Can I get into Medical School with No MCAT&Reg;?

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It is possible to gain admittance to medical school without taking the Medical College Admission Test® (MCAT®), depending on where you plan to seek education. Most medical schools in the United States use the MCAT® in deciding whether or not to accept aspiring medical students, but schools outside the United States typically set other guidelines for admission. If you plan to attend a United States medical school but do not want to take the exam, you may search for schools that do not require it and then meet their criteria. The requirements these schools set may vary, but many will accept students with no MCAT® if they can demonstrate the potential to perform well. For example, if you earned high SAT® scores and are graduating in the top of your college class, you may have a good chance of gaining acceptance without it.

Most medical schools in the United States expect admission candidates to take the MCAT®. If you do not take the MCAT®, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be able to attend medical school in the United States. There are some schools that will evaluate you based on other criteria. There are also some schools that do not require the exam, but will consider the scores if you opt to submit them. Medical schools outside the United States may set other admission requirements.


Medical schools that admit students with no MCAT® scores will likely expect you to have top grades if you do not take the MCAT®. These schools may also decide whether to accept you based on your standing in your graduating class. For instance, a medical school that makes MCAT® scores optional may accept you if you graduate in the top one or two percent of your class.

Scores on other types of standardized tests may also play a role in your ability to gain admission to medical school with no MCAT®. For example, if you earned high scores on the SAT®, you may have a better chance of gaining admission to medical school with no MCAT®. The minimum score in such a case may depend on the medical school you choose.

You may also gain admission to medical school with no MCAT® scores if there is a shortage of personnel available to provide medical care in the medical school's jurisdiction. Usually, this option is available through a special admissions program. In most cases, however, you will still have to demonstrate your suitability as a medical student with high grades and high scores on other standardized tests.


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