Can a Rabbit be Trained to Use a Litter Box?

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Not only can rabbits be trained to use a litter box, but the process is quite simple. It takes a little time and effort in the beginning, but litter box training your rabbit will be well worth it, and you can enjoy letting your rabbit have the run of the house without worrying about him/her making a mess. Make sure your rabbit is spayed or neutered before attempting litter box training, as it will be nearly impossible otherwise.

When training your rabbit to use a litter box, you must confine him/her to a small space, such as a cage or bathroom. Place a litter box in the corner and make sure it is secured if your rabbit shows a tendency to move it around. Use litter with a minimum amount of dust, preferably organic litter. Clay litter and anything with cedar, cedar oil, or zinc should not be used.

Place about one inch (2.5 cm) of litter in the litter box and add some of the rabbit's droppings. Place your rabbit in the cage and praise her. If your rabbit urinates outside of the litter box, clean it up with vinegar immediately. At the same time, do not keep the litter box itself too clean during training, or the rabbit will think he/she is not supposed to use it. Do not let the rabbit out of the small area until she urinates in the box regularly.


When your rabbit has reached this step, begin letting him into larger areas, under your supervision. When your rabbit leaves droppings outside the litter box, put both the droppings and the rabbit in the litter box and give your rabbit lots of praise and pets. Allow your rabbit to play with you in larger areas as much as possible, but return him to the cage or other confined area when you leave.

When your rabbit has learned to use the litter box consistently, you can let her into other rooms and she will know to return to her cage when nature calls. You can dispose of organic litter in the toilet or use it as fertilizer for your garden, and you will certainly enjoy having a well-mannered house bunny!


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I've had my rabbit for a while now. is it possible he's too old to train to use a litter box?

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