Are There Any Home Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome?

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RLS or restless legs syndrome is a condition that impacts millions of people. Specifically, restless legs syndrome can interfere with the ability of persons to get proper rest at night, opening the way for other health ailments to develop. Fortunately, there are a number of home remedies that may help ease the uncomfortable pains and allow the individual to get proper rest.

When looking for ways to bring restless legs syndrome under control, one of the first things to try is making a few dietary changes. Excess amounts of caffeine can restrict blood flow and may be one of the reasons for the pains and jerky movements that are common with RLS. Eliminating caffeine by cutting back on coffee, tea, sodas, chocolate and other foods and liquids containing significant amounts of caffeine could make a big difference in the degree of discomfort you feel when trying to get some sleep.

Poor diet in general can lead to blockages that may contribute to restless legs syndrome. The use of herbs to stabilize and help clean out arteries often will help ease the condition a great deal. Choosing to include daily doses of hawthorn berries and garlic in your routine will not only help with general arterial flow, but when paired with regular doses of capsicum, found in cayenne pepper, it may take only a few weeks to see significant results.


Exercise is essential if the body is to function properly. Even moderate exercise such as daily walking can make a significant impact in the presence of restless legs syndrome. Try going for a twenty to thirty minute walk at a brisk pace a few hours before bedtime. The muscle stimulation may be all that is required to calm the RLS and allow you to get the relief needed to enjoy a good night’s rest.

Interestingly enough, some of the treatment suggestions that many people believe help ease the symptoms of restless legs syndrome can actually make the situation worse. For example, using a water treatment that is either hot or cold is not good for the condition. Avoid cold water baths as well as super hot showers. Instead opt for more moderate temperatures if you want to try a foot soak. Another thing to avoid is leg massage. Apparently, the action may help to stimulate the nerve endings, resulting in an increase in the sensations of RLS. While massage may be good for sore muscles, it does nothing to make restless legs syndrome any easier to deal with.

Often, restless legs syndrome can be effectively managed with a combination of home remedies. In the event that you try these methods for a couple of weeks and find your condition is no better, then it is time to see a physician. Advanced cases of restless legs syndrome may require a prescription medication in order to get the condition under control.


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Post 4

Watch out for natural and artificial flavors and flavorings and MSG lookalikes such as malted barley. For some. they can aggravate or even be a direct cause of RLS.

Post 3

Love it! To the point, articulate, and interesting

There is help for restless legs.

Post 2

Cold water is the only thing that works for me. I can't express how nice it is that I don't have to move legs but just dive into dreamland.

Bear in mind that it has to be really cold. Otherwise it's not going to work.

Post 1

Autopsy results suggest there is a connection between iron uptake in the brain and RLS. (many of these studies are detailed on line.) There are home remedies however that help. My doctor recommended quinine in the form of Tonic Water. Works like a champ for some.

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