Can I Use Vitamin E for Wrinkles?

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The use of vitamin E for wrinkles is a hotly debated subject there are experts who claim that it both does and does not work. Many say that using a cream containing vitamin E does not reduce the sign of wrinkles and lines, while others state that use of these products may in fact decrease the appearance of deep lines. If these creams are effective, it is hard to determine whether it is the vitamin E or another ingredient which may lead to the positive results.

Whether or not the use of vitamin E for wrinkles is effective, there does not appear to be any danger in using products that contain it for this purpose. If the product you buy doesn't have any impact on your face's appearance, then you have only wasted your money. When trying a new cream, be sure to use it for at least a month or two since many products can take several weeks to begin to take effect. Some take even longer.

While some doctors do not believe that the use of vitamin E for wrinkles makes any difference, there are those who state otherwise. Many creams on the market contain this ingredient, although they also have many others which may impact each particular item's effectiveness. The scientific data seems to be on the side of doctors who do not advocate for the use of vitamin E in cream form, although studies may show conflicting evidence.


Although using a vitamin E cream may or may not reduce the signs of aging, eating a diet with sufficient levels of this vitamin can be beneficial to your complexion. Vitamin E can be found in foods such as mangoes, corn, soybeans, and almonds. It is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect tissues from damage caused by free radicals within the body. Free radical damage is one major cause of collagen breakdown and resulting wrinkles.

Vitamin E also helps with cell proliferation. This means that it allows skin cells to renew themselves more efficiently, leading to softer and more vibrant skin. Even if you choose not to use vitamin E for wrinkles in the cream or lotion form, you should still ensure that you are getting adequate levels of the vitamin in your diet. If you are deficient in this vitamin, you can also take an over the counter supplement that is designed to help with younger looking skin. Speak with your doctor before taking a supplement containing vitamin E for wrinkles.


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Post 3

Vitamin E reduces wrinkles because it makes skin more elastic. It's better to use vitamin E cream as a preventative measure though. I use it along with collagen cream and I have not had any new wrinkles in the past year.

Post 2

@fBoyle-- Yes, vitamin E helps with existing wrinkles. I've been using vitamin E cream for the past four months and my wrinkles, especially the ones under my eyes, have become less apparent. I can't say that they have disappeared, but they seem to be less deep. My skin also feels softer and smoother in general.

I didn't buy cream with vitamin E already in it though. I added the vitamin E to my face cream myself. I think this is better because it's hard to know how much vitamin E is added to vitamin E face creams and whether it is fresh.

Post 1

I haven't tried vitamin E for wrinkles, but I think it may help because vitamin E is great for cuts and scars.

I had a terrible scratch on my neck thanks to my cat. I'm very prone to scarring and I had scratches turn into scars before. My mom read somewhere that vitamin E is good for wrinkles and scars. I poked a hole in a vitamin E capsule and applied to my scratch every day. The scratch was gone in three days without any scars. Something that can prevent scarring like this must have some benefit for wrinkles. I'm sure that vitamin E cream will help prevent wrinkles in the future. I'm not so sure if it will resolve already existing wrinkles though.

Has anyone tried vitamin E for existing wrinkles? Did it help?

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