Can I Use Shaving Cream with an Electric Shaver?

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It is sometimes, but not always, possible to use shaving cream with an electric shaver. Most electric shavers are designed for use on dry skin and will not function properly if used with shaving cream. Certain newer models have been designed to be more versatile and can be used either on dry skin, on moist skin, or skin that has been treated with shaving cream. It is always important to follow the specific use and safety instructions for any given model of razor.

Electric razors operate by using small, electrically-powered blades to lift and trim hair. The specific mechanism used varies from brand to brand, but most models rely either on screen or on rotating razor heads. Either variety, as well as some less common types, can be designed in such a way as to make it possible to use with shaving cream.


Older and more basic models of electric razor are not typically suitable for use with shaving cream. These razors are not designed to deal with moisture, which can cause both mechanical and electrical problems. It is particularly important to avoid using shaving cream with razors that are powered by a direct connection to household current since a dangerous electric shock is a possibility. Razors designed for dry shaving and powered by batteries are less likely to pose a safety risk when used with shaving cream or water, but it is still not advisable to use them with shaving cream in order to prevent damage to the device.

In recent years, newer models of razor have been introduced that are designed to be used either for dry shaving or for wet shaving. Some are suitable for use in the shower, and in most cases, it is safe to use shaving cream with ones of this variety. Individual models vary in their design specifications and tolerances, however, and it is important to always check the specific instructions governing the use of any particular model of electric razor.

Certain models are designed specifically for use with shaving gels or creams. These razors often include systems to dispense cream directly during use. When planning to use shaving cream with an shaver of this sort, it is generally a good idea to check the specific requirements of a given product, as some razors may be designed to operate only with specific varieties of shaving cream, and using them with other products might reduce their performance.


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Post 6

Panasonic's top of the line 5-blade shavers do give an amazingly good shave wet with cream/gel. After using only electrics for five years, I decided to go back to manual with a double edge and occasionally a cartridge razor.

I forgot just how much longer it takes to get an against-the-grain smooth shave with a manual razor, especially a double edge. I put the Panasonic back in the rotation.

The Panasonic is almost as close as a blade (I use a disposable to touch up a couple neck stops) and it takes four minutes or less, start to finish in the shower. A regular razor takes three or four times as long for me, especially a double-edge safety razor.

Post 5

The best wet-dry electric razors, such as those made by Panasonic, can be safely used with cream in the shower and produce a very close, quick shave that way.

Post 3

@ankara-- Oh OK. I guess I won't try then. I was wondering if I could get a closer shave if I used shaving cream with my electric shaver but not worth the risk.

Post 2

I made the mistake of using a regular electric shaver with shaving cream once. It clogged up my shaver and completely ruined it. I guess I should be happy that I didn't get an electric shock.

Now I have an electric shaver that actually has a shaving gel attached to it. It oozes out while I'm shaving for a softer, cleaner shave. I haven't tried any of the wet electric shavers but this one works well. When the shaving gel that came with it runs out, I'll probably just use regular shaving cream. It should be fine.

Post 1

I have a wet/dry shaver and I use it with shaving cream. It's absolutely safe in this case.

I prefer using it wet rather than dry. Shaving cream makes shaving much less abrasive. I have sensitive skin and I don't react too well to dry shaving. That's why I got a wet/dry shaver.

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