Can I Drive into Juneau, Alaska?

As the third-largest city in Alaska, Juneau provides all the amenities of a modern city. One amenity that is lacking, however, is the ability to drive into the city. The system of roads in Juneau makes getting around the city easy, but none of those roads actually lead into or out of the city. The only way to get to Juneau is to travel by air or by sea.

More facts about Juneau:

  • Juneau was settled in the latter half of the 19th century and was officially named Juneau City in 1881. In 1900, the city was named the capital of the Alaskan Territory, and it remained the capital when Alaska became a U.S. state in 1959.

  • Juneau’s economy is based on a combination of logging, mining, fishing and tourism. Federal, state and local government offices also provide employment for local citizens.

  • Around the time of the summer solstice, daylight in Juneau lasts for a little more than 18 hours. Daylight is significantly shorter near the winter solstice — typically a little more than 6 hours.

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