Are There Any Luxury Options for Space Tourism?

If a vacation in space is on your bucket list, but you’re not interested in roughing it, the Russians may have just the accommodation that you’re looking for. In December 2017, Russia announced plans for a five-star orbital adventure for a few super-wealthy space tourists, including a luxury orbital suite at the International Space Station with a private cabin with big windows, “personal hygiene facilities,” exercise equipment, and, of course, access to Wi-Fi. All that, plus the opportunity to take a spacewalk alongside a “professional cosmonaut.” The tab for a wealthy adventurer will run to $40 million USD -- or $60 million USD if you opt for the spacewalk and a month-long stay.

The only way to see outer space:

  • Russia’s Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities hopes to build a 20-ton, 50-foot (15.5-m) long module for the space station. It will provide 92 cubic feet (2.6 cubic meters) of pressurized space, and will comfortably sleep four.

  • Each private room will have a porthole with a 9-inch (23-cm) diameter viewing area. The lounge area of the module is expected to have a 16-inch (41-cm) window.

  • Russia pioneered space tourism in 2001 when it transported American businessman Dennis Tito, the first of seven tourists, to the ISS. Tourism stopped when the US space shuttle program was retired in 2011.

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