Can I Take Amoxicillin with Alcohol?

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Amoxicillin is a medication that should be taken with water. Consuming alcohol during the course of treatment will not impact the effectiveness of the medication, but there may be reasons that amoxicillin with alcohol is not recommended in your particular case. If you are or will be taking this drug and you want to consume alcohol, you should discuss this with your doctor.

Amoxicillin is a drug that is classified as a penicillin antibiotic. This drug is commonly prescribed for a wide range of bacterial infections, such as gonorrhea and tonsillitis. Whenever medication is prescribed to you, you should take it according to the directions provided by your doctor. It is usually recommended that this antibiotic be consumed with a large glass of water. This means that taking amoxicillin with alcohol is generally not a good idea.

After you have taken the medication, it may be permissible for you to drink alcohol. Warnings that amoxicillin with alcohol should be avoided are usually based on two misconceptions. First, some people believe that alcohol will make the medication less effective; there are myths that alcohol actually kills the antibiotic. Do not fall victim to such beliefs because there is no scientific evidence to lend credibility to these claims.


The second misconception many people have about amoxicillin with alcohol is that the combination will make them sick. Both amoxicillin and alcohol have potential side effects. There is not any evidence to suggest, however, that mixing the two will produce another category of problems.

People are sometimes cautioned against using amoxicillin with alcohol because of its side effects. Side effects may include an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea are common. These are also side effects associated with drinking. This presents a risk that someone could experience abnormally severe results from the medication, which should be reported to a doctor, but the individual may fail to do so believing that she is experiencing symptoms of a hangover.

Drinking alcohol is also commonly linked with irresponsible behavior. For example, a person who drinks may oversleep the next day. It is important when taking amoxicillin to stay on schedule because a consistent amount of the drug needs to be in the body at all times during the course of treatment. It is also possible that there may be aspects of your condition that are not conducive to drinking. Due to this, it is advisable to talk with your physician before consuming any alcohol while using this drug.


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I can't take alcohol and amoxicillin together because amoxicillin gives me upset stomach and nausea. If I drink on top of it, I end up vomiting and getting very sick.

So when I have to take amoxicillin, I just wait until my course is over until I drink again. I guess it depends on the individual and how the individual responds to the medication and to the alcohol.

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