second day of my period and after that i took OCP and after that my period continued for long time -- around eight days. and now it's been about four weeks already. i don't know if i am pregnant or not. what could it possibly be. thank you.

Post 292

i am 26 and me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex during and after my period. what are the chances that i am pregnant?

Post 291

I had my period in February and i had sex with a friend later that month and a few days later, i had sex with my boyfriend. i don't know who the father could be.

Post 289

@Cammi: Yes, you could be pregnant. Are you pregnant? I don't know. Let me just be blunt: asking people online will not tell you anything. Take a pregnancy test. See your doctor. The bleeding you had two weeks ago may be a concern. So just see your doctor and find out what's going on. Waiting around is not going to make the issue go away. You need to know what's going on with your body.

Post 288

Me and my husband had unprotected sex at the beginning of my period, which, for the first time, lasted for a few days. I had my last period on the 24th of last month. Today is the 26th of the fallowing month and I have no signs of ovulation or any premenstrual signs that I normally get prior to my period.

However, about two weeks ago, I had this spotting which was very dark red blood, which lasted about two days. It was not heavy, but was very unusual.

Ever since then, I keep getting these constant lower abdominal cramps. At times they make me so happy, believing it is my period, but keep being disappointed over and over again. I'm so scared to do a pregnancy test because of my fear of what the results may be, as neither of us are ready for children as yet. Could I be pregnant? Help me please.

Post 286

My periods can be between 28-32 days, my last one was the early part of this month so i should have started ovulating between 13th-22nd. i always get EWCM at ovulation as i used to use opks and it always came with a positive.

The problem is that me and my partner had unprotected sex on the 11th and instead of getting signs of ovulating i have had constant creamy discharge. There's no reason why i should have skipped this month ovulating and i feel it's a bit of a coincidence it happening the same month we didn't use protection.

I did a test this morning and it was negative, but at the earliest i will only start my period

in five days so was it too early to get an accurate result if i am pregnant, it was just a £4 test from asda.

So i am wondering if its possible that i have conceived from the 11th and that's why i am not getting ovulation signs because it's fertilized?

thanks, emma.

Post 285

Thanks for your article. i got a lot of info, but there is one thing i just want to ask: if a women has sex with her partner in her fifth day of menstruation period, is there a chance the woman can get pregnant?

Post 284

please help. this is day two of my period and my boyfriend and i just had unprotected sex today. what are the chances i could be pregnant?

Post 283

@Anon85587: I don't know much about doing an ovulation chart, except to tell you that contacting someone who knows about the Natural Family Planning method might have some ideas.

What I can tell you is, that while 28 days is *average," it can vary widely. When I was in my late teens/early 20s, my cycles ran 32-38 days and I'd have a period for eight days. Yuck. I had a period every month, but not always at the same time. So running a 30-32 day cycle is not at all unusual.

I suggest you start keeping a log of your periods for at least six months, which will give you a much better idea of how long your cycles actually

are. Start from the first day of your period and count until the first day of your next period. Six months ought to give you a pretty good handle on your actual cycle length, which will help you do a more accurate ovulation chart. Good luck!
Post 282

OK, well, first off i found this site by accident, but I'm glad I found it nonetheless.

my problem is simple. my last period was in mid-April, which is fine, but from what i read a "normal" cycle is 28 days. if that's the case then i should have gotten my period a couple of days ago.

i started having my period when i was 8 (I'm 20 now) and i never really paid attention to whether it was normal or not (i was just happy when i didn't get it) until lately.

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the past year and a half and now my cycle length is starting to become

an issue because i still don't understand it.

i know I'm not pregnant now, so i know that's not why i missed it, but my question is if my cycle isn't regular, how do i find (make) an ovulation chart that works for me so i can finally complete my family? please help!

Post 281

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and one or two days later, i had my period for a really short time. Are there any chances of getting pregnant?

Post 280

Can I get pregnant while not having a cycle in the last three months?

Post 278

on last thursday my girlfriend periods were going on and it was the 6th day of her period and i only touched her with my hand just for a minute. Is there any chances of pregnancy.

Post 277

I've been on birth control for a month now and i haven't got my period. my boyfriend and i decided to have sex and the condom broke while I'm taking the placebo pills, is there any way i could be pregnant?

Post 276

I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend early in the morning, during day time she phoned me saying that she just had her periods. What are the chances of getting pregnant?

Kim Spradlin
Post 275

On March 22nd-24th I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend after not having sex for almost a year. Then the thursday before easter sunday I had my cycle but it ended the saturday before easter and then i spotted on sunday. So I waited another month to see if I would have my cycle for this month and it did the same thing as the last time. Could I be pregnant?

Post 274

today is my first day of menses. when can I have sex but not get pregnant?

Post 273

O.K. So i understand people have just been using this site to ask questions and everything, and that is nice.

But i mean somebody along the way failed some of you guys. how are you not going to have your period for over a month and still come on here and ask us if you're pregnant? I know if i am just a day late with mine and i know i had unprotected sex i would get a test!

But can you please just use some protection if you don't want a baby? i am so tired of seeing babies suffer because the parents don't know how to take care of them.

And if you are trying to get pregnant, hang in there because i am definitely in the battle with you ans I'm starting to feel discouraged already and it hasn't been that long.

Post 272

I was seven days late on my period and I got my period. I've been feeling tired, having headaches, feel like I should throw up. I did a little bit of research and it said you get your period one last time during the first and second weeks of pregnancy. So could I be pregnant? A little confused.

Post 271

I started my period on time and I'm pretty regular with it but I had unprotected sex on the same day I started and my partner ejaculated inside of me. I'm wondering now I could end up pregnant. It's too early to tell since it has only been a few days and I know the stress of it all is only going to complicate things. Should I have something to worry about?

Post 270

anon: be quiet. People post to get advice, or just to hear others stories. Chill out! Geeez! I hate for the day you need to vent or need advice!

Post 267

For one whoever said that being pregnant at 17 is wrong, well you are wrong. some people make mistakes, and yes i have as well, but i do not look at my son as a mistake at all.

he will be two next month and i am only 17. yes i had my son at 15 and me and his father are still together. i do advise people to wait. it isn't easy and as fun as most believe.

i knew it would be hard but i took the responsibility and kept my child. me and my boyfriend have jobs and our own apartment and our son is well taken care of.

You just need to grow up and understand the responsibilities you have, and i support any teen who has kept their child and taken care of them.

Post 266

So my boyfriend and I had sex well not really he just rubbed it against me and some liquid came out. he didn't come on me or in me just into a tissue...but it was a full can't I be pregnant?

Yes, yes, yes! You can and may be preggo!

It doesn't matter what, when, how or if you are using protection there is always a chance! So wrap it no matter what he says or what feels better.

You all need to be a little more responsible and take care of your health. The saddest part is no one mentioned maybe having an STI or STD! You should get tested every time you become active with a

new partner and so should they. you should always wear a condom no matter what.

Or how about this? You stop having sex because you are obviously not able to take care of a child since you can't take care of yourself!

Do some research *before* you have sex, not after, and after you're scared and honestly if you're under 18 you shouldn't even be thinking about it because your body probably isn't fully developed yet and you may cause more damage than anything!

Grow up and be responsible!

Post 265

I had unprotected sex on the third day of my monthly period then suddenly stop my menstruation on that day. could it be possible to get pregnant?

Post 263

i had sex with my husband two days before my period came, and now four weeks later i still get my period does this mean I'm not pregnant?

Post 262

I had unprotected sex on the third day of my monthly period then suddenly stop my menstruation on that day. could it be possible to get pregnant?

Post 260

Hypothetically, say I was raped but I got my period three days after it happened. This was like two months ago and this month's period isn't here yet and it should be. I'm stressing a lot about it and I know that can make you miss your period or make it late, but I was wondering if I can be pregnant if I got my period three days after.

Post 259

It's been three years since I married and i am trying to get pregnant but i have some problems with my period.

What i notice is, every three months i will get my period normally, but the next month i will last for seven to eight days. it will stop for a week then i will get it but for the last three months this has been happening to me.

i am getting my period two times for a month. i just want to know if this is normal. i visited a number of doctors and they say I'm not ovulating. my husband and i really want to have a baby. we both are working at the same place and our co-workers are talking about it. it makes my husband feel embarrassed. we need lots of help because i am getting scared.

Post 258

Stop posting! If you had sex you could be pregnant, end of story! Who the hell knows the odds? Sex is sex, it is used to reproduce! If you don't want a baby, either don't have sex or use birth control!

Better yet, if you are on here posting about it, don't ever have sex as you have no clue about sex and the consequences of its actions. Stop and think, people!

Post 257

Rockem Sock- First off, if you're 17, you have no business being pregnant!

I got pregnant on my 18th birthday and it's way too early. I now have twins at 25.

How are you going to afford this baby? Where are you going to live? You aren't married, so what makes you think the baby's father is going to stick around? Having a baby at such an early age is a huge risk and damages any relationship you have with any guy.

Trust my experience! You *aren't,* I repeat *aren't* ready! Go to college first and get a career going. Babies can come anytime!

Post 256

@Anon77432: Amen sister, and amen, and amen. You said it. Right on. In other words, I wholeheartedly agree with you. And this, apparently, is where sex education in schools has landed us. From what I've read here, it doesn't look like it's educated people one bit better than they were being educated at home. Amazing, eh?

Post 255

My boyfriend and I are hoping to get pregnant sometime soon so we have been having unprotected sex. My period was extremely light and short last month and now I am only getting spotting. We had sex when I was "ovulating" but I'm not sure my calculations were correct. I have been having symptoms, although not overwhelmingly, but i have taken a few tests and all are negative. Could I be pregnant and it not show up?

Post 253

Here's the deal. My husband and I have been together for five years. For four of those years we did not use protection of any kind, other than the first couple of months, we had sex the day before my period was to start and lo and behold, after all that time I got pregnant.

So you can get pregnant at *any time* when you are having unprotected sex. (And we knew that. We decided if it happened it happened.)

After reading all of these comments and questions, I'm incredibly concerned that women know so little about their bodies and how pregnancy occurs.

If you don't want a baby, either use a form of birth control or don't have sex.

Post 252

It is my first day on my period and my partner and I had unprotected sexual intercourse and my period also stopped. Is it possible for me to get pregnant?

Post 250

My last period was March 15. And I've been having symptoms for two weeks before I tested positive on a pregnancy test on April 6. A week and a day before I expected, my period is due. Is it possible that I may be further along or pregnant with twins?

Post 249

is it possible to get pregnant if you have committed sex intercourse the day after your menstruation cycle?

Post 248

I was on the third day of my period. we slept together but i didn't have sex with him. but this month still i didn't get my period. i'm scared of a pregnancy. is there any possibility to get pregnant?

Post 247

i had unprotected sex the day before my period started and the day after my period finished. could i get pregnant?

Post 246

me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex the day before i was due my period and he did ejaculate inside me. my period still started the next day, however i was on quite heavy compared to normal as I've just stopped taking the pill, so I'd say my period was normal but i came on. then there was no blood later that day, then i started bleeding again at the night time. then it has stopped again. could i be pregnant? please help asap. thanks.

Post 245

I want to find out about a pregnancy. If a woman of 21 years old is on the ninth day of her menstrual cycle (Day one being the first day she has her menstruation), and her menstrual cycles vary from 25 to 29 days, how likely is she to get pregnant by trying to conceive with her husband on day nine?

I would like to know a percentage of probability. I realize there are other factors, like the man’s fertility the woman’s fertility, etc., but with only this information is it even remotely possible to get pregnant, and if so what is the probability?

I would really like a number such as “the Rhythm Method gives a chance of conception

is nine percent, but the calendar method is 5 percent in a given year.”

A real number like 9 percent or 5 percent is better than just saying “these methods work a whole lot, but anything can happen, nobody knows, maybe one day somebody will invent the study of biology. Until then just don’t kiss a boy while wearing a bathing suit.”

Post 244

my girlfriend and i had sex during the third day of her period and after we finished, we didn't use a condom, but she took the "emergency contraceptive" pill.

my question is: is there any chance that she might still get pregnant? i want to be a dad, and she wants to be a mom, but we think it is still a little too early for us to be parents, no matter how badly we want it.

Either way, though, we will be fine with the outcome.

Post 243

It is my first day on my period and my partner and I had unprotected sexual intercourse. Is it possible for me to get pregnant?

Post 242

i have been having sex with my boyfriend for three and a half years, and i have yet to get pregnant. i have not used protection either.

today is the day before i would usually get my period, but two days ago i took a pregnancy test and it was a negative. i had sex with him on the 18, 19, 22, 23rd and we want to have a baby.

i just don't understand? anyone giving me some help here would be very nice. Thanks.

Post 240

My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex a day after seeing her period. Can she be pregnant?

Post 239

I had an unprotected sex with my partner 10/11 days before. It was my first day of menstruation.Is it possible to get pregnant having sex during periods especially on the first day of starting the cycle?

Please advise. I am very much worried about it.

Thank you.

Post 238

me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex the day before i was due my period and he did ejaculate inside me. my period still started the next day, however i was on quite heavy compared to normal as I've just stopped taking the pill, so I'd say my period was normal but i came on. then there was no blood later that day, then i started bleeding again at the night time. then it has stopped again. could i be pregnant. please help asap. thanks.

Post 237

Me and my boyfriend had sex, but we had unprotected sex. he did pull out before he ejaculated inside me and ejaculated on to a tissue.

also I'm on my third or fourth day of my period. I was thinking of buying Plan B but it was too expensive. About 16 hours have passed since the time we had sex. Now I'm worried i might get pregnant soon. I'm thinking of going to the clinics tomorrow to check, but what should i do? please help. thank you.

Post 236

We stopped using condoms and had unprotected sex the day after my period started. That was nine days ago and I'm getting period like pains in my lower back and just wondered if i could be pregnant already. i thought it was day 14, 15 and 16 day of your cycle when you normally ovulate. we are trying for a baby.

Post 235

i am worried. i had never taken a contraceptive before. i had unprotected sex on the second day after my period and i worried about the ovulation cycle. could i be pregnant? I am scared.

Post 234

when is the most appropriate time for a women to get pregnant?

Post 233

my boyfriend and I had sex two days before my period. can i be or get pregnant?

Post 232

I had sex with my boy friend but didn't let him to insert even a little but rubbed on it. It was during my second day of menstruation period. Now i am afraid whether i will become pregnant or not. please advise.

Post 231

i'm really worried because last week my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex and i had vaginal bleeding. i was expecting my period in two days and so i thought i had come early and took birth control pill after what i thought was first day of my period.

the next day, there was no more bleeding and no period until now, which is like six days after. i continued to take the pill and even had a pregnancy test which came out negative. am i pregnant? did the pill mess up with the result? is it just stress and that's why my period didn't come? Thanks.

Post 229

I had never had sex before. But my boy friend rubbed himself against me but didn't inserted himself even a little inside. Are there any chances of getting pregnant? Even though i had my period the next day only but I'm confused. Please advise.

Post 227

If you have sex a week before your time of the month is it very likely to get pregnant? But will you still get your period then the following week after you have had sex?

Post 226

I had sex with my boyfriend on the fifth day of my menstrual cycle. though we didn't have intercourse, he just rubbed his penis against me and down and i believe he didn't ejaculate also. I was bleeding a bit and some amount of liquid was coming out of him also. i don't want to take the emergency pill as i had used one only recently. could i get pregnant by any means? Please answer.

Post 224

I am a midwife and read all your comments. although all of you have had unprotected sex, you can still prevent unwanted pregnancy. but how? the good news is that there are some pills in the market named "morning after pill" or "emergency contraception".

Whenever you have unprotected sex, you can use these tablets within 72 hours after having intercourse. the usage of these tablets is very easy and you can even ask for directions to use them from pharmacist or pharmacy staffs. But, the important point is that these tablets should not be used as a usual way of prevention. if you have sexual contact, even if it is not always, you have to use a safe method such as condom, oral contraceptive pills or other methods of prevention that suits you.

but, for now, that you have not used any protection, the final choice is to use emergency contraception. good luck

Post 223

Yes, yes, *yes* your girlfriend could be pregnant, whether her dad is a colonel or not. And yes, you could be pregnant, even though your boyfriend pulled out early!

Is it likely? Not terribly. Is is possible? Of course it is!

Here are the biological *facts,* people: anytime you have unprotected sex, the woman can get pregnant. Anytime. Anytime. Yes, on her period.

If you want to prevent pregnancy, you have two choices: protection or abstinence. Abstinence is the only 100 percent guarantee.

Protection, however, is certainly the best option if you're going to have sex. What is *wrong* with you people, anyway, that you refuse to use protection and then panic about pregnancy? When you don't use protection, then

guess what? You have something to worry about.

I just don't understand why so many of these posters don't use protection, and then freak out about the possibility of pregnancy. If you don't use some kind of contraception, that's the price you pay.

Post 222

my boyfriend and i had unprotected sex this afternoon and it was my fifth day of menstrual cycle. i don't really bleed too much but there is still a little. we just lasted about 2-4 minutes because he pulled out immediately. he didn't ejaculate inside me though. but is there a possibility that i can get pregnant? please tell me! it's urgent! thank you!

Post 221

i have had sex with my girlfriend, who is menstruating. are there chances that she might get pregnant? Please i am worried and scared. can anyone help me, because her father is a colonel.

Post 220

I had unprotected sex and then got my period 2 and a half days after. so I can't be pregnant, right?

Post 219

i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend one day before my period began. Small amount of blood was coming that night but not much, then it stopped. can i be pregnant? yras

Post 216

i had sex with a girl after the day her menstrual period ended. is it possible for her to get pregnant?

Post 215

i had unprotected sex during my second day of menstruation and i'm in heavy bleeding that time. Do i have a possibility to get pregnant?

Post 213

I have been taking Microgestin 21 Fe for almost a year now and i have never had any problems with it. The last three months, I have been getting my period during the second week and not in the fourth. I have missed one pill and that was one month ago. I have tried to get in with my doctor but she is very busy. Should I talk to my pharmacist? Any suggestions or input are welcome.

Post 212

Roy, yes she might be pregnant. One more time, with feeling: although the chances are certainly lessened during a woman's period, a woman has the potential to get pregnant at any time. If you have unprotected sex, you run the risk. If you use protection, your chances go way down. If you want to avoid the risk altogether, don't have sex. Again, it's not about morals, just biology. It's a risk.

Post 211

I had sex with my girlfriend while she was having her period. It was two days during her period cycle. I ejaculate out and not sure if left some inside her. She's supposed to have her period early of the month and till now, no sign of it. Can she get pregnant? Roy

Post 210

me and my boyfriend had sex while i was on my period. Anyway he went inside me and did not pull out whatsoever. Is there a good chance i could be pregnant? If so, what are the chances?

Post 209

me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. i am on a regular form of birth control that i take on time every day. he didn't pull out and ejaculated in me, is there a chance i could be pregnant? or does the birth control prevent it?

Post 208

I just had a D&C about four or five weeks ago and just last month I went through the recovering bleeding, so i guess that was a period. Not sure but it only lasted three days and me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex. So could I been pregnant again? Someone please help me!

Post 207

I'm on the pill but me and my friend had sex and he ejaculated in me before i took my birth control pill. can i still end up prego?

Post 206

me and my husband had oral sex on my 20th day of my cycle. we are trying for a baby. Will it affect my pregnancy? Please tell me.

Post 205

Please, can any one solve my problem?

i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and he removed when sperm were about to come out. this was in the month of nov 2009. after that i had regular periods till jan. my period was supposed to come on February 11 but still i have not got my period. can you tell me whether i am pregnant or not? i had a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. Please, please. It's very urgent. Answer please.

Post 203

i had unprotected sex on the second day of my period. can i still get pregnant? Please let me know. i need an answer immediately! Please!

Post 201

Is there anything wrong with giving my girlfriend oral sex during her menstruation?

Post 200

I just turned 15 and my boyfriend and i had sex on the second day of my period and now i haven't gotten my period in like a month. is it possible i'm pregnant?

Post 199

i am 16 i had unprotected sex and don't have regular periods but is it possible for me to get pregnant?

Post 198

i am currently using the patch as contraception, and i removed it a day before the actual day and had unprotected sex. would it be possible for a woman to get pregnant just two days before menstruation?

Post 197

my menstruation is delayed for 1 month and eight days. would it be possible that I'm pregnant?

Post 196

me and my husband had sex on the third and fourth day of my menstruation.could i be pregnant?

Post 195

i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and after three days I got my period and never got into sex. but now I have got my period. I'm somehow regular for past months. Could I be pregnant?

Post 194

I had unprotected sex during my 14 days of menstruation and the blood flow is very light. Is it possible for me to get pregnant? please advise me.

Post 193

Anon62375: Don't be too sure about that. Every woman's cycle is a little different, and those numbers are just guidelines. They are not set in stone by any means. The lesson here is to use protection *every time* when you have sex. The only 100 percent method of contraception is abstinence. Not moralizing here, just telling it like it is.

If you don't want to run even the slightest risk of getting pregnant, don't have sex. Otherwise, use protection. If you don't, no matter when you have your period, you're rolling the dice. That's as basic as it gets.

Post 192

Seven days before menstruation and seven days after menses are when you can't get pregnant, but if you want to get pregnant you must have sex around day 14, which means the first day that you got menstruation is day one. i learned that from my school.

Post 191

i had unprotected sex with my girlfriend. she had her periods the day after we had sex. Now there is a pain in her vagina -- most probably there's a cyst. Is she pregnant?

Post 190

my boyfriend's ex-girlfriend is claiming that she was pregnant and the father is my boyfriend. my boyfriend denies her because he said on the day after they had sex, the girl starts her menstruation. is it possible that he's really the father?

Post 189

i was taking fertility pills during my five days period, and me and my boyfriend had sex two times right after my period and a week after i had sex with someone else.

I am now pregnant and not sure if the baby could be my boyfriend's because we had sex during and right after my period and i don't know if i can get pregnant during or after my period. is it possible to get pregnant during or right after my period?

Post 188

i had intercourse during my third day of menstruation it was just minimal bleeding and now i still have my menstruation. can i still get pregnant? Please answer. thanks ahead.

Post 186

My period started on the 12th of this month and i want to get pregnant next month because my husband is staying far away. i need something that will keep me company. i want to get pregnant fast now because he is coming next month to spent two months with me. please advise me what to do.

Post 183

I have been having unprotected sex for six months now and still cannot get pregnant. I am 37 years old. i had a miscarriage june and i am not on birth control.

Post 181

can a women get pregnant, in having sex an hour before the first day of menstruation and she immediately sees menstruation?

Post 180

i have been trying to get pregnant for two years but in vain. Six months ago my boyfriend got another girlfriend and now she is pregnant. I am now desperate. can someone please help advise me on what to do to get pregnant? I am 30 years old. Can that be the problem? Please help.

Post 179

Is it possible to get pregnant,in having sex before an hour of the first day of menstruation?

Post 178

i was on a birth control pill to stop my periods and had sex during that time, although right after having sex i started bleeding. The next day i took another birth control pill so that i won't get pregnant. what are the chances of me being pregnant?

Post 177

my period started on the 10th of the month and i want to get pregnant now because my husband is staying far way. he will come first. is it possible to get pregnant? please advise me.

Post 176

Hello, I my last period in the third week of December and had unprotected sex five days later and the last of the month and a couple of days ago. Could I be pregnant? Please respond. Am really worried.

Post 175

me and my girlfriend had sex after six days of menstruation. can she be pregnant? please answer.

Post 173

My last period was Dec 13. i had unprotected sex with my partner on Dec 31st. we tried the VCF. We did the same thing on the fourth. could i become pregnant?

Post 172

i recently had unprotected sex with my boyfriend and was going to take the morning after pill, but my period came. can i sill get pregnant?

Worried Chick.

Post 171

I am 21 years old. I had unprotected sex during my second day of menstruation. (I have a 5 months old baby) What are the chances of becoming pregnant?

how do I avoid it as i do not want to get pregnant now? please reply to me as soon as possible.

Post 169

please i want to know how old is my pregnancy because i have been given three different scan results: one says that I am 8 weeks up, the second says that am 11 weeks up and the third says I am 12 weeks up. i don't know which one to accept. please advise. yours nkm

Post 167

I am on birth control. So, my period is scheduled seven days. On my third day, my boyfriend and I had protected sex, but I was still bleeding normally, during the sex. Right after, I stopped bleeding. Here it is two days later and I have not bled anymore. I have never experienced anything like this. Could I possibly be pregnant?

Post 166

My girl and I want to have sex on her period. She's on the pill and will be on the pill when the time comes. Is there any way to prevent her from getting pregnant when this goes down?

Post 165

i had sex with my b/f on in early december and i had my regular period two days later. I'm worried if i'm pregnant or not?

Post 164

Would it be possible for a woman to get pregnant when she has intercourse after her menstruation?

Post 163

if i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 6-8 days before my period starts, would i get pregnant? how high are the chances? Please answer.

Post 162

i am 24 years old. I had unprotected sex during my second day of menstruation. The blood flow is normal. What are the chances of becoming pregnant?

how do I avoid it as i do not want to get pregnant now? please reply soon.

Post 161

i have sex with my boyfriend on the third and fourth day of my menstruation period and is it possible that i got pregnant? and i have irregular menstrual cycle..29

Post 160

I have sex with my boyfriend right after my period and the second day too. Can I get pregnant?

Post 159

i had sex when i started my period. Nine months later i'm breastfeeding. Does that answer some questions?

Post 158

will i get pregnant if I have sex on the third day of my menstrual cycle?

Post 157

crazytalkz, here's the truth: if you keep following that friend's advice, then you're going to be pregnant long before you've been married a year. Guaranteed. When, I don't know, but it's going to happen.

There are other contraceptive methods available besides pills and condoms. I suggest you talk to your doctor about some of them. You could use a diaphragm, IUD or something along those lines. Talk to your doctor.

As I said below, anytime, anytime *anytime* you have unprotected sex, no matter when you had your last period, you risk getting pregnant. That's the law of nature.

Post 156

I have been married for four months. Me and my hubby have planned to have a baby after one year. So, we have been using condoms to avoid pregnancy and I am not interested in using contraceptive pills since it's not good for my health.

But my husband wants to have sex without condoms for more pleasure, so that we took an advice from one of my friends that we can have sex for five days after my periods. So we are following that advice, but now he wants to have sex without condoms daily at least once every two or three days. What shall we do? Is there any time gap that we can have sex after my periods? Please advise me.

Post 155

Ladies, every woman's cycle is slightly different. Women have been known to get pregnant right before, during and after their periods. There is a "window," but it varies with every woman.

The bottom line, the basic information, the most essential thing to know is this: there are no guarantees. Anytime a woman has unprotected sex, she is taking a risk of getting pregnant. No exceptions, no wiggle room. Anytime, at any point during her cycle, if a woman has unprotected sex, she could become pregnant. Use protection or take the risk. It's that simple.

Post 154

does the woman's cycle have a window period? It is said that you cannot get pregnant when you have unprotected sex a week before your period and the week after your period? how true is that?

Post 153

I am 25 and female. I need to know what should be the period of participating with men to avoid pregnancy? -SS

Post 151

i had sex with my love on the fifth day of my menstruation and i still bled during that time and it was the first time after two years. I'm 33 years old and my cycle then was 30. Can i get pregnant?

Post 150

me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex and i take birth control. lately i've been having all these complications and i had just got my period.

i wanted to know if i could be pregnant since i heard the birth control basically makes you have your period.

Post 149

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend last night and my period came this morning. Could i still be pregnant?

Post 148

i had sex in the morning and started my period a little right after. what are my chances of me being pregnant?

Post 147

Me and my boyfriend are trying to have a baby. What are the chances i could be pregnant if we had unprotected sex three to four days before my period? It happened on the 16th and i had my period on the 20th. It was very light and it's now a week later. i've been having bad lower back pains.

Post 146

I am 26 and female, and am having unsafe sex with my boyfriend on the fifth day of my mensturation, is it possible for me to get pregnant?

Post 145

it is possible to get pregnant having unprotected sex on the ninth day from the first day of my menstruation period?

Post 144

I am 35 years old and i have a menstrual cycle of 26, 27, 28 and once in a while, 29 days, but this mouth i had a 30-day cycle. Throughout this year i only had sex in February, but my fear is that i now had unprotected sex on the third day of my menstruation, after which i still bleed. can i get pregnan ? and if yes please do advise me on a pill to take because i have no plan for any baby yet.

Post 143

okay so i had unprotected sex and i took PLAN B 16 hours later, and six days later i got my period. i thought that since i still got my period right on time there is no chance of being pregnant, but i'm not sure, s, what are the possibilities that i could be pregnant?

Post 141

Hi I want to know if it is possible to get pregnant? My menstruation is so irregular I don't have my period for about six months and my friend give me a trust pill and I take it for only 9 pcs of pills and I stop to take after two days I have my period and after seven days of my menstruation I have unprotected sex with may husband. is it possible for me to get pregnant? please advise. Thanks!

Post 140

i had sex with my boyfriend, using a condom than we had unprotected sex twice that day but neither one of us knew i had just started my period till we saw blood. he never came in me but i was wondering, what's the possibility of me being pregnant?

Post 139

me and my wife had unprotected sex but it was her 20th day in her cycle. will she become pergnant? please tell me.

Post 138

i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the third day of my menstration. after our sexual intercourse i was bleeding. is there any way possible that i can get pregnant? thank you.

Post 137

what is the answer to the question? can I get pregnant if I had sex with my husband during the second day of my period?

Post 136

my last period was late September. (bleeding) and i had unprotected sex in mid october. i have a 31 day cycle usually. any chance of pregnancy?

Post 135

which is 100 percent? safe sex before menstruation or sex after menstruation?

Post 134

I had unprotected sex about 2/3 weeks ago. i was about a week late for my period then i bled a little bit two days ago while having sex with my boyfriend, so i thought i had come on. But the next day there wasn't any bleeding and i haven't bled today. What does this mean? Am i likely to be pregnant?

Post 131

i had sex with my boyfriend and i had my period right after. on the same day it was heavy and later on it became light. the next day is also light. when i pee the blood doesn't normally come out like it used to. only when i wipe. what's wrong with me? is this normal?

Post 130

I'm having an ultrasound, Is it possible to know the weeks of the fetus, to determine the father.

Post 129

Anon48862: Odds are, the pregnancy is by the second guy, but the only way to know for certain is to have a DNA test done on the baby after it is born. Both potential fathers will contribute a sample and the test should rule one out.

Post 128

if the girl has sex on the first day of menstruation is it possible to get pregnant? the menstruation ends on the third day and after 11 days she has sex with the other man. it's possible to be pregnant. now the girl is pregnant. how she will know which one of the two men is the father of her baby?

Post 127

hai my last period was on in late september. my husband and i had sex in early october. now is 10 days after unsafe sex. can i get pregnant? please advise. i have to know.

Post 126

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the first day of my period. What are the chances that I am pregnant?

Post 125

i had sex the first day of my period. after that i was just spotting. could i be pregnant?

Post 124

i had sex with my girlfriend on her first day after menstruation. my girlfriend is pregnant, It isn't possible for her to be pregnant or is she playing games with me?

Post 122

I had unprotected sex during my second day of menstruation. The blood flow is very light. What are the chances of me becoming pregnant?

Post 121

i had unprotected sex with my hubby within two days of my period. can i be pregnant?

Post 120

hi i don't have my period yet but i have done menstruation. can i get pregnant?

Post 119

I had unprotected sex 89 hours before I took a pregnancy test that came up positive and I am definitely pregnant. Is that possible that enough hcg would show up in my urine to cause a positive in a home test so early?

Post 118

is it true that having sex increases the size of ones breasts and that it is even possible for someone who is of age, let's say 20 years and above and doesn't have her period for over a month not from any reason (sex) whatsoever but just a break to have sex whenever she likes? Even after a check up it seems there is nothing wrong.

Post 117

is it really true that having sex can increase the size of one's breasts and you can get pregnant no matter what and even after the pills?

Post 116

Could I get pregnant on my fourth day of my period? Should I take Plan B to be safe?

Post 115

i had sex on the second day of my period. is there any possibility of being pregnant? should i take any contraceptive pill by 72 hours?

Post 114

Me and my boyfriend had sex and the next day I started my period We also had unprotected sex a couple of days later. I usually bleed for five days but I only bled for three days and then I stopped, but started spotting the next day for a few hours. Could i be pregnant? i have been sick since about a week after my period and haven't been able to keep anything down.

Post 113

I just had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. it's my fourth day on my period -- can I get pregnant? and then after that day i took injectable contraceptive. what will happen?

Post 112

Hello! I had sex with my husband a day before my period, any chances to be pregnant?

Post 111

my fiance and i had unprotected sex the night before my period and the day of my period. Could i get pregnant? We are trying to conceive!

Post 110

hello. if we had sex during the second day of the period. what is the possibility of pregnancy? thank you.

Post 109

i had sex with my girlfriend on the fourth day of her periods. is there a risk of her getting pregnant?

Post 108


I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the forth day of my period he came inside twice. can i get pregnant? when will i know or when could i check myself if this happened a week ago?

Post 106

Hello, I just had a period this past week. And while bleeding i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Could i possibly be pregnant? And if so when will i know for sure that i am pregnant?

Post 105

Hi: I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend 4 days after my period. it usually is a 27-day cycle. i got my period on the 11th and finished on the 16th. At the time i had a little sharp pain on my left lower side of my ovary. i kind of think i was ovulating at the time. after sex the discomfort went away, i being feeling a little different. i feel bloated and my breasts feel funny but they don't hurt. i feel over tired, gassy, my stomach feels heavy and i had cramps here and there then they go away, i am not due for my period for another week or so. i took a urine pregnancy test in a clinic but it was only 6 days after the fact and the result was negative. i was told it might be too soon for hcg to show. can i get some help on this topic or advice?

Post 103

My last period started on 28th of June. I had intercouse on 20th of July by using the condom. Unfortunately it got torn off. I had lognyon contraceptive medicine as per the doctor's advice. Normally my period cycle will come in 28 - 30 days. I yet to get my period this month.

I am little bit worried whether i am pregnant? Please advise.

Post 102

i had sex with my girlfriend during her menstrual cycle. after sex she took a contraceptive pill. could she become pregnant as her menstrual cycle is still going on.

Post 101

would it be possible for a woman to get pregnant when she has intercourse 1 or 2 days before her menstruation?

Post 100

hi, have never been late for my periods, they always came every 28 days, and they always lasted 4-5 days, only heavy on the first 2 days. Three months ago I had unprotected sex, and I took the "morning after pill", the following month I got my period on time for 3-4 days, the next month, my period was late 10 days and it only lasted 2 days, now this month (the third month) my period was late 2 days and it only lasted 2 days also (I have had no sex since 3 months ago, and the pregnancy tests are negative).

Is this secondary effects from the "pill" or can I be pregnant? or is something else wrong? why is my period lasting only 2 days??

Post 99

Well I had my last period on May 22, 2009 and it lasted for 9 days. Well I had unprotected sex the day after my period Sunday 31, 2009 and then 6 days later Saturday June 6, 2009 when I was certain I was ovulating. I spotted that following week Friday June 12, 2009. Well I took several different kinds of home pregnancy tests, but the tests came back negative.I hadn't had my period in June at all. I showed several signs of pregnancy. But then I started bleeding in July on the 7, 2009 but this was shorter and lighter(my peroid hs been regular for 2 years now). I had sex again uprotected on my sixth day

of my period and my seventh day and I noticed my period had stopped on my 5th day that has never happned and two more pregnancy tests and still all are negative. I will wait for my next period but I'm so confused I still feel as though I am pregnant.
Post 98

my period is irregular...i have taken all the nesessery tests according to my doctor's suggetion.. i am 19 years period scale is like-one month regular,one month doctor told me that my period will become regular after marrige..but i am afraid if i don't become pregnant,if my period don't get normal after marrige then what will happen?? Please answer me....

Post 97

Hi i Just have some few questions.... me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex in February 2009. after that we stop making love. i got my period march and april. but in june and july i still don't have my period. is it possible that i am pregnant?? but i got a 2 months period... and now i am delayed of menstruation for 1 and half months...

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I was just hospitalized with 'endometriosis'. I'm a 29 year old female who's never had children because of the endometriosis. I under went surgery to attempt to cure and get rid of the endometriosis, however, the surgery wasn't successful. The doctor did manage to clear out the right ovary, though the left one still doesn't work due to the endometriosis. I'm currently on an 'injection' to stop the production of estrogen in attempt's to starve out the endometriosis in hope's that it will die, and new cells can produce. Although, the doctor advised me to stop my birth control pills so the injection will be more effective. In the process, my boyfriend and I, began using protection on a regular

basis, just in case I can still get pregnant. Even though, the doctor told me that he's never heard of anyone getting pregnant on the injection, yet he advised to still use a method of birth control while I'm off of the pills, and am strictly on the injection. The injection is taken once a month, for 4 month's. What is my percentage of getting pregnant while I'm going through chemically induced menopause? I'm curious so I can continue taking the proper precautions to keep me from getting pregnant during the process of me trying to get rid of the Endo.
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i had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on the 5th day of my menstrual flow and i also took the emergency pill after 50 hours, and after 6 days, i had some bleeding. now i am 11 days late from my expected period. does this mean i am pregnant? i have had my period late by almost 15 days earlier too as i am always irregular.

Post 93

the fact is..if you had unprotected sex any day of the month, there is a chance you can get pregnant. no one online can tell you if you are pregnant or not, the only way of knowing is taking a test. good luck.

Post 92

I just want to ask..I am so worried now. I have taken pills for almost 7 months now, i don't want to get pregnant again. I just want to hear your advice for me please!

I had my menstruation first week of April but then i stopped taking my pills in the last week of that month and had my period that week also. So i am taken back my pills because i am having sexual intercourse with my husband. I want to stop taking pills this week. I can feel its like tender or sore i don't know. Then now i'm back taking the pills..Can i get pregnant? *Please help me.* I don't want to get pregnant again.

Post 91

i had unprotected sex with my husband on day 3 of my period and this month i have not had my period. i got a checkup and test and test it's coming back negative, but my belly is looking big. what are the chances i can be pregnant?

Post 90

I just had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, it's my fifth day on my period can I get pregnant?

Post 89

Please help! I usually have heavy periods. This month, my period came probably on time, maybe a little early, and it was lighter than usual. It was like this for about 2 days then I had unprotected sex with my fiance in the shower and now (the next day) *it is gone* 100%. My period usually lasts at least 7-8 days. It has *never* stopped early or gotten light early. I *rarely* get cramps or any discomfort during my period and this time around I have had such terrible stomach and abdominal pains, discomfort, gas and cramps. My breasts are enlarged and sore (which happens most times with my period, so not worried there too much). I'm not on

Birth Control. Also when the bleeding stopped, i started having symptoms of UTI (out of nowhere). Is there *any chance I could be pregnant?* Or is it UTI or just stress?? *Please help!* I do *not* want a baby right now!
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I have been trying to get pregnant for the past one year after my last miscarriage but i couldn't, last month on the 8 day after my menstruation i slept with my ex-boyfriend just that day only, because i found out my husband is cheating on me, then two days after which was 10 days after my period, we got back together with my Husband and i slept with him on the 10 day and continuously, there after this month i found out i'm pregnant, i'm worried that the pregnancy is for my boyfriend or my Husband?

Post 86

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend twice and I didn't take my birth control for about 5 days or so, I'm not sure. Anyway, can I be pregnant?

Post 85

i had unprotected sex with my hubby 3 days on my period, can i get pregnant?

Post 84

I had unprotected sex with my girlfriend, 3 days after my period, can I be pregnant?

Post 83

Is it possible for a woman to get pregnant if she had intercourse 4 days before her menstruation?

Post 81

OK wait...I have read the article and all of the posts done by the girls here, I'm a guy, I had sex with my girlfriend last night and it was her second day on her period, which she has been bleeding heavily compared to what she usually does during her regular periods, but the question here is, from 1-10 what are the chances that she will get pregnant from last night?

Post 80

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend, but the day after I got my period. Is there a chance I could still be pregnant? If so, what are my chances?

Post 79


I had unprotected sex. I was on my second day of menstruation. I don't usually bleed much during my period. I have my period every month and not exactly every 28 days. I did a pregnancy test two weeks after that sex and it was negative. I tested late at night after a long day of work. I am concerned because two weeks after the intercourse I started to feel strange. I started to feel bloated and always hungry. I find myself nauseating at times during the day and I have been sleeping a lot too because I am always tired, at least more tired than usual. Could I still be pregnant?

Post 78

I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend (stupid me I know), on the 10th day of my period. I have always been very regular with my periods except for the past year. I would like to know what is the possibility that I am pregnant or if there is a way of knowing before my next period?


Post 77

I am 21 years old. I had sex with my boyfriend on the 2nd day of my period and on the morning of the 3rd day I was bleeding a little. I had sex on that day too and mid 3rd day I stopped bleeding. Now it's been 3 days after I last had sex, but I still haven't had my period. Please tell me if this means that I could be pregnant?

Post 76

I was on the last day of my period and I unprotected sex with my boyfriend. I have really irregular periods. Sometimes it takes even 4 months for my period and I was wondering what is the chance of me being pregnant?

Post 75

I'm on birth control and it was the last day of my period (so tomorrow I would start a new pack of pills) and my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. Is it likely that I will get pregnant?

Post 74

If I have unprotected sex during my period and he finishes inside of me, could I get pregnant?

Post 72

I had sex on the 5th day of menstruation and my husband finished inside of me. Can I get pregnant?

Post 71

I was wondering what the chances of are of myself getting pregnant. One early morning, around 1:30 a.m., my spouse and I had sex and that same day around lunch I started my period. This is the first time we were not safe so I was curious. I'm currently on my period for the next couple more days, when should I do a test to see?

Thanks for your time.

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Since this is just an information site, and each of you and your situations is different, I'd say the obvious answer to your questions is to ask your doctors.

Post 68

I'm 15 years old and I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend a week before my period was due and I had my period after a week. Can I be pregnant?

Post 67

i just wanted to ask if i can get pregnant? my period last month started around 21 feb 2009 and i had sex with my husband last mar 20 mar 2009 and i had my period 21 mar 2009. i really need your immediate response..thank you very much.

Post 66

i had unprotected sex with my hubby 2 days before my period. can i be pregnant?

Post 65

i had intercourse a week before i got my period, i took the plan B, but a week after that we had intercourse again, but he just put it in once then stopped and the same day i got my period, but now i'm only bleeding dots... could i be pregnant?

Post 63

My name is Rose. I am one month pregnant, but am still seeing my menstruation. I did my urine test and it was confirmed positive, then i asked the person in charge the course of the menstruation. She said maybe i have an infection and that is true. So what can i take to cure the infection, because i was having stomach pains and i cannot work? Thanks

Rose Jacob

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I had sex with my boyf when I had my period (on two separate days), and after the second time (so two days after the first time), my period stopped really abruptly.

Could I be pregnant, or is it just a coincidence?

Please Help!

Post 61

hi! jz want to ask my last menstruation started february 24, lasted feb 28, then had intercourse march 1, is there any possibility that i'm pregnant? this is "K"

Post 60

i just finished my menstruation and started taking my pills, but i had stopped my pills for 2 days and on the 3rd day i had unprotected intercourse with my partner, i didn't continue my pills anymore, but after 4 days, i had my menstruation again, is it possible for me to get pregnant? i'm just wondering because i am taking diet pills not suitable for pregnant women..looking forward for your answer..thanks a lot!

Post 59

hi..just want to ask, my last menstruation started Jan 28, lasted Feb 2, then had intercourse Feb 5. regularly having menstruation every 28 of the month.. now Feb 28, i'm expecting to have menstruation. is there any possibility that i'm pregnant at this time??

Post 58

hi, i was wondering if a woman can get pregnant five days before and after her cycle.

Post 57

I had unprotected sex with my partner. I started my menstrual cycle five days later, is it possible that i could get pregnant?

Post 54

is there a possibility that two eggs are present during ovulation and one gets fertilized and the other doesn't resulting in a period, and your pregnant at the same time?

Post 51

Hello, I have been taking my pills and having my periods. Is there any possibility that I am pregnant?

Post 48

hi there..i just want to ask if it is possible to get pregnant in the last day of my menstruation without any protection?

Post 46

it is possible for a woman who is pregnant to have menstruation?

Post 38

hi there,i just want to ask if i get pregnant. my period last month starts around july 2,2008 and i have sex with my boyfriend last july 29,2008 and i have my period august 1,2008 i want to know when will i can have a pregnancy test for me to know if i am pregnant. i really need your immediate response..thank you very much.

Post 35

Hello, i'm using contraceptive pills i had sexual intercourse during the free pill week. Did not get my menstrual period until 7 days after the expected day. It was an abnormal menstruation and received really painful cramps. Is there a possibility of getting pregnant?

Post 34

Gracey, Lxrmusic, Plandi, Rokdemsox - As the article states, you can get pregnant before your period starts, while you're on your period, on the last day of your period, and after your period. Whether you have a regular or irregular cycle does not matter -- you can still get pregnant. While it is less likely that you'll get pregnant after you've started your period (because ovulation typically occurs in the middle of your cycle), it is still possible to get pregnant at any time. If you are not prepared for pregnancy, always use birth control.

Gmbn - The percent chance that you will get pregnant depending on when you had sex in relation to your period can only be determined if you

track your own ovulation.

Madeinchina - While it is uncommon, you can be pregnant and still have your period. If you think you might be pregnant, consult your health care professional. If you are not prepared for pregnancy, use birth control.

Toogi & Stewy84 - If you are properly taking your birth control pills, as instructed by your health care professional, you will not be more likely to get pregnant if you have sex during the week that you are taking the placebo pills.

Dop3y137 - Changes in your menstruation can be normal or it can be a sign of something amiss. The only way to know for sure is to contact your health care professional.

If you are trying to determine the best times to get pregnant, you'll have to chart your ovulation. If you don't know how to chart your ovulation, contact your health care professional, or Anon3641 suggests you can read about the Billings ovulation method.

Post 32

I have been taking the birth control pill religiously for the past 10 years. I recently engaged in unprotected intercourse on the third and fourth days of my menstrual cycle. Is there a chance that I can become pregnant during the week of inactive pills? I started a new pack the Sunday after my period began. Any comments would be helpful

Post 31

hi, i usually have a very heavy period lasting up to 7 days recently my period lasted 2 days and was extremely light.. what can this mean??

Post 24

What are the chances of pregnancy if my partner and I had unprotected vaginal intercourse Day 1 and Day 2 AFTER her period was over? Very low probability? Thank you.

Post 23

Hi! I had unprotected intercourse on May 10, then my menstruation came on May 23, are there possibilities of getting pregnant?

Post 18

I had unprotected sex (purposely) with my partner the day after I had stopped bleeding. And also the three days following.

This was about two and a half weeks ago. I know nothing about pregnancy, as I am only 17 and was just wondering, is there any way that I could be pregnant. I still have about 10 days until I start my period. And I am looking up different things about early pregnancy. I didn't even know that someone could get pregnant before the 7-10 days after their period. I was just wanting anyone's advice on how I could approach this situation. and for those of you who have gone through pregnancy, are there any other signs or symptoms that I should expect this early on if I am pregnant?

Thank you!! :)

Post 17

hello., im using contraceptive pills. and it has 7 free-pills day. during this 7 days my cycle had came and we had intercourse. Is it possible to get pregnant?

Post 13

would it be possible for a woman to get pregnant when she has intercourse a day after her menstruation?

Post 7


I had unprotected sex during my second day of menstruation. The blood flow is very light. What are the chances of becoming pregnant?


Post 4

would it be possible for a woman to get pregnant when she have intercourse a day after her menstruation?

Post 3

You can know exactly when you ovulate. Read about the Billings ovulation method. Everyone is different, that is why you should know yourself.

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