Can Brigham Young University Students Grow Facial Hair?

Brigham Young University (BYU), based in Provo, Utah, is a part of the Church Educational System of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) and named for Brigham Young, the President of LDS when the school was established in 1875.

At Brigham Young, students can’t grow facial hair without obtaining special permission from school officials.

BYU maintains a strict honor code for its students intended to be in keeping with the Church’s teachings. Their beard policy is under the honor code and prohibits male students from growing facial hair; however, it may be waived for students with medical skin issues, in theater roles requiring a beard, and non-LDS students whose beards are part of their faith.

More about Brigham Young University :

  • Approximately 70% of BYU students are bilingual, and the University offers 55 language courses.

  • BYU holds the record for most consecutive rankings of top “Stone Cold Sober” school by the Princeton Review 379 school survey, with 17 years in a row as of 2014.

  • Since 1949, BYU has had its own creamery that produces milk and other dairy products specifically for the students living on campus.

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There is an article from the Salt Lake city paper about LDS and facial hair. Look up "Why can't BYU students wear beards?"


What specifically is in the church's teachings that makes beards undesirable? Didn't Brigham Young have a beard?

I'm not being critical, just curious.


Actually, probably many, about half, *can*. However, they are not *allowed* to do so.

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