At What Age Do Most People Have Their First Kiss?

It turns out that a kiss is not just a kiss. While a tender kiss may make you feel weak in the knees, or even a little dizzy, it can also trigger a whole bunch of physiological processes that can improve your health, boost your immune system, and make you feel good about yourself. However, it seems that many young Americans are missing out on this experience. Although first kisses are typically associated with adolescence, according to recent data from YouGov Omnibus, nearly one in five Americans aged 18-24 has never been kissed. The June 2018 survey focused on 7,623 adults of all ages, with results weighted to be representative of the U.S. population.

Kiss me, you fool:

  • Sixteen percent of the total respondents had kissed between five and 10 people, while 15% had kissed more than 50.

  • Out of all the age groups, people aged 55 and older were the most likely to have locked lips with more than 50 people.

  • French kissing can give your face muscles a real workout, says Dr. Bryant Stamford of the University of Louisville, who adds that you “might burn two calories a minute -- double your metabolic rate.”

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